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Al Ghurair Mall

Al Ghurair Mall is one of the most important tourist places in Dubai, the presence of wide open spaces and the amazing glass ceiling that allows daylight to pass through it makes you energized and energetic as you shop.

One of the most popular malls in Dubai called Al Ghurair Mall. It completely renovated in 2013, and now gladly receives many tourists. Guests of the city, once here, surprised by the harmony of oriental interiors and modern shops, which include a variety of fashion brands. The Arabic flavor represented in Al Ghurair Mall by many small cafes and cozy restaurants, where every visitor to the shopping center can take a break from shopping, and then continue to choose goods in the mall stores. In Al Ghurair there is everything you need for any guest of the city – clothes, furniture, appliances and electronics, jewelry, including handmade.

Al Ghurair Mall Timings

Al Ghurair Mall welcomes visitors daily, at the following times:

  • Sunday – Wednesday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight

As for the opening times of Carrefour Al Ghurair Mall, they are as follows:

  • Sunday – Wednesday: 09:00 am – 12:00 midnight
  • Thursday – Saturday: 09:00 am – 01:00 am

Spinneys is open daily at the following times:

  • 07:00 am – 01:00 am

Al Ghurair Mall Shops

Al Ghurair Mall so huge that walking on its floors. You can easily get confused in the abundance of world brands. A unique jewelry collection, enjoying a lot of bright Arabic colors and traditional luxury interiors. In Al Ghurair Mall features the following brands of well-known brands: Marks and Spencer, Swarovski, Guess, Bossini, Virgin Cosmetics, French Connection, Nine West, Book Corner, Aldo Accessories, Reebok, Adidas, Mexx, Baby Shop, MotherCare, Lee Cooper, Ted Lapidus and various others. Shoes sold by various stores with collections of Ecco, Domino, Salamander, Nine West and Marelli.

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With more than 350 shops and 14 different stores, life in Al Ghurair Mall is vibrant in new and amazing ways with an impressive range of department stores from electronics to fashion as well as the presence of a Carrefour hypermarket and many important stores Al Ghurair Shopping Mall in Dubai includes a variety of stores that include several categories, which provide women’s fashion, men’s clothing, children’s supplies, gold stores, jewelry and watches, and cosmetic stores, including:

  • Caterpillar
  • Mango
  • Cotton
  • LC Y Kiki
  • Hanain for Women’s Abayas
  • Mohamed Mansar Al , Issai Fabrics
  • Matalan
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Beverly Hills Polo Dog
  • Springfield
  • Reply tag
  • Max
  • Baby Shop
  • Crookes
  • Aldo
  • Paris Hilton
  • Vance
  • Skechers

Al Ghurair Centre Dubai official website

Al Ghurair Centre Dubai offers an official website, which you can visit at any time to see the rest of the shops, shops and all its various facilities.

The mall also features well-known brands of sportswear and goods, such as Adidas, Nike and Sand Sports. There is also a furniture store 2XL, with the help of products from which you can create harmony in your home and make it much cozier. Also, in this boutique sold a variety of designer tableware and furniture, which has no analogues anywhere else in the world. A very popular status gift – expensive watches – can purchase in the stores Hour Choice, Paris Gallery and Rivoli, which feature such world brands as Longines, Calvin Klein, Timex, Mont Blanc and many others.

How to get to Al Ghurair Mall

Al Ghurair Mall in Dubai located in the middle of an area called Deira and is the central area of the city’s commercial centre. The mall is located on the Al Riqqa motorway, so it will be difficult to get to it by car. You can also use taxi services in Dubai: Dubai Taxi Corporation, City taxi, National Taxi or many others.

Nearby there are also several stations of the Dubai Metro, the road from which to the entrance to Al Ghurair Mall will take no more than 5-10 minutes: Union, Salah Al Din, Al Rigga. There are also several bus stops in the immediate vicinity of the mall: Ghurair City 1, Ghurair City 2 and Union Metro Station, which stop at lines 11A, 27, 77, 91A, C01, C04, C05, C07, C09, F01, F04 and X94.

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There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious food and beverages in Al Ghurair Mall you have the freedom to choose from several restaurants and cafes located in Ghurair Mall Dubai, where the mall is keen to satisfy all tastes, including the food lounge “Foodcourt”, luxury restaurants and fast food restaurants, in addition to sweets shops and cafes in Al Ghurair Mall in Dubai, we mention here a number of them:

  • Food Crews (Restaurant Lounge)
  • Pekanerwala
  • Charles
  • Chinese Palace
  • Hatem
  • Kentucky
    Lemon Bar for Thai Food
  • Sultan Baba Express
  • Mcdonald ‘s
  • Wendy’s
  • Umami
  • Taba King Philippine Food

Fast Food Restaurants

  • Deniz – American Cuisine
  • Maxes Restaurant
  • Pizza
  • DQ Grill & Cell

Fine Dining in Al Ghurair Mall

Kababji Grill
Japanese Restaurant Attisto Street
Kim Chicken
Wing Stop
Restaurant Shogun

Al Ghurair Mall Cafes

Enjoy a drink at Al Ghurair Mall Dubai Café

  • Café Nero
  • Barbera Café or as you know The Italian Café House
  • The First Berks Cafe
  • Paul Cafe
  • Big Apple Singles
  • Elie Café
  • Paparotti
  • Seattle Best Coffee
  • Second Cup Cafe
  • Tim Hortons

Confectionery shops

  • The Shoko Manarsh
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Duncan Donuts
  • Cinnabon
  • Gelato Divino
  • Crispy Karim
    Hello Mango Berry

In addition to many department stores and supermarkets, such as the Early Education Center, Minneso, Momoso, Carrefour, Spinneys and many others.

Entertainment at Al Ghurair Centre

You can take your children to Al Ghurair Mall games where a lot of entertainment and fun, as Sparky’s Entertainment City is located on the second floor of the mall, and includes a number of fun games to suit children and adults alike, in addition to the Stay & Play area for children from two to 8 years old.

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Cinema at Al Ghurair Mall in Dubai

You can head to Al Ghurair Mall Cinemas to watch the latest movies in high quality and in an atmosphere full of excitement and suspense, Al Ghurair Deira Center has opened a special complex to show films in cooperation with Reel Cinemas, which includes 18 screens to have a special day in it, where you can experience:

  • Dolby Cinema
  • Reel Jr.
  • Platinum Suites
  • Standard

Al Ghurair Mall
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