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Abaya Shops in Makkah

Dar Al Abayat Al, Sharqiya Company

This company offers women’s abayas, shawls and hijab clothes a variety and varied, and you can request to buy these products through its official website with shipping to the door of the house, and their prices are distinctive compared to
competitorsand this police is located on Ibrahim Al-Khalil Road from Hilton store No. 67 from Haram Road in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and works daily from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, as well as on Fridays. You can call them on the following number: 966566666326.

Hijabi Abaya Shop

The shop is good at providing many types and distinctive materials, but they need to change the design of their logo, and the shop is located in the way of Engineer Omar Qadi in terms of green in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and the shop works daily around the clock, and you can call the store on the following number 966125530474.

Al Shawl Abaya Shop

The shop provides a variety of high-end abayas and materials in terms of embroidery and elegance, and the shop is fast in delivering products to customers, and the average price of their abayas is 300 riyals. It also changes abayas in case of excessive length and their price is appropriate.
The shop is located in the clock tower in Fairmont on the second floor of the Mall M. Haram Road and operates daily from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening except on Friday and begins work after Friday prayers and can be contacted on the following number 966125719200.

Al Mona Abaya Shop

The models of abayas available in this shop are many and beautiful and the prices they have for Dheem are excellent and suitable for the materials used and the shop is located in the way of the Guest Palace of the Nuzha neighborhood in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and works daily around the clock and you can call the store on the following number 966599038317

Shahana Abaya Shop

The shop has experienced workers in this field, and they have luxury models, and their prices are excellent. This shop is located in Al-Zahir neighborhood in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and works daily from half past nine in the morning until eleven in the evening and on Friday it works from half past four in the afternoon until the end of the day. You can call him on the following number 966532829724.

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Mawaddah Store for Women’s Abayas

One of the well-known names in the world of abayas has a long niqab, a short niqab, plain abayas, abayas with narcissus fabric and royal abayas with the possibility of buying online from the store and shipping to the door of the house with many payment methods available on the site.
The shop is located in the Andalusia Road from the neighborhood of Al-Otaibia in Mecca and works daily from ten in the morning to eleven in the evening and on Friday begins work from five in the afternoon to the end of the day and can be contacted on the following number 966500570245.

Shop without a name

This shop offers only luxurious and distinctive abayas, and some classify them as the best in this field, and the abayas available to them suit all levels. The shop also offers all the requirements of veiled and veiled women and women’s bags.
This shop is located in the Vermont Clock Tower on Makkah Road, the first circular house towers road in Makkah near the Haram. Next 966557255102.

Bint Al Ezz Shop

The shop offers a variety of abayas and jalabiya with high materials for fabrics and their prices are average compared to other stores.
The shop is located on the road of the Grand Mosque of the northern Azizio district in Mecca and you can call them on the following number 96612530 2884.

Pride Girls Shop

The shop offers a variety of abayas and jalabiyas with high materials for fabrics, and their prices are average compared to other stores.
The shop is located on the Grand Mosque Road in the northern Azizio district of Makkah, and you can call them on the following number 96612530 2884.

Shader Location

A store specialized in women’s outerwear, located in Makkah Mall on King Abdullah Road in the University District. It works daily from nine in the morning until eleven in the afternoon, and work begins on Friday from four in the afternoon until the end of the day. You can call the following number: 966554414291.

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Sinan Abaya Shop

One of the most famous abayas stores that started its work since 1987 in the field of abayas, offerings, covers, mishlah abayas and aqua. You can buy online and where you buy clothes from the store worth 500 reais you get free shipping.
The branch is located on the Guest Palace Road in Al-Zahra district in Makkah. He works daily from half past nine in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, then he returns to work again at half past four in the afternoon until eleven in the evening, and on Friday he works in the evening shift only and you can call them on the following number 966125451578.

Qadiri Shop

The shop specializes in women’s abayas of the best types of fabrics and their prices are good, the shop is located in the Zahra neighborhood of Makkah and the shop works daily from seven in the morning to twelve midnight and you can call them on the following number 966506512459.

Abaya Shops in Makkah
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