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Al Hamra Mall

Al Hamra Mall one of the most famous malls in Riyadh. Al Hamra Mall considered a tourist, recreational and commercial landmark. That also attracts local visitors and foreign tourists from all countries of the world.

Hamra Mall in Riyadh combines shopping and entertainment under the roof of one place. It is full of a lot of services and facilities that facilitate the shopping process and add an atmosphere of fun and familiarity. While wandering the sides of the mall and exploring its various facilities.

Al Hamra Mall Riyadh Working Hours

  • Saturday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Sunday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Monday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Tuesday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Wednesday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Thursday 10:00am–11:30pm
  • Friday 1:30–11:30pm

Al Hamra Mall Location Riyadh

  • Address: Sheikh Hassan Bin Hussein Bin Ali Road, King Faisal, Riyadh 13215
  • Al Hamra Mall is located in the Gulf neighborhood east of Riyadh. At the intersection of King Abdullah Road and Sheikh Hassan Bin Hussein Bin Ali Road, opposite Al Khaleej Park and Al Hamra
  • You can reach Al Hamra Mall Riyadh via Google Maps via this link from here

You can contact the mall through the following phone number: 920000262

Al Hamra Mall Riyadh Shops

Clothing Shops

It includes local and international stores such as:

  • Sun & Sand Sport
  • Tommy Helfiger
  • Ambassador
  • LCY Kiki
  • Adidas Kids
  • Ikonk
  • Timberland
  • Columbia Sport
  • Beverly Hills Polo Dog
  • Nike
  • Centrepoint
  • Zara
  • Splash
  • Levis
  • U.S. Yulu
  • Carters Oshkosh
  • Springfield
  • Athlites Co
  • Liftis
  • Nawaem
  • Blue Egg
  • Deir an Dir

Perfume & Beauty Shops Al Hamra Mall

If you are a fan of luxury perfumes, you must visit the shops of this section that sell the finest types of local and foreign perfumes, of course there are also shops of international brands, and there are also shops selling various cosmetics such as face creams, hands and makeup, and these stores are

  • My makeup
  • faces
  • Sephora
  • Abd El , Samad Al , Qurashi
  • The Body Shop
  • Flowers of the countryside
  • fair
  • Mixes
  • Your breath is smoking.
  • Flormar
  • The Moodles On
  • Paris Gallery

Shoe Shops Al Hamra Mall Riyadh

  • Shoemart
  • Nike
  • Centrepoint
  • Skechers
  • Adidas Kids

Jewelry, Accessories & Watches Al Hamra Mall

These stores are specialized in selling various types of ordinary watches, watches that bear the name of famous international brands, and they also sell many accessories for the world of elegance such as glasses and others, and these stores are: These stores are specialized in selling various types of ordinary watches, and watches that bear the name of famous international brands, and they also sell many accessories for the world of elegance such as glasses and others, and these stores are:

  • Paris Gallery
  • Flormar
  • Bibi Fitaihi
  • Al , Humaidi
  • Swatch
  • Al , Dahm Watches
  • Acidic for watches
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Optics & Pharmacies

These shops sell various types of preparations necessary to purify the skin, maintain beauty, and take care of the body properly and perfectly, namely:

  • Moroccan
  • Alpha, Nahdi
  • Whites.

Al Hamra Mall Restaurants in Riyadh

Four Winters

One of the most famous international brands specialized in serving delicious ice cream, especially with the power of liquid nitrogen mixed with steam technology.

And Zels Pretzls

One of the distinctive restaurants in Riyadh and in the mall that offers a range of pastries and crackers with natural juices.

Rice Creamery Hamra Mall

One of the pastry restaurants in Riyadh, it is also considered one of the distinctive restaurants of the capital Riyadh that offers pastries, sweets and rice pudding with different flavors.

Campus Al Hamra Mall

From the ancient German restaurants and from the best international cafes, it serves pastries, baked goods and desserts with the best types of fast food.

