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Al Baik Restaurant Number in Madinah

Al Baik restaurants are one of the most widespread fast food restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the number of branches of these restaurants has reached 65 branches within the Kingdom, and there are other branches in different Arab countries, Al Baik restaurants offer fast food of chicken and fish next to drinks, and Al Baik is characterized by its taste that everyone praises, and we will learn through a digital site the number of the unified free Al Baik restaurant in the Kingdom, the addresses of the various branches and the menu of the restaurant chain inside the Kingdom.

Al Baik Restaurant Number in Madinah

The opening of Al Baik Restaurant several numbers in order to facilitate communication for its customers and hear suggestions and complaints, including:

  • The number for the restaurant branch located in Medina, specifically at the Gezira Mall, is 00966148292099.
  • Al Baik Restaurant number in Medina Khalidiya branch is 009668002442245.
  • The number for Al Baik branch located on King Khalid Road is 009668002442245.
  • The phone number of the bank located in Madinah, specifically the Azizia branch, is 00966920025125.

Al Baik Unified Restaurant Number in the Kingdom

Al Baik Restaurants Group has provided a unified and free number to communicate with customers and their complaints and respond to them quickly, in order to respond to inquiries regarding products, where you can communicate with Al Baik customer service through:

  • Unified and free pick up number “8002442245” for orders
  • The official Twitter account ofAl Baik Restaurants and Instagram.
  • Email:
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The addresses of the branches of Al-Baik Restaurant in Zaz Al-Munawara

Al Baik branches are located in several places in Medina in order to be available to everyone throughout Medina, so the various Al Baik branches have determined the detailed location for them in order to facilitate the process of reaching the different branches for customers and from the addresses of the branches of Al Baik Restaurant:

  • Al-Baik Restaurant is located in Khalidiya, specifically 8380 Ramla Bint Abi Auf in Mahzoor.
  • Al Baik is also located on King Faisal Road at Bani Khadra.
  • Al-Beik is also located on King Khalid Road at Abu Tarboush roundabout in Al-Aqoul.
  • The restaurant branch in Azizia is also located at Imam Bukhari.
  • Al-Baik Restaurant is also located at Taibah University in Medina.
  • Al Baik Restaurant is located on Quba Road at Al Alia Mall.

Al Baik Restaurant Number in Madinah
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