Aktur Park

The Aktur Park amusement park is very popular among vacationers in the resorts of Antalya and Kemer. On its territory, more than 40 types of attractions are offered, aimed at both the smallest visitors and adults.

It will be interesting for kids to ride in one of the trains of the children’s railway, on various merry-go-rounds, jump on inflatable trampolines, visit an autodrome with cars or look at the city from a bird’s eye view, taking a ride with their parents on a Ferris wheel.

The numerous figures of pirates, clowns and other characters, which are placed throughout the complex, are of great interest to the kids. Older children will be able to ride such attractions as “Jamp”, “Kangaroo”, “Dragon”.

Adults can enjoy a variety of extreme rides and high-speed slides, such as the Drop Zone, Roller Coaster, Crazy Dance and many others.

No less extreme is the “Rocket” attraction, which dramatically raises guests to about the height of a Ferris wheel. Then it hangs upside down and spins up. Well, you can really tickle your nerves with the help of “Adrenalin Max” – by its appearance, one cannot even imagine what a surprise this slide has prepared! Starting with a light and pleasant swing, the attraction ends with a whirlwind in all possible planes for the entire 360º.

Also on the territory of the amusement park there is a 5D cinema, a shooting gallery and a games salon, a fear room and a laugh room. It is especially interesting to visit Aktur Park in the evening, when it turns into a real fairytale city, sparkling with lights and filled with noise and fun. There are several pastry shops and cafes on the territory of Antalya Amusement Park. One of the largest shopping centers in Antalya, Migros, is located across the street from the park.

The amusement park payment system is a local card that you buy at the box office for 2 lira. Then you place a deposit of 40, 50 or more liras on it. Further, on each attraction, a certain amount is debited through the reader. The price of one attraction varies from 4 to 7 liras.

It is also worth noting that in the evening several taxi cars are always on duty near the entrance, so there will be no problems with how to get to the hotel after entertainment. If you arrived in your own or rented car, there will be no problems with where to leave your transport: there is a large parking lot right next to the fence of the park. Also, the child will be interested in the water park in Antalya