Water Parks in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh is considered one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it contains a large number of tourist areas. So, it gained great demand, in addition to Water Parks in Riyadh. Yamama Lake Resort The best water park in Riyadh, which is a group of high-end chalets, […]

Zoo in Riyadh

Riyadh Zoo is an African jungle on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it contains many animals of different types and nationalities, which come from different continents of the world, as well as the rarest types of animals, most of which are close to extinction One of the best parks in Saudi […]

Cheapest Hotels in Riyadh

The cheapest hotels in Riyadh are ideal for anyone looking for quality accommodation at economical prices. In this report, we offer you a group of the cheapest hotels in Riyadh and the lowest price, as they distinguished in addition to being cheap to their modern designs, cleanliness and distinguished service, as all rooms contain all […]

Towers in Riyadh

The number of skyscrapers in Riyadh is more than fifty towers. The uses of these towers vary between commercial, tourism, or entertainment goals. Here are the most important Riyadh towers that provide opportunities to enjoy various activities and events. The tallest towers in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower Riyadh The tower 300 meters high, and […]

Dates in Riyadh

Dates selling shops in Riyadh, there are many places that sell dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. As dates considered one of the basic fruits for the Saudis. So, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks first in the world in the cultivation and production of dates. There are many different types of […]

Best Burgers in Riyadh

A large number of citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ask what is the best burger in Riyadh and what are the restaurants that serve burgers in Riyadh, as there is more than one burger restaurant in Riyadh, some of which contain meat, and the other contains chicken in addition to melted […]

Western Union in Riyadh

Union Union Company all international companies working in the field of transfers around the world in a manner similar to bank transfers. The company’s headquarters in the United States of America are in Green, Wood Village, Colorado. This article will explain who, wonderful and farmer from offices in Riyadh.  Western Union Company Western Union Money […]

Steakhouse in Riyadh

There are many and varied steak restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in providing the most delicious types of meat and delicious steak, and there are many steak restaurants in Riyadh that have won the admiration of many people as a result of the restaurant experience, and through this report we will explain […]

Pizza hut in Riyadh

Pizza Hut Riyadh; one of the best and most famous restaurants in the world, especially the city of Riyadh, due to its excellence in preparing a delicious and unique pizza, it does not There is this delicious taste except in the Pizza Hut restaurant, so many Branches in Riyadh. The addresses of the branches of […]

Resorts in Riyadh

Riyadh resorts characterized by high taste, distinguished service. Refined treatment that attracts tourists from everywhere, as well as assured comfort upon your arrival. Concorde Resort Dora Najd One of Riyadh chalets luxurious. The most luxurious and popular resort in Riyadh. Where the units are very private and fully equipped with a swimming pool and garden, […]

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