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Air Canada Inflight Entertainment

Air Canada is a leading airline in North America, offering flights to destinations worldwide. One of its standout features is its inflight entertainment system, which provides passengers with a wide range of options to keep them entertained during their flight. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system and explore some of its key features in greater detail.

The Basics of Air Canada’s Inflight Entertainment System

Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system is available on most of its flights, including both domestic and international routes. The selection of content is vast, with hundreds of movies, TV shows, music albums, podcasts, and games to choose from. The system is accessed through seatback screens or personal devices, depending on the type of aircraft and the class of service.

Air Canada’s newest aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A220, offer a touch-enabled seatback screen experience, providing a larger viewing experience. Passengers can navigate the content selection easily, and the screens are adjustable for optimal viewing angles. For passengers on older aircraft or in economy class, Air Canada offers the option to stream content to personal devices through the Air Canada app. Passengers can download the app before their flight and connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network to access the inflight entertainment system.

Content Selection

Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system offers a wide variety of content to suit all passengers’ preferences. The movie selection includes recent releases, classics, and international films, with options in multiple languages. TV shows are available in full seasons or as individual episodes, with options ranging from comedies to dramas to reality TV. Music lovers can choose from a vast selection of albums, with options in multiple genres and languages. Podcasts are also available, with a range of topics to choose from. Finally, for those who prefer games, Air Canada offers a selection of classic and new games to play during the flight.

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Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system also offers several unique and exclusive options. One of these options is the Air Canada enRoute channel, which features award-winning Canadian content, including short films, documentaries, and interviews with Canadian celebrities. Another exclusive option is the “Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment” channel, which provides live coverage of Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors games, as well as other sporting events.

Special Features

Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system includes several special features that enhance the flying experience. The “Moving Map” feature displays the flight path and current location of the aircraft in real-time, providing passengers with a glimpse of the journey ahead. This feature is particularly popular among passengers who enjoy tracking their flight progress. Another feature is the “Kids Zone,” which provides a selection of child-friendly movies, TV shows, and games to keep young passengers entertained during the flight.

Passengers can also personalize their inflight entertainment experience by creating playlists, marking their favorite content, and resuming playback where they left off. The system also includes closed captioning and audio description options for passengers with hearing or vision impairments.

Inflight Wi-Fi

Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system is complemented by its inflight Wi-Fi service, which allows passengers to stay connected during their flight. Wi-Fi is available on most Air Canada aircraft, with options for both hourly and full-flight access. The service offers high-speed internet, making it easy to browse the web, check email, and stay connected with loved ones on the ground.

Upgraded Entertainment Options for Premium Classes

Air Canada has recently introduced a new level of inflight entertainment for its Business Class and International Premium Economy passengers. The new system, called Air Canada Studio, offers an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, and music albums, along with noise-canceling headphones for a more immersive experience. Passengers in these classes can also enjoy live TV and satellite radio.

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Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system is a standout feature of the airline, providing passengers with a wide variety of content and features that enhance the flying experience. With options for seatback screens and personal devices, passengers can choose the viewing experience that best suits them. Whether you prefer movies, TV shows, music, or games, Air Canada has something for everyone. So the next time you fly with Air Canada, be sure to take advantage of this impressive inflight entertainment system and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Air Canada Inflight Entertainment
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