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Al Ha-ir Parks and Lakes

The 40 km park of the lakes of Hayer Riyadh is formed2Almost according to the investment plan of an integrated entertainment complex that includes hotels, shopping centers and water theme parks, as well as squares extending from green spaces of various plant elements and the group of natural lakes and the accompanying artificial components such as canals, waterways, rivers and ponds, as well as service facilities, so it may not be enough one day to be able to seize happiness and possess pleasure.

Things to do in Al Hayer Lakes Riyadh

1. Here in Al Ha’ir Park and Lakes, you have a huge area of green spaces, with a variety of plants that will impress you, lush trees, fragrant flowers and soft grass areas; so you prefer the pleasure of sitting on shaded wooden benches, breathing fresh air, and satisfying yourself with the comfort and splendor of the view.

2. In Riyadh’s Al Hayer Lakes you will find many paved walking paths for about 1.8 km, and other equipped cycling trails; experience hiking and long walks, or practice different colors of light sports for your health and the health of your families.
Al , Hayer Lakes Riyadh

3. The Lake Park in Riyadh includes a large collection of lakes that collectively occupy an area of 750,000 square meters, naturally composed of rainwater and water pools in flood sewers, in different sizes and depths; try in the available ones sailing by small boats or suits, or sitting on their banks on the grass or on the councils, and do not forget to take memorial photos and live videos of your loved ones.

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4. In Al Hayer Reserve is a distinguished collection of water games and ground toys that delight children and give them the perfect journey full of excitement and vitality; make sure to entertain them and enjoy them and document those happy times with beautiful souvenir photos.

5. Here in Al Hayer Park there is a wonderful selection of stalls selling refreshments and ice cream, a number of international and local food restaurants, fast food restaurants, as well as cafes and cafes for all kinds of drinks; so, have a happy family meeting with a taste of the most delicious food and delicious drinks.

Entrance fee for Al Ha’ir Park and Lakes

Al Ha’ir Park and Lakes does not apply entrance fees to its visitors

Timings of Riyadh Lakes Park

Always open

Place of Riyadh Lakes Park

You can view the place on the map from here

Al Ha-ir Parks and Lakes
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