Crepe Ever in Al Hamra Mall

The most famous crepe restaurants in Riyadh, which is one of the places specialized in serving crepe pastries of all kinds sweet and sharp.

Cinnabon in Hamra

The world’s most famous confectionery shop, it has a reputation for offering the finest pastries with cinnamon and hot chocolate.

Al , Hamra Kanfandi Mall

The best places dedicated to serving delicious oriental desserts, pistachio kunafa made in front of you, baklava and other exquisite desserts as well as a wide variety of Western sweets with the tastiest flavors.

Red Center Paul

One of the best French restaurants in Riyadh, it offers outstanding French bakeries that offer a wide variety of the best foods and delicious baked goods.

Baskin Robbins

The international collection that offers the best and most luxurious types of ice cream with the greatest variety and tastiest taste and other delicious cakes.

Kudo Red Mall

The most important and largest restaurants within the Kingdom that have seen rapid growth in the provision of fast food and delicious sandwiches.

Sparrow Al , Hamra Complex

One of the best Italian restaurants in Riyadh, it is one of Riyadh’s restaurants specialized in serving the tastiest and most delicious Italian pizzas and pastries.

Herfy Al Hamra Mall in Riyadh

One of the largest fast-food chains in Riyadh and in the world, the restaurant is famous for serving many wonderful meals and sandwiches.

Al Hamra Mall Azal Riyadh Restaurant

The restaurant serves a range of delicious Eastern and Western meals such as beans, tuna and other meals that are worth a try.

Karam Express Al Hamra Mall Riyadh

One of the finest Lebanese restaurants in Riyadh, the capital, the restaurant serves the most delicious and delicious Arabic and oriental cuisine and Lebanese appetizers served by the most skilled chefs.

McDonald’s Al Hamra Mall Branch

One of the restaurants of the city of Riyadh rich in definition, it is considered one of the most famous international American restaurants known for its quality and delicious taste.

Al , Ameriya Mall

It is the most beautiful Broasted restaurant in Riyadh and is also one of the most specialized restaurants in fresh broasted chicken meals in Riyadh and the Kingdom in general, and the restaurant offers chicken food in innovative and delicious ways.

Shawarma of the village in Hamra Mall

Considered one of the best shawarma restaurants in Riyadh, the restaurant offers exquisite Syrian shawarma made with the tastiest spices, spices and fresh meats.


The most famous Saudi restaurants that serve various Asian meals with the most delicious and tastiest Saudi touches, a place where you find everything above your expectations.

Taco Hut Restaurant

Taco Hut is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Riyadh, and the place offers the tastiest and most delicious Mexican cuisine served with the most delicious sauces and mixtures.

Rome Wei

The restaurant serves a varied menu of local and international delicacies, and this restaurant is famous for its quality food.


One of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Riyadh, and one of the distinctive restaurants famous for offering the best and tastiest noodles, with a wonderful selection of delicious Chinese cuisine.

Burger King Al Hamra Commercial Branch

One of the best restaurants in Al Hamra Mall in Riyadh and is one of the most famous international brands in serving fast food and sandwiches, with chicken tander and distinctive cresby.

I named Sarai

One of the most famous and important bakeries in Riyadh that offers a wide variety of baked goods, sweets, snacks and other wonderful baked goods.

Merkaz Cafe

One of the best distinguished cafes of Al Hamra Riyadh specialized in royal Yemeni, Turkish and Arabic coffee with the best hot and cold drinks.

Mama Roti

A café that specializes in serving Western baked goods with chocolate and various distinctive flavors while serving a varied menu of the tastiest food and drinks.

Games & Entertainment at Al Hamra Mall

Enjoy the games of Alhambra Mall The mall offers many different and entertainment suitable for children and adults.


