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Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are pools. That installed above ground level. And are the cheapest among other types of pools.

Advantages of above-ground pools:

  • Low price. The cost of an above-ground pool differs. From the cost of stationary pools;
  • The optimal size and shape. Even the pickiest buyer. Will be able to choose the shape and size of the pool he needs;
  • Fast and easy installation. No construction work is needed to install the above-ground pool. The installation of above-ground pools takes minimal time. Installation is possible on the day of purchase;
  • The chance of dismantling and, if necessary, installation in a new place;
  • The chance of installation in a small area. Or in places that are difficult to access for special equipment;
  • High accuracy and quality;
  • The ability to install additional equipment. (counter flow, heating, etc.)

Surface pools one of the cheap solutions. When choosing a pool for the summer. They only have compact size. But they also require no construction work. To purchase a ground-based pool. Means to provide a comfortable rest in the house. Or a personal plot for yourself. And your family.

Above-ground pools are easy to maintain. The function of water refining in them. Performed by a circulation pump with a sand filter. Usually, collapsible pools are much stronger than inflatable ones. And can installed in any landscape of the site. There is also the chance of sinking into the ground. Which makes it possible to make a flat area for the pool. Such pools for the winter period can not dismantle. They can transfer the freezing of water direct in the pool bowl. These are noteworthy competitors of present fixed GRP or concrete ponds. One of the arguments in favor of purchasing a prefab pool is its price. Usually it is several times lower than the cost of similar-sized. Reservoirs made of fiberglass or concrete.

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Above ground forms.

These pools are of three shapes: circular, oval and rectangular. The variety of sizes makes it easy to find a pool. This will suit all your needs. This can considered one of the advantages of a prefab pool. Because the size of static tanks in particular is some times the culprit. If the plot is small, then some times you must refuse to purchase.

You can buy a popular brand name ground pool. In the online store The product catalog includes frame pools of various sizes, shapes, and colors. They sell swimming pools. With delivery throughout the US. Their experts will assemble. And install your above ground pool. Connect the equipment. And you can swim in your own pool on the same day.

The Best Above Ground Pools

Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set with Maintenance Kit
Intex 26333EH Ultra XTR
Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve

Bestway 16′ x 48″ Power Steel 
Power Steel 18′ x 9′ x 48″ Oval Pool Set
Phoenix 21′ x 52″ Circle Steel Frame

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange
Bestway 7ft 3in x 59in x 17in Steel Pro Rectangular
Summer Waves Quick Set 8ft x 30in Inflatable Ring 
Above Ground Pools
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