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Air Koryo Payment Options

Air Koryo is the only airline that flies to North Korea and one of the few airlines that flies from North Korea. It connects Pyongyang with several cities in Asia, such as Beijing and Moscow. If you want to travel with Air Koryo, you need to know how to book and pay for your tickets. Here are some helpful tips:

Booking Air Koryo Tickets

You cannot book Air Koryo tickets by yourself. You need to book them through a travel agency that specializes in North Korea tours, such as Koryo Tours. They will take care of the ticket booking and payment process for you, as well as arrange your visa and itinerary.

Paying for Air Koryo Tickets

You can pay for your Air Koryo tickets by credit card, bank transfer, or cash. The payment method may depend on the travel agency you choose and the country you are departing from. For example, Koryo Tours accepts credit card payments for flights departing from Beijing, but not from other cities. You should check with your travel agency for the specific payment options available for your flight.

Receiving Air Koryo Tickets

Air Koryo tickets are usually issued electronically, but you may also receive a paper ticket if you request it or if it is required by the airport. You should always bring your passport, visa, and flight itinerary with you when you check in at the airport. You may also need to show your paper ticket if you have one.

Traveling with Air Koryo

Air Koryo has two cabin classes: Economy and Business. The baggage allowance for Economy Class is 20 kg and for Business Class is 30 kg. You can also bring one piece of hand luggage that does not exceed 5 kg and 115 cm in total dimensions. If you exceed the baggage allowance, you may have to pay extra fees at the airport.

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Air Koryo offers a meal service, in-flight entertainment, and duty-free sales on board. You can enjoy a variety of North Korean dishes and drinks, watch movies and documentaries, and buy souvenirs and products from North Korea. You can pay for your duty-free purchases with cash in US dollars, euros, or Chinese yuan.

Air Koryo is a unique airline that offers a glimpse into the culture and history of North Korea. By following these tips, you can book and pay for your Air Koryo tickets easily and enjoy your flight experience.

Air Koryo Payment Options
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