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La Romana

The southeastern Dominican resort town of La Romana with its population of 130,000 people. Of course, be considered small, but by the standards of a country occupying part of a small island. This a full-fledged city, by the way, the third largest after Santo Domingo and Santiago, and, by the way, it the central city of the province of the same name. The construction of the city began five centuries ago, however, the richness of the historical sights of La Romana does not differ. But don’t be upset, because there are ideal conditions for relaxing on excellent beaches and stunning nature, which also worth seeing. And to get acquainted with the historical and archaeological monuments of the Columbus era, you can go to the capital. Fortunately, it’s not far from here. However, in the city itself and its environs there are many interesting places and exciting activities, so that,

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La Romana beaches

The center of attraction of La Romana resort its incomparable beaches, which perfectly fulfill the role of the best place on Earth for relaxation: soft sea sand, giving a sweet languor sun, palm trees, providing a blessed shade and the sea, bringing a light breeze caressing the skin.

The nearest beach La Caleta. Locals like to relax here, and they are well versed in local nuances.

Dominicus a less lively, but no less charming beach, where you can easily retire and relax without being distracted by anyone.

For lovers of diving, snorkeling and sea walks, the Bayahibe beach, located near the fishing village of the same name, irreplaceable. Most of the resort’s popular hotels are concentrated here, as well as many restaurants, bars and discos. For those who are attracted to beach parties in a fun company, this the most suitable option.

The beach of Catalina Island worth a visit for its white sand and quiet sea water. In addition, there a Living Maritime Museum, where you can see the results of the wreck of a pirate ship. From La Romana the island usually reached by boat.

The beaches of Saona Island seem endless. They say that there are only twenty of them, but in fact it one continuous beach with a length of more than twenty kilometers. The island belongs to the Del Este National Park and protected by law. Here you can meet rare large turtles, pink flamingos and many other beautiful birds. Dolphins are common in coastal waters. No hotels are being built on the island. It more convenient to get to the island from the yacht port of Bayahibe or from the Dominicus beach by choosing a boat or catamaran.

Interesting sites and excursions in La Romana and the surrounding area

The most popular excursions in  La Romana are excursions to the Del Este National Park, located near Bayahibe, as well as to the islands of Saona and Catalina. These places have long been chosen by divers from all over the world and simply lovers of the Dominican nature and special flavor. If there is a need for extreme sports, this also easily accomplished in rope towns, speed boats or jeep trips, for example.


Casa de Campo something like a city within a city, a kind of closed resort for millionaires, spread over vast areas of the natural splendor of La Romana. Star personalities really rest here, and super comfortable conditions have been created for them: golf courses, a perfectly groomed beach, villas, bungalows, their own port for expensive yachts and even their own airport, as well as endless restaurants, discos, cinemas and other delights. But a simple tourist, with a great desire and the presence of an entrance card, bought for money, can also spend some time here and, what the hell not joking, meet one of his idols.

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Altos de Chavon

Near the elite resort area of ​​Casa de Campo, there an interesting object that compensates for the lack of authentic historical sites in the district – Altos de Chavon… This a whole town, designed and built over thirty years ago.

It a complete copy of the Spanish settlements of the fifteenth century: the architecture characteristic of those times, artificially aged buildings, cobblestone pavements – everything very believable.

Altos de Chavon also called the city of artists. Here, indeed, from the moment the town was founded to this day, for a certain fee, artists of all stripes can live, doing creative work, for three months. In addition, there is a real design school in the town, where up to hundreds of artists, designers and fashion designers are trained per year. It also has its own art gallery – another tourist attraction. By the way, at the design school, any tourist can get several lessons and try themselves in different applied techniques, from macrame to jewelry craft,

Another notable place in Altos de Chavon the Church of St. Stanislaus. This real, functioning Catholic church, built in 1979 and having a medieval look, incredibly popular among newlyweds who want to get married, not excluding all kinds of celebrities. Arriving in Altos de Chavon, it also worth going to the local Archaeological Museum, which stores several thousand exhibits related to the life of the Indians who lived on the island before the arrival of the colonists. And there also a real “Greek” amphitheater, where all kinds of festivals, shows are often held, and world pop stars perform from time to time. Of course, in order to breathe in the air of this, albeit artificial, but damn entertaining place with a full breast, it better, nevertheless, to come not as part of an excursion, but on your own. Unlimited in time

