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Just 150 km from Kuala Lumpur is the famous A-Famosa resort, which is rightfully recognized as one of the best in the whole country. It seems that this place has concentrated all the brightest, most interesting and unusual from what Malaysia is rich in. A-Famosa is a 520 hectare themed resort, where every minute you can see something truly mesmerizing: fakirs breathing fire, predators at arm’s length, real night carnivals and much more.

Getting to A Famosa is quite easy, as the resort is located 1.5 hours from the international airport in Kuala Lumpur. The easiest way to get here is via the expressway by bus or car (about 45 minutes). There will also be no problems with accommodation on the territory of the resort, since A-Famosa Resort Hotel offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Guests are provided with their own villas, spacious apartments or cozy rooms. For those who are on vacation with children, it is recommended to give preference to family suites, and to noisy youth – to secluded cottages with pools, where you can arrange foam parties. All villas and rooms at A-Famosa Resort Hotelthere are air conditioners, huge beds, large TVs and bathrooms equipped with all means of hygiene. Thus, in terms of housing on the territory of A-Famosa, literally every taste will be satisfied. And for convenient movement across the vast territory of the resort, the hotel provides rental of individual golf mobiles ($ 35 per day).

There are so many options for recreation and entertainment at this resort that it is recommended to spend here at least two or three days. The local water park is worth a visit first . Of course, first of all, it is intended for children, but adults are also happy to visit it. Particularly popular is the Arab Village attraction, which is represented by the Aladdin platform with many water slides and structures that resemble flying carpets and magic lamps. Also, on the territory of the water park, you can go for family rafting or leisurely rafting on the “Lazy River”, and for real daredevils there is a high-speed slide of seven water chutes. There are also restaurants, snack bars and souvenir shops in the park.

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Directly from the water park, you can go to ” Monkey Island “, where the famous Madagascar lemurs, gibbons, macaques and South American capuchins live. Further, it is recommended to take a trip in a covered car through the safari park, during which you can see tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants in their natural habitat. And while walking, you can meet local tribes who do not want to meet modern civilization, and then watch kangaroos, raccoons and pink flamingos. Not far from the safari park, there is a ranch that provides an opportunity to learn horseback riding and saddle noble horses.

In the late afternoon it is advised to go to the ” Cowboy Town “, which is a real wild west with cowboys and Indians, as well as 4D cinemas, restaurants, discos, karaoke and bowling. And all this variety is set against the backdrop of Western-style decorations. At night, real enchanting carnivals are held here, the main characters of which are fire eaters, bird people, animal trainers and their pets, dancers in traditional costumes and colorful representatives of local tribes. They all mix in a single colorful show that ends with a grand fireworks display.

Among other entertainment options, it is worth highlighting flights on light-engine microplanes, during which you can experience an unforgettable feeling of freedom and lightness. Those who prefer the land can go to the golf club, which is considered one of the best in the country. But do not relax: real crocodiles live on one of its paths! For those who like fishing, the resort is equipped with the A’Famosa reservoir , and for the most active tourists there is an excellent paintball park.

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As for food, it is simply impossible to stay hungry here, as there are a lot of restaurants here. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of cuisines of the world, so even choosing a place for dinner here will be quite an interesting and exciting experience. The most popular restaurants include Golfer’s Terrace , located in the green of the golf courses , Huang Di Chinese Restaurant , the luxurious D’Garden Restaurant and Lake View Restaurant , which offers a menu of oriental and western cuisines.

Thus, A-Famosa is a truly fabulous corner from which you will not want to leave. In memory of your vacation in this unforgettable place, you can buy cute trinkets and souvenirs. They are sold in numerous street stalls and souvenir shops, which are scattered throughout the resort.

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