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Abaya Shops in Riyadh

Gulf women since ancient times have been distinguished by wearing abayas in outings and events, which is the outfit allocated to them A piece of black color surrounding the female body that makes the shape and appearance of the exterior beautiful and wonderful that adds elegance and feminine beauty to Saudi women, women usually care a lot about clothes, especially abayas, and now with the places selling abayas in Riyadh. You can get the best Gulf abayas with their high splendor, but you must know the good abaya materials before you buy them.

Abaya Market

The abayas market is a popular market, which includes a variety of the finest types of abayas with high quality and medium quality materials of all sizes and multiple colors, the market is characterized by its cheap and discounted prices that suit all tastes.

Abaya Market Address

Imam Turki bin Abdullah bin Mohammed, Deira, Riyadh

Geographical location on Google Mapclick here

Laylaty Abaya

A store specialized in selling abayas and women’s offering, the most luxurious and finest types of Japanese fabrics, high-quality materials, accuracy in closing and manufacturing, they have all sizes for different ages, the prices are average.

The address of my night for abayas

Omar Ibn Muhammad Alnajari, Al-Naseem Al-Gharbi, Riyadh

Laylati number for abayas

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 563 3086‬‏

Geographical location on Google Mapclick here

Abdulaziz Buchanan Abayas

One of the high-end centers specialized in selling the finest types of abayas high materials Various industries, abayas to suit all tastes and they also have different sizes and sizes, there is also a year offer, which is discounts of up to 50%.

The address of Abdulaziz Buchanan Abayas

Eastern Ring Branch Road, Hayy, Riyadh

Abayat number Abdulaziz Buchanan

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 11 253 5338‬‏

Website Click here

Geographical location on Google Map click here

The second touch for abayas and offering

A clothing store with high-quality abayas wonderful materials for multiple shapes and colors, all sizes and sizes are available international models, and luxurious and modern designs to suit all tastes and age groups, their prices are average.

The title of the second touch for abayas and offering

PMM7+PFQ, King Fahd, Riyadh

Geographical location on Google Map click here

Lamsa Shop

One of the finest stores in Riyadh and in general in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers a wonderful Gulf abayas design of the classic and casual type and every year it displays different and varied models and collections and modern offers abayas suitable for all tastes at imaginary prices There are specialists to help you choose a chic abaya with a suitable detail for you

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Address: Al-Faisaliah, Olaya Street, King Fahd Road.

First Lady

A store that offers the most famous Saudi Gulf abayas with a design and luster of high beauty A wonderful painting that has a variety of Gulf abayas Design in Riyadh 2020 Abayas are characterized by wonderful shapes, including abayas with hand embroidery on the sleeve and others with side crystals in a valuable and civilized way that is not a primitive style and offers women’s styles A new collection suitable every month, and the shop is located on Tahlia Centaria Street on the second floor.

Address: Al Jazirah, Street No. 10, Riyadh 14261, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966550473945

Seraldana Abaya

For distinct and dazzling looks, the latest types of abayas with high-quality materials, accuracy in manufacturing, the store’s treatment is sophisticated and their prices are average, they have all kinds of abayas and Gulf offerings.

Address of Seraldana Abayas & Offering

Salman Al Farsi, Gulf, Gulf, Riyadh

Seraldana number for Abayas and Offering

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 59 875 3855

Khurais Plaza Store

Special only for the sale of Gulf abayas is the most famous stores in Riyadh displays different designs in simple forms are not scary or cheerful shapes too much A distinct group of Gulf abayas that are characterized by women displays different sizes and sizes and the shop has three branches, making it the most famous and spacious in the Arab world and we show you :

First Branch: In Othaim Mall in Al-Rabwa neighborhood.

Second Branch: In Granada Complex at Exit 9 in the Eastern Ring Road.

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Third branch: on Khurais sub-road in Al-Andalus neighborhood. 

The elegant scarf for abayas

One of the luxurious and high-end stores that have a home delivery service, their prices are suitable for everyone, they have abayas of various shapes and colors, high-quality materials and sizes suitable for all ages.

The title of the elegant scarf for abayas

King Fahd Branch Road, Riyadh

Elegant scarf number for abayas

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 50 170 6928‬‏

Nouf Al-Sudairy Abayas

A high-end and distinctive abayas shop that has ready-made abayas, and there are tailors to tailor and modify clothes, all kinds of abayas, silk fabric and cotton of high-quality materials, and at the lowest prices.

Address of Nouf Al-Sudairy Abayas

Wadi Al Thumama, Al Olaya, Riyadh

Nouf Al-Sudairy Abaya Number

‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 477 0827

Abaya Shops in Riyadh
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