Chavon River

A journey along the Chavon River an opportunity to contemplate and absorb with every fiber of the soul the abundance of the surrounding nature, the richness of landscapes and the change of charming landscapes created by an unnamed artist in the vastness of this blessed land. Many local travel companies combine a walk along the Chavon River with an excursion to the town of Altos de Chavon or the Cave of Miracles. Although, if you wish, you can rush along the river in a high-speed boat, combining the joy of communication with nature and the delight caused by high speed.

Cave of miracles

The Cave of Miracles located in a picturesque place among the greenery of tropical plants, between which iguanas stroll peacefully. Therefore, it becomes interesting even before entering the grotto. The cave itself really full of wonders: the unique beauty of stalactites and stalagmites, reminiscent of unprecedented fabulous animals, look simply amazing in the rays of professional illumination. Each next step, taken along a convenient path, leads to a new discovery. The light turns on as the excursionists move through the cave – this gives a special mystery. Of the greatest interest are, of course, the rock paintings of ancient people who inhabited this cave long before Columbus. In one of the old drawings, all, without exception, Russian tourists recognize Cheburashka – strange, isn’t it?

Ticket prices:

for adults – RD $ 450 ($ 10).

for children – RD $ 225 ($ 5).

Location: 16th kilometer of the Del Este motorway,

between La Romana and San Pedro de Macoris.

Phone: 18096961797.

Tabacalera de García Cigar Factory

It not for nothing that García tobacco factory arouses the interest of tourists, because it the largest producer of the famous Dominican cigars. A few years ago, getting to the holy of holies was possible only from cruise ships. This place was inaccessible to ordinary travelers. Today, excursions are held here for everyone who wants to see the fascinating process of hand-made cigars. As an additional bonus, the tobacco miracle can be tasted and also purchased at the company store. You can book a tour at one of La Romana’s travel agencies, such as Cigar Country Tours.

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Адрес: Cigar Country Tours, La Romana.

Phone: 18095503000.

Official website:

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures

La Romana offers many opportunities for an active and fun time. Travel agency Island Routes willingly helps tourists to have a rich and adventurous vacation. The company organizes ecological excursions to nature reserves, jeep safari tours, unforgettable adventures in rope towns (zipline tours), diving tours, sea trips to the Saona and Catalina islands, as well as to the town of Altos de Chavon.

Cost of a sea excursion: from RD $ 3 600 ($ 80);

Safari tour cost: from RD $ 4,000 ($ 90);

Cost of a diving tour to Catalina Island: from RD $ 8,000 ($ 180).

Phone: 18777688370.

Official site:

Kenavo Tropical

Kenavo Tropical offers unique entertainment for those who would really like to see firsthand the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea and its inhabitants, but are not ready to dive with scuba diving or snorkelling for one reason or another. Such excursions are especially popular among tourists with children. The underwater excursion became possible thanks to the original design of the boat: in the underwater part of the ship, the sides are equipped with large windows through which tourists look at the inhabitants of the seabed.

Underwater excursion cost:

for adults – RD $ 2,000 ($ 45);

for children – RD $ 1,100 ($ 25).

Адрес: 118 Ave Santa Rosa, La Romana.

Phone: 18098130991.

Official website:

How to get to La Romana?

La Romana has an airport serving international and charter flights. Unfortunately, direct flights from Russia to La Romana are not provided, so if you want to get to this resort by air, you will have to transfer to one of the small planes of local airlines at Punta Cana airport or in the capital’s Las Americas. During the flight, you can admire the beauty of the Dominican landscapes from above. However, this will not come cheap. If you want to save a lot (and most likely you will), you can take a taxi for about RD $ 4,500 ($ 100). Well, for tourists who do not disdain public transport, there is a very inexpensive option – a comfortable intercity bus, a ticket for which costs approximately RD $ 225 ($ 5).

