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Abaya Shops in Jeddah

The best abaya shop in Jeddah is determined according to the type of fabrics and brands it offers, many women in Saudi Arabia are constantly looking for the best places to buy abayas of quality and distinctive detail.

Best Abaya Shop in Jeddah

Saudi women have been distinguished since ancient times by their dress, which differs from other Arab countries, as their abaya is not just a piece of cloth that is wrapped over the body only, but has become famous and interesting over time, and it has become one of the basic fashion in the Kingdom.

In addition to the interest of many women in modern abayas, many fashion designers in the Kingdom want to provide the best designs permanently, as they are skilled in adding distinctive touches to abayas that make them not like others, and we get to know the best abayas store in Jeddah through this topic to show the best places to sell new designs:

1-Lamasat Mall

One of the best abayas shop in Jeddah, and specializes in selling abayas and dresses of different designs, and it specializes in selling veiled and non-veiled clothes, and it is interested in displaying many new models and shapes, in addition to that it offers a lot of materials for existing clothes to suit all tastes.

The shop is located in the Bawadi neighborhood of Jeddah, and is characterized by its prices that suit all groups in the city.

2- Shawl for cloaks

The shop offers many different types of abayas, and it also offers the possibility of ordering the desired model and fabric to buy it, and it also offers a lot of abayas at a reasonable price that suits many categories, and the shop has a classic design on its façade that gives it an aesthetic touch among street shops.

In addition, it is characterized by its unique and modern designs that suit all tastes, and it also offers discounts of up to 40% to 50% from time to time, so it is preferred by many women and is considered the best abaya shop in Jeddah.

The shop is located on Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Road, branching from Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Riyadh, and its working hours start from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening, and on Friday it is different, so work starts from five in the afternoon until the end of the day.

3- My Beautiful Lady Shop

It is a store specialized in selling various abayas and offerings that are characterized by the quality of their fabrics, and it also provides the possibility of tailoring according to the model that the woman chooses, in addition to providing the possibility of ordering according to the appropriate type of fabric.

In addition to the above, what distinguishes this shop and makes it the best abaya shop in Jeddah is that the treatment is good and its prices are suitable for all women compared to the shops next to it.

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The shop is located on King Fahd Road in Al-Bawadi district in Jeddah, and it works throughout the day so it can be visited at any time.

4- Princess Abaya Shop

The shop is interested in displaying many forms of abayas constantly, and it also offers many offers and discounts of up to 50% every period, so it was classified as the best abayas shop in Jeddah.

It is located in the Al-Balad neighborhood in the city of Jeddah; it works daily from eight in the morning until eleven thirty in the evening, and the timings are fixed even on Fridays.

5- Marvel Shop

The shop contains a lot of different materials for abayas and its details are distinctive, in addition to that the shop offers the possibility of tailoring abayas on demand, but the only drawback in the shop is its high prices, as prices start from 100 Saudi riyals and reach 800 Saudi riyals.

It is no wonder that prices are high, because this rise depends on the quality in the shop, and it is worth noting that it is located inside the Heraa International Market located in the Al-Naeem neighborhood in Jeddah, and works daily from five in the afternoon until eleven in the evening.

6- Nawaem Abayas Establishment

The shop is one of the shops specialized in selling colorful and plain abayas, and it also provides the possibility of selling evening and travel abayas, in addition to providing the possibility of obtaining various offerings and syndicates.

The store provides an online store that is easy for women to buy from it through the Internet without making any effort, and it even provides the possibility of shipping to the door of the house, so it is the best abaya shop in Jeddah.

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The shop is located on Al-Dafna Road in Al-Rehab neighborhood in Jeddah and operates daily from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, and closes on Fridays.

7- Distinguished Store

One of the best shops specialized in selling women’s abayas, and it is characterized by selling many different shapes and colors of abayas, so many women prefer it, and it also offers the possibility of buying at attractive prices, so it is famous for being the best abayas shop in Jeddah.

It is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Jeddah, and works daily from half past nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, and these times are available on Friday as well.

8- Behs Abaya Shop

One of the most famous shops in Jeddah, and it offers many different types of home or out, and it also offers many other clothes that suit all nationalities, not just Saudi women.

In addition, the store provides the ability to order online through the store’s online store, and delivery service to the door of the house with the possibility of cash on delivery.

The shop is located on King Abdul Aziz Road from Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Jeddah, and it works daily from ten in the morning until eleven thirty in the evening even on Fridays.

9- Amber Abayas

The shop provides a lot of abayas that are distinguished by their materials, and the women who visited the place praised the employees for providing a lot of advice for buying, in addition to that the shop offers the possibility of buying the niqab and it also offers the ability to choose the model, fabric and detail as desired.

The most distinctive feature of the shop is that its prices are good compared to other neighboring stores, so the shop offers from time to time special offers, especially on holidays and other occasions, but it does not provide the possibility of return or exchange.

It is located in the Hamdaniya neighborhood in the city of Jeddah and operates daily from five in the morning until eleven in the evening and closes on Fridays.

10- Hijab for Abayas

The most distinctive thing about the shop and making it one of the best abayas shops in Jeddah is that it offers the latest trends, all the models in the shop are distinguished by their elegance and luxury.

The shop is located at the university in the Ahl Fadl area of Jeddah.

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11- A shop without a name to sell abayas

It is one of the largest and most famous stores specialized in selling abayas in Jeddah, and it is characterized by its display of many different abayas in many colors, not only black, and it also offers a range of bags, offering and different syndicates that suit women, in addition to the excellent quality that it offers at the best prices in the Kingdom.

The store is located in Andalus Mall in the Faiha area of Jeddah.

12- Twaila Abaya Shop

It is one of the oldest stores specialized in selling abayas in Jeddah, and it is characterized by the many forms it offers, and it is famous for the quality of abayas, as it has been detailed from the best imported materials, and the shop is located in Andalusia Mall and in Al Salam Mall, in addition to other branches in Plaza University and in Arab Mall.

Abaya Shops in Jeddah
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