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Al Barsha Mall

Al Barsha Mall one of the largest consumer cooperatives in the UAE. In addition, it has a number of shops, cafes, restaurants and multiple entertainment destinations. There are more than 69 kiosks that provide services at a high level of service to meet the needs of visitors. This shopping center occupies a huge area and quite multifunctional.

Al Barsha Mall Opening Hours

  • Saturday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Sunday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Monday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Tuesday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Wednesday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Thursday, 6:30am–2:00am
  • Friday, 6:30am–12:30pm, 1:45pm–2:00am


The shopping complex Al Barsha Mall includes a popular hypermarket Union COOP, belonging to one of the most popular chains in the Emirates. According to visitors, the cost of everyday goods here much lower than in competing networks. In addition, many departments and products in Union specialized for the lifestyle and tastes of the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates. By the way, a more detailed list of stores of the Al Bashra shopping center can be found on the official website.

Shops at Al Bashra Mall on the official website

How to get to Al Barsha Mall

Al Barsha Mall is located at 23rd St in Dubai. Within walking distance from this point there is a public transport stop Al Barsha Mall 2, Street 24, which can be reached by bus F33.

You can also get there by metro, getting off at the Mall of the Emirates station and walking about 7 minutes along Al Barsha Rd. For the most comfortable trip, you can use the Uber taxi service.

Al Barsha Mall Shops

Fashion & Shoe Shops

The mall includes a number of fashion and footwear shops, including the following:

  • Safa Oasis.
  • The world of women.
  • Shoe cubs.
  • Naomi Salads Boutique.
  • Seal for men’s sewing.
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We recall that all Abaya Al Barsha Mall stores are characterized by high quality and offer everything new in the world of fashion, sophisticated and unbeatable materials.

Toy & Electronic Devices Stores

There are a number of shops and electronic games available at Al Barsha Mall such as the following:

  • Von Zone.
  • iFix Trade.
  • Guest house.
  • Super Mario Electronics.
  • Sharp Electronics.
  • Ensure iPhone minutes to repair.
  • and watches and phones.

Perfume & Makeup Shops

It houses a large number of makeup and perfume shops and includes the following:

  • Arabic musk.
  • Perfumes.
  • Gori perfumes.
  • The most beautiful perfume emperor.
  • For perfumes Xier.
  • For perfumes and restored.
  • Ahmed Moroccan perfume.
  • The lights of Dar al-Oud.
  • NNGH.
  • Corner for skin care.
  • Water for perfumes.
  • Emperor for perfumes.
  • External for free perfumes.

Service Facilities in Al Barsha Mall

All visitors in Al Barsha can finish their government transactions and pay all bills from telecommunications and other facilities that are from the following facilities:

  • Contacts writer.
  • The press is AMCO.
  • Crystal house for household utensils.
  • 247 for clearance of documents.
  • Certainty for stationery.
  • Daiso Federal Cooperative Dishes.
  • Real Estate Registration Trustee.
  • Department of Economic Development (DC) if desired.
  • Facilitate government services.
  • du Integrated Communications.

Gifts and flowers

It houses a wonderful variety of gift shops and flowers. Which offers the finest types of natural and artificial flowers. She also specializes in wrapping gifts for flowers of the highest standard. They can also describe your order to her and be customized for you and deliver it to the place you want and these stores include:

  • Baby rose flowers.
  • Royal Armani
  • Flores Atlé.
  • Catherine Macthon.
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Al Barsha Mall Dubai Restaurants & Cafes

  • Pizza Hut
  • Kentucky Chicken
  • Beit Al , Mahshi
  • Rivars
  • Burger Fuel
  • Sushi Nation
  • Doner Gyros
  • chicken
  • Papa Jones
  • Shakespeare & Co.
  • Crispy Cream
  • Katrina Sweets
  • Thank you Art for sweets
  • Cake Hut
  • Keck in Moore
  • Shoko Loko
  • Starbucks
  • Bek Al , Arab

In the shopping center Al Barsha there are many food outlets of various types. On the territory of the shopping center there are 2 coffee shops, about 15 cafes of the food court and about 10 restaurants. The choice is really very large – Japanese, Turkish, Arabic and European cuisine, many varieties of coffee, as well as other delights, can be tasted on the territory of the Al Bashra shopping center.

Al Barsha Mall
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