La Romana Restaurants

The province of La Romana famous in the country as the main supplier of meat. Accordingly, there are no problems with fresh meat in the region. The chefs of all restaurants in the city can easily prepare delicious meat dishes, as well as rice and legumes. The establishments of La Romana are dominated by Dominican, Italian and Spanish cuisine, since the representatives of these nationalities mainly conduct the gastronomic business in the city.

La Casita restaurant

La Casita restaurant located in the yacht port and built right on the water. From here, stunning seascapes open up. Here, in a cozy room or at a table in the open air, guests can taste delicious, heartily prepared dishes of Italian, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. And if you wish, you can take something tasty with you.

Opening hours:

from 11:00 to 23:30.

VT – day off.

Адрес: Calle Francisco Richiez 57, La Romana.

Phone: 18095565932.

Shish Kebab

Shish Kebab a remarkable family restaurant located in the heart of the city. The menu composed of Caribbean, Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The chef especially good at meat dishes. Visitors all, vying with each other, praise the branded pancakes with meat. And there are also amazing desserts and delicious coffee. For lovers of outdoor dining, there are tables on the street, for children there are special high chairs.

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Opening hours:

from 10:30 to 23:30.

Mon – day off.

Адрес: Calle Castillo Marquez # 32, La Romana.

Phone: 18095562737.

Dom Ham

Dom Ham a restaurant with an original interior, cheerful atmosphere, good evening music and delicious food. Here visitors are offered mouth-watering Caribbean, Latin American and Spanish cuisine, as well as grilled and barbecued dishes that are definitely worth trying. The signature secret sauce has gained particular popularity. Hamburger lovers will be pleasantly surprised to taste the tastiest hamburger of their life at Dom Ham. But the main thing that distinguishes this restaurant the true Dominican cordiality and hospitality.

Адрес: Altagracia & Benito Moncion Streets, La Romana.

Phone: 18095509220.

La Romana Hotels

Since all tourist activity in La Romana concentrated on the sea coast, the city’s hotels, for the most part, are also located near the beaches. The service in all hotels excellent, whether it an upmarket place or a modest hostel. The most popular hotels are located within the Bayahibe and Dominicus beaches, as well as before reaching the town of San Pedro de Macoris. And, of course, do not forget about the expensive but incredibly comfortable Casa de Campo.


Casa de Campo not just an elite hotel, it a whole world, separated from the surrounding reality and, at the same time, organically integrated into the local natural beauty. A private beach, swimming pools and restaurants, spas and gyms are not all there is for the convenience of holidaymakers. The complex has its own port, airport and helipads. There are shops and theaters here. Here you can live in complete pleasure, without needing to leave the territory of the town. Real celebrities come here to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Rampant parties reign here and stellar weddings are often held.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 9,400 ($ 210) to RD $ 81,000 ($ 1,800) per night.

Address: Carretera Principal, La Romana.

Phone: 18779344875.

Official website:

Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville Don Pablo Collection****

The Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville has 244 comfortable rooms located in luxury villas right next to the beach. The rooms have air conditioning, safes and minibars. The hotel has a beautiful and comfortable pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, golf course, fitness center, spa and casino. For dinner, guests can choose from the hotel’s various restaurants offering varied cuisine. The hotel provides rooms for non-smokers. Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville characterized as a hotel for people over 18 years old who prefer to rest without children, in peace and relaxation.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 7,600 ($ 170) to RD $ 20,200 ($ 450) per night.

Address: Ctra. San Pedro – La Romana Km. 12, La Romana.

Phone: 18094121010.

Official website:

Hostal Silvestre ***

Hostal Silvestre a great value accommodation option. The hotel has 32 standard rooms with comfortable furnishings and air conditioning. On the well-groomed and very beautiful territory of the hotel for guests there is a swimming pool, cocktail bar, restaurant, spa. The Internet and Wi-Fi can be used free of charge. The only drawback, which compensated by a pleasant price, the lack of a beach in the immediate vicinity of the hotel – you will have to walk a few minutes to get to it.

Room rates range from RD $ 2,800 ($ 63) to RD $ 3,400 ($ 76) per night.

Address: Ctra. San Pedro – La Romana Km. 12, La Romana.

La Romana
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