Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar is a beach and park complex on the border between Dubai and Sharjah. The territory is large, but there is nothing special. It takes a long time to get there and is not always convenient, so mostly those who have already been to the rest of the beaches and would like to see something new come.

Al Mamzer Park is quite clean and well-groomed, there are simulators and playgrounds on the territory. In addition, there are two large swimming pools (paid entrance), there are sunbeds and umbrellas (rent is paid), as well as small cafes, kiosks with water and ice cream and grocers. Those who wish can rent a gazebo with a barbecue area for the day.

Opening Hours

The working hours of Al Mamzar Beach Park are heterogeneous – on different days the complex works on different schedules:

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 8:00 – 22:00
  • Thursday-Saturday: 8:00 – 23:00

Al Mamzar Beach Park Prices

Entrance to the beach is paid – 5 AED (dirham), and if you want to get to the complex by car, it will cost you 30 AED. By the way, more than 1500 parking spaces are equipped in the park for guest cars.

Al Mamzar Beach Park also often hosts concerts and entertainment programs, the entrance to which can cost up to 10 AED.

Monday and Wednesday at Al Mamzar Beach Park are considered women’s day. Entrance to the park is allowed only for women with children.

How to get to Al Mamzar Beach Park

The easiest way for these purposes is to use a taxi – in Dubai there are many services for this, for example, Uber, Dubai Taxi or Gettransfer. You can also get back from the park by taxi – drivers who are ready to take you from the beach to the right point in the city are on duty near the entrance to the park for a whole day.

If you are well versed in Dubai, you can get to the park by bus. For example, from the local bus station (Gold Souq Bus Station) to the final stop of Al Mamzar Beach Park there is a C28 bus. You can also use the Dubai Metro.

Al Mamzar Beach Park Activities

For vacationers in the complex Al Mamzar Beach Park equipped with as many as five beaches. Each of them is equipped with all the most necessary for recreation: booths with equipment that can be rented, towers with lifeguards on duty, showers, umbrellas and sun loungers. For those who do not like swimming in the Persian Gulf and relaxing on the beach, there is a huge swimming pool with areas for both adults and children. Also on the territory of the beach and park complex you can rent a gazebo for grilling and barbecue. You will easily find a free gazebo, as there are many of them and they are located in different parts of the park.

In the coastal area of the park complex Al Mamzar Beach Park there is a water transport rental point. In the assortment there are classic options – a banana, a catamaran and a boat, and there are also extreme ones – for example, a water motorcycle. For lovers of outdoor activities in the beach and park complex there are sports grounds – a football field, as well as a basketball and volleyball area.

Your children will also not be able to get bored – on the territory of the complex there is a children’s play railway and many slides and attractions equipped for kids.

In addition to classic beach activities, Al Mamzar Beach Park provides other types of recreation for everyone. In a huge and beautiful amphitheater, located on the territory of the complex, holidays, bright concerts and colorful theatrical performances are often held. Also in the heart of the park is an observation tower with a panoramic view – every visitor can climb it and appreciate the beautiful views from a bird’s eye view.

Since one day may not be enough to relax in Al Mamzar Beach Park, the administration of the complex offers visitors cozy guest houses for the night – about 15 of them have been built on the territory. Inside the guest areas there are all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay, and to book houses, according to tourists, is worth it in advance – they are quite popular. The cost of overnight accommodation in such a bungalow will be from 32 to 45 euros per day.