Aksayskiy Most

Locality: Rostov-on-Don

Construction start / opening date: 1964

Original name: Aksay bridge

The Aksaysky bridge connects the two banks of the Don River in Rostov-on-Don and is a road bridge. It was opened in 1964 and became part of the M4 “Don” highway, connecting the city with the Aksay region.


The length of the Aksai bridge reaches 580 meters. Up to thirty thousand cars pass through it every day. The structure of the bridge is formed by two separate structures: the old one with two lanes and the new one, erected later, which already has three lanes for the movement of cars. They are conventionally called right and left. The southern – left-bank part belongs to the Aksai district, and the northern part – the right-bank part – to the Rostov urban district.


The Aksai bridge in Rostov-on-Don got its name thanks to the city of Aksai, located next to it. In turn, the city was named after the Aksai River – this is the right tributary of the Don. The name of the river comes from a legend about “dead” and “living” water. The word Aksai translated from the Turkic language means – white sai, that is, living water.


A two-lane bridge was originally built in 1964. In 1995, a new three-lane crossing was built. In 2013, the old building was reconstructed again. During the work, the existing expansion joints were dismantled and new ones were installed, the supports and spans were plastered and painted. The bridge was expanded to three lanes, after which it began to fully meet the requirements of the 1st category.

The opening of the bridge after the reconstruction took place on November 1, 2014: to the sound of the “Farewell of the Slav” march, several trucks raced from one bank to the other. The renovated structure has ensured unimpeded passage of vehicles even during the busy summer months, when many travel to the Black Sea.

Technical features

The Aksay bridge is equipped with an automatic anti-ice system, special wind deflectors that reduce the oscillatory load, and an energy-saving lighting system. Anti-landslide structures were also installed in the area of ​​the bridge to support the unstable right bank of the Don.

Interesting Facts

  • The opening of the bridge in 2014 was attended by Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.
  • The cost of reconstruction work on the Aksai bridge exceeded two billion rubles.
  • Aksaysky Bridge is the first project commissioned on the eve of the 2018 Football World Cup, which will be held in Rostov.
  • The estimated speed of movement on the renewed Aksay bridge is 100 km / h.