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Abu Dhabi public transportation

Public transport in Abu Dhabi is not as well-developed as in Dubai. Taxis are the easiest, but city buses are the cheapest option. There is a bus schedule at all stops. Tickets can buy at ticket offices. Vending machines. And large stores, as well as from the driver.

To stop the bus, you need to give a hand signal to the driver. You need to enter the bus through the front door. To exit, you must press the signal for the driver with the inscription STOP.

City buses in Abu Dhabi

If you plan to travel a lot in Abu Dhabi by buses. It is useful to download the Darb application on your smartphone. Released by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Transport. It will allow you to get directions from point A to point B. And find the nearest terminals to recharge your Hafilat cards.

The bus stops covered and air-conditioned, a kind of oases in the desert. They contain a table of routes in English and Arabic. As well as electronic boards. With the waiting time for the next bus.

In total, 14 routes run in Abu Dhabi around the clock. From 06:00 to 23:00 buses run every 10–20 minutes, from 23:00 to 06:00 buses run less frequent. City buses can recognize by their blue and white body color. All buses have seating at the front for women only. You can identify these spots by the Ladies only glass lettering. Taking into account the local hot climate. All buses air-conditioned. And have low floor.

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Useful bus routes:

  • route number 5: Marina Mall – Al Zahiyah – Al Maryah Island;
  • route No. 54: Al-Mina Fish Market – Al Zahiya – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Sheikh Zayed Mosque);
  • route №94: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque ( Dome Sheikh Zaid ) – Al Wahda bus station ( Central Bus ) – Al Zahiyah – Louvre Abu Dhabi ( Louvre Abu Dhabi );
  • Line 180: Al Wahda bus station – downtown – Yas Mall and Ferrari World.

Buying a bus ticket in Abu Dhabi

  • You cannot pay the driver in cash. Even the bus from the airport paid for with a transport card. If you flew directly to Abu Dhabi, then buy a card at the airport. There are terminals and a counter.
    The Hafilat card. That is, just a travel card with an electronic wallet. A certain amount debited for each trip. The fare costs 2 to 4 Dirhams.
  • One card for one person. We bought cards at the airport for 20 dirhams ($5) apiece at the blue counter near gates 3 and 4.
  • You can get on the bus at any door.

Taxi in Abu Dhabi

Taxis are the most common. And popular form of public transport in Abu Dhabi. Taxis stop with a simple show of their hand. They belong to different companies. But differ in silver body color. All equipped with meters. A taxi ride around the city costs AED 30-50 ($ 8-14) on average. Taxi drivers are ready to take you not only around the city. But also to other emirates. When traveling by taxi, please note that there is a simple in traffic.

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Traveling by taxi in Abu Dhabi. It recommended to follow simple rules.

  • Women in taxis sit in the back seat.
  • Seat belts should wear in both the front and rear seats.
  • Taxi boarding is on the right. For safety reasons, the tailgate behind the driver often locked.
  • Make sure the driver turns on the meter when boarding.
  • Follow the road using Google Maps or Maps with me. Most taxi drivers focus on landmarks. And old street names rather than street numbers and new street names.
  • Most taxi drivers do not speak English.
  • It would be polite to round up the amount you pay. To the taxi driver on AED 5.

If you don’t want to negotiate with local taxi drivers. Order a taxi transfer to the place you need online in advance. In this case, the final price will know to you in advance. And will not depend on idle time in traffic jams, waiting, etc.

Water taxis in Abu Dhabi

Traditional river buses or abra take passengers. From resort hotels to Souk Qaryat Al Beri. On the way. Passengers have the chance to enjoy night views of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. And other city attractions. The fare paid at boat.

Car rental in Abu Dhabi

If your plan of your trip to the UAE includes not only a beach holiday. But also exploring other emirates. A trip to the desert and to attractions at your own pace. It is worth renting a car. A rental car will help you save on expensive long-distance taxis. And excursions and visit the places of your dreams on your own. In addition, many city hotels separated from the beaches. And it is an overhead to travel to them every day by transport. And here a rental car comes to the rescue.

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To rent, you will need an international drive license. And a credit card to block the rental deposit on it. The rental price per day starts at $20. And depends on the duration and class of the rented car. Inexpensive gasoline – the current price is $0.58 per liter. Highways in the UAE with high quality surface. Smooth, driving on them is a pleasure. It is convenient to navigate the site using Google Maps. There are toll bridges in the region. There are many cameras on the highways between cities. And it is better not to exceed the permissible speed of 120–140 km / h.

Abu Dhabi public transportation
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