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5 Riyal Shops in Riyadh

Abu Khamsa stores in Riyadh offer low prices and a variety of products in order to help people with limited income, especially with the high prices, and inside these stores you will find the best products of the highest quality despite their low prices.

Five saving Center

A store with all home supplies and all toiletries, the place is large and huge consisting of two floors, they have all the luxuries for the kitchen or house, bathroom, children’s toys, and many options that you need only at a price of five riyals.

Address of Khamsa Thrift Center: Al Yasmeen, Anas Ibn Malik Road, Hayy, Riyadh

Center number five savings: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 11 266 6646

Suleiman Bawazir Luxury Center

One of the best Abu Khamsa stores in Riyadh is Suleiman Bawazir Luxury Center, which sells many products, whether makeup tools, detergents, or some household items, and many other products, and most of the products inside it are sold at a price of 5 riyals, so it always attracts many visitors.

  • Phone Number: 966551609785.

Tala’a Al Shahebrity Discount Store

The best discounted wholesale goods center, a specialized center to buy the needs of the house of plastic and consumer products, utensils, school supplies, detergents and foodstuffs at the cheapest prices.

Address of Pioneers of Celebrity Discount Store: Omar Bin Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Rabwah, Riyadh

Tala’a Celebrity Store Number for Discounts: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 11 200 8667

Sea Price Store Almonsiya

One of the best Abu Khams stores in Riyadh is the Almonsih Sea Price Store, which offers many household needs, including body and hair creams, in addition to shampoos and detergents, as well as empty plastic utensils, some kitchen utensils, and many products, as it is characterized by its spacious area and the diversity of exhibits inside.

  • Phone Number: 966591159925.
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Albasem store everything is 5 riyals

One of the most beautiful Abu Khams shops in Riyadh and a wonderful store in which all needs are available, they have a variety of sections, a section for sweets, a gift section and a special section for games, and there is a section for cleaning materials, plastics, cups, cups and shampoos, a section for kitchen appliances, a stationery section, a party supplies and sweets section, the place consists of two floors, the upper floor has clothes, fabrics and shoes.

The address of Al-Basem store everything is 5 riyals: Southern Ring Road, Al Aziziyah, Riyadh

Al-Basem store number everything is 5 riyals: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 50 034 4444

Celebrity Vanguards for Discounts

One of the most famous Abu Khamsa stores in Riyadh is the Tala’a Al-Shahebrity discount store, which provides a variety of household needs, whether cosmetics, perfumes, or study supplies, as well as utensils, plastics and many other products.

  • Phone number 966112008667.

Vanguards of Wessam Everything 5 SAR

One of the most famous and best Abu Khams stores east of Riyadh is Tala’a Al-Wessam store, everything is 5 riyals, where it has many supplies, accessories and various needs.

  • Contact number: +966 57 186 8456.

Saving Ocean for Shopping

One of the best shops, which includes many supplies and home needs of clothes, cleaning tools, accessories, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances for vacuum cleaners, irons, cooking utensils and other tools, and they also have all school supplies from notebooks, pens and acacia, prices start at 5 riyals.

Address of Ocean Savings for Shopping: Al Madina Street, Dhahrat Al Badi’ah, Riyadh

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Shopping Savings Ocean Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 11 206 8066

Al Shamil Complex

Among the best Abu Khamsa stores in Riyadh that sell many household necessities and luxuries is Al-Shamil Complex Company, and the center consists of two floors and contains various sections displaying different products, including the plastic section, the kitchen appliances section, the detergent section, in addition to the sweets section and many other products at reasonable prices starting from 5 riyals.

  • Phone Number: 966503261911.

Five vibrators for plastic and detergents

If you are looking for the best Abu Khams stores in Riyadh that offer many plastic pots, artificial roses and vases, head to the five-vibrator store for plastics and detergents, as it offers different types of detergents and is located in the Al-Munsiyah area in Riyadh.

5 Riyal Shops in Riyadh
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