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Abaya Shops in Dammam

Many Saudi women in Dammam ask some questions about the Dammam Abaya market, such as what are the best Abaya stores in Dammam
Through the following lines. We will show you of the most famous and best markets and shops in Dammam known in the sale of abayas

Abaya Shops in Al Haytham Mall Dammam

This mall considered one of the most important malls in the markets of Dammam. The most famous and widespread and it has a lot of demand by customers due to the large types of abayas it offers and the different types offered in its shops and this mall located in the Abdullah neighborhood in Dammam in an area called the triangle area.

The most important market in this mall is the Othaim market, and there is everything the Saudi family needs in this market, and the building of this mall consists of a ground floor and three floors above it, and the design of this mall is one of the best urban designs and takes the form of a ship and also contains restaurants, cafes, entertainment stores, and the working hours in the mall are as follows:

  • Exhibitions work from Sunday to Thursday and start from ten in the morning until eleven at night, and Friday and Thursday the working hours of exhibitions are from three in the evening until eleven at night.
  • Restaurants, like exhibitions, are open every day of the week except Thursday and Friday, where they are working on weekdays from 10 am to 12 pm and on Thursday and Friday, working hours are from four in the afternoon until twelve at night.
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Princess Abayas – Al Amira Abaya

Princess distinctive abayas Abayas for women’s gatherings, weddings and happy occasions A wide, varied and distinctive variety covering all countries of the world and you are in your place you receive the distinctive abaya We increase your beauty charming beauty through a different look.
Shipping to all countries of the world, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam


Abaya Shops in Marina Mall Dammam

This mall considered one of the most important malls that are famous in the Eastern Province in terms of diversity and difference in the types of clothes it offers, and the most famous thing it offers to customers the abayas that are in high demand, especially the abayas that produced through silk threads, which considered one of the most expensive and best abayas in terms of production and the estimated age of these abayas.

This mall located on the road leading from the Salam area to the Gulf area in Dammam and considered one of the most beautiful malls as an urban building and consists of five floors and contains a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment stores, and contains in its section dedicated to clothing abayas on women’s shops and shops for men.

Raghad Abayas Est

In the Raghad Foundation for Abayas, there are modern abayas, including black abayas, which are suitable for daytime looks. Which designed in different and varied ways, including plain black abayas, which are head or shoulder abayas, and black embroidered abayas in the most beautiful way. The colors of the threads and the most wonderful graphics, as they made of the finest types of fabric.

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Address: F337+W27, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Aziziyah, Dammam 32424, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 13 817 9005

Oasis Downtown for Abaya Shops in Dammam

This a complete market and considered one of the most famous Saudi markets and one of the beautiful markets that dominated by the heritage appearance that customers come from different regions of Saudi Arabia, which a long chain of shops in which it contains all kinds of clothing, especially abayas of both types for men and women and of various types and meet all desires.

It also contains various other shops for clothing, food, restaurants, fast food stores. As well as entertainment places and has wide fame in most Gulf countries and considered one of the tourist places in Saudi Arabia and intended for visitors from different regions. There also clothing stores that sell famous international brands and working times in it from seven in the morning until twelve at night.

‎Al Khawaja Abaya‎

Al Khawaja Abayas Boutique offers you wonderful and unique designs of modern abayas that suit all tastes.

Where they have abayas for the summer, which made of black silk fabrics and light fabrics that prevent the heat from you in the summer.
They also design these abayas in the form of multiple and different models, including abayas with wide sleeves and an appropriate waist, with a zipper in the middle that covers all parts of the body. There is also a model of regular sleeves with a wide end and a little beading on the ends of the sleeves and the ends of the zipper, which is from the beginning of the chest to the bottom The foot to give a nice touch to the shape of young girls.

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Artistic feather abayas

Artistic Feather Abayas. When you wear one of their designs, you quickly feel lightness, absolute femininity, comfort in movement, and certainly elegance and distinction with our unique designs. The latest fashion to keep what the modern lady desires while preserving the original traditions.

Phone Number: +966 532325264

Dar Scheherazade – Abayas Dammam

Dar Scheherazade Design. Fashion. offers you designs suitable for celebrations and weddings and suites all high-end tastes.

  • ‎Phone Number:‎+966 590061123
  • ‎Address:‎‎ Dammam Al Muhammadiyah Dist Al Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib Street‎

Eastern Lady Abayas

The oriental lady for abayas, galabiyas and traditional clothes is in the right place, the place that combines traditional clothes, bouquet, beauty and elegance of modern clothes in traditional clothes and with the same, you will be in our goods in all your receptions and you will be the focus of everyone’s attention.

Phone Number:
+966 503508151

Address: Al Aziziyah, Dammam, Eastern Province

Lausanne Abayas

They specialize in designing and manufacturing abayas in Dammam and considered one of the pioneers of Gulf fashion and elegance. They also have production lines inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Abaya Shops in Dammam
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