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Abaya Mall

If you are looking for an abaya complex in Riyadh you will not find better than Abaya Mall Riyadh which includes more than 40 stores, all of which offer a lot of products from women’s abayas, women’s accessories, dresses, and many others, and although the prices of Abaya Mall Riyadh, slightly higher than other places, it remains the favorite place for many ladies to buy women’s clothes and this may be due to the high quality and diverse materials, as well as the diversity of exhibits inside.

Location of Abaya Mall Riyadh

  • Address: 100 St, Al Roses, Riyadh 12215

The mall is located in the neighborhood of Al-Worood (Olaya) at the intersection of Olaya Street with Street 100 near the markets of Al-Andalus.

  • You can access the mall via Google Maps via this link from here

Phone Number: +966534912222

Abaya Mall Riyadh Stores Directory

In Abaya Mall Riyadh there are a lot of shops that offer different forms of abayas and clothes, some of which you will find inside the mall and others open on the road.

Naomi Imprint Abayas in Riyadh

Inside Naomi’s footprint you will find different designs of abayas in a variety of colors, a store specialized in selling abayas, offerings and clothes imported from abroad, and is characterized by the diversity of materials as well as competitive prices.

Unique Abaya Riyadh

Among the best shops of Abaya Mall Riyadh is the unique Abaya store, which provides the most beautiful abayas and offerings, and usually offers a lot of offers, including buying a piece and a 50% discount on the other abaya, as well as offering designs dedicated to holidays.

Abaya time in Riyadh

One of the best shops in Abaya Mall Riyadh is the Abaya Time Shop, which offers various abayas at affordable prices, provides various sizes and high-end colors to suit all tastes of visitors, and also provides different forms of offering.

Abaya Colors Scarf Riyadh

It provides the finest mantle color abayas in Riyadh and with good taste, in addition to providing a service to tailor all forms of abayas to the taste of the lady, and also offers delivery service to different areas in Riyadh.

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Elegant Hijab Riyadh

Among the best shops in Riyadh Mall Abayat is the elegant hijab store, where you will find inside the hijab that you are definitely looking for, it offers a variety of high-quality materials and diverse colors including earthy colors, which have become the popular colors of the hijab recently.

New Fashion Riyadh

New Fashion offers various forms of abayas, including crepe abayas, embroidered black abayas, Kuwaiti abayas, velvet abayas, and many others of the latest and finest models of abayas.

Other shops in Abaya Mall Riyadh you can visit

  • Imagination.
  • New Star.
  • May shawl.
  • Upper veil.
  • Cactus.
  • House of chastity.
  • Assil’s whisper.
  • Silver star.
  • Wide selection.
  • Yazama.

Abaya Mall Riyadh Working Hours

  • Saturday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Sunday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Monday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Thursday 9:30am–11:00pm
  • Friday 9:30am–11:00pm
Abaya Mall
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