The entertainment side of Al Hamra Mall is Sparky’s, a small amusement park area located on the second floor of the mall, it contains a lot of games on computers in which they compete with each other to win in the end.In addition to some other games that test the intelligence, strength and perseverance of children, which are provided by the games of giant hydraulic screens,

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And games that add an atmosphere of fun, fun, suspense and mystery, these amusement parks offer a great experience for children by offering multiple options of group games, games in addition to sports fields, tunnels and towers, which are ideal for all ages, where young and old can have a good time when visiting the mall.

Billy Biz

Billy Biz is the largest children’s play park, with an area of 20,000 square feet, and consists of various gardens for play in addition to many activities and features, and different types of sports fields and towers so that children can play all their favorite games smoothly and fun, this park is classified as ideal due to the fact that it suits all ages and even there are areas dedicated to adults, and Billy Base also allows you to hold various parties including holiday parties Birth, it is the perfect place for children in Al Hamra Mall.

Movie Cinema

A three-dimensional cinema on the same floor where children and families go to enjoy the movies shown. Movi Cinemas was opened during December 2019 as the first cinema in East Riyadh, this cinema hosts 6 cinema screens with a capacity of more than 500 seats, and has a dedicated food area where Skinny Pizza is located and the cinema includes 6 different technologies to watch movies, as the vision of the cinema management is that achieving the bulk of professionalism lies in enabling the viewer to choose the technology with which he will see his favorite elephant, and not just present movies, and we will review for you now All technologies, with the features of each technique separately

Dolby Cinema Technology

Dolby Cinemas technology is designed to take you within the events of the story, and enable you to fully integrate into it, in order to have an exceptional viewing experience, where you feel like you are communicating deeply with the characters of the film through the very vivid image of Dolby Vigne, and the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos, the most prominent features of this technology are:

  • Immersive sound
  • Stunning images
  • Sophisticated design


In this technology, the highest levels of sophistication of visual effects and modern production techniques are presented, thanks to Samsung’s advanced display, and this experience aims to create a new concept unprecedented in the world of cinema, through the imaginative display screen called Onyx, and this screen is characterized by realistic colors and ultra-high-resolution clarity as well, and therefore you will get:

  • Integrated harmonious sound
  • Crystal-clear colors
  • Extensive and modern theatrical design
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Screen X

It is considered the first multi-projection cinema theater in the world, and thus provides a panoramic cinematic experience that enables the viewer to delve into the adventures of the film and not only watch it, and the vision is very clear thanks to the giant screen, and the most prominent advantages of this experience are:

  • Wrap-around cinematic display

Muvi suites

It is a luxurious and unique cinematic experience where there is an elegant and spacious waiting hall, in which a varied menu is offered, and you can also choose what you will eat within the waiting hall or during the showroom, and the most important features of this technology are:

  • Fully reclining seats
  • Full Privacy
  • Latest amenities


The Movie Junior experience is designed to combine the elements of fun and watching movies for children, and is suitable for those aged 3 to 12 years, as it includes inside it a playroom dedicated to interactive and physical activities such as climbing in addition to a place for candy, and the favorite part of this technique is how to get to the showroom, where the child reaches it via the spiral slide, which adds a touch of joy to his happy experience, and the most important features of this technology She:

  • Possibility to book in advance

Muvi perience

Movie Prince is a unique experience, especially for lovers of watching movies on a large display equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, which enables them to enjoy the optimal experience of watching the most famous movies, the most prominent features of this technology are:

  • Reclining seats
  • Giant cinematic display
  • Highly sophisticated Atmos sound technology
  • Multiple amenities

Events Al Hamra Complex Riyadh

Some of the events and festivals are held in Al Hamra Mall in Riyadh, and one of the most famous events of Al Hamra Mall was the Riyadh Shopping and Entertainment Festival in 2017, which began on the third day of July and lasted for a whole month.

The festival included several show and interactive activities, such as various children’s performances and balloon fashion shows worn by children, in addition to daily gifts received by the participating children, which amount to 50,000 Saudi riyals.

Al Hamra Mall
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