Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island located on Lake Khalid, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. On an area of 45,475 m2In the middle of the blue waters. Covered with greenery, in a stunning landscape painted by towering towers. The island is full of surprises that captivate the hearts of visitors from everywhere.

Designed by The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shorouk). This creative island is completely different from anywhere else in Sharjah. Where Lake Khalid surrounds the island in a magnificent landscape. With green mazes, charming lighting, exquisite art sculptures, many beautiful butterflies, and much more.

Al Noor Island founded among several serial projects and sharjah’s newest entertainment destinations. Al Nour Island is under the supervision of the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shorouk). Responsible for implementing Sharjah’s most famous attractions, designed on the basis of ideas inspired by well-known multimedia artist Andre Heller. Consisting of two structures surrounded by trees, flowers and various plants, amid the water basins.

How to Go to Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island has a quiet location on Lake Khalid via the waterfront. A popular destination among people looking for free things to do in Sharjah, and there is a pedestrian bridge behind the Al Nour Mosque that leads you to the island, just take the bridge connecting Al Noor Island to the island.
Al noor island directions (here)

Al Noor Island ticket price

Sharjah’s Al-Nour Island entrance fee:

Ticket price: AED 55 (not including butterfly house)

Ticket price for Butterfly House: AED 15 (for adults) and AED 10 (for children between 3 and 12 years of age)

Time at Butterfly House: daily from 9am to 6pm


  • Guided tour of butterfly house
    – indoor butterfly workshop
    – nature
    tour – hot drinks/snacks/soft drinks
    including a souvenir tour
  • Sunset on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Tour duration:
    – 2 hours
  • Prices:
  • Per capita: AED 65
  • Family (2 adults + 2 children): AED 190
  • Orbit X sets (without snack) AED 25
  • School groups (with snack) AED 40

Al Noor Island timing

Monday 9 am – 11 pm

Tuesday 9 am – 11 pm Tuesday

Wednesday 9 AM – 11 PM Wednesday

Thursday 9 am – 12 am Thursday

Fri 9 AM – 12 AM Fri

Sat 9am – 12am Sat

Sunday 9 am – 11 pm Sunday

It is necessary to visit the park before 5 pm. Before the butterfly house closes its doors and stay until the evening so you can see the island’s lighting.

Al Noor Island Contact Number: +971065067000 or +9710569929983


Butterfly House Al Noor Island Sharjah

Butterfly House is one of the most attractive elements for visitors to the island. With an area of 230 square meters. And a height of 4-5 meters.

And its decorated surface reflects the spirit of Arab design impregnated, and its walls cover the green plants climbing, illuminating. This house has 600 butterflies from 16 distinct butterflies, brought from various cities at a cost of AED 80 million.

The most famous of these distinctive butterflies are the Indian butterfly Dolachaila Bisaltide, which resembles autumn paper, and Dana butterfly. Also known as the African King, the Pachalyopda Aristolicia butterfly. Also known as the Rose Butterfly, is characterized by its gorgeous colours. Different shapes on its wings, a new bird butterfly and a butterfly. Scissors, dark blue tiger butterfly, and other magnificent butterflies.

The butterfly house attracts children greatly. Rushing towards it as soon as they enter the island to pick up their favorite butterflies. Have fun and have fun and make sure to take pictures with those butterflies.

Art figures

In collaboration with internationally renowned artists and sculptors, these stunning artifacts were created on the Island of Light.

  • Tors Art Sculpture

With a simple, polished and shiny look, but unique in the phantom display of lights and reflections, it takes you from any angle you look at;

  • Art columns

This collection of columns stands in several places on the Island of Light, reflecting the snobbery, fortitude and continuity of Susan Schmojner’s design.

  • Fossil rocks

On the northern part or tip of the island, three huge rocks are located: “bright crystal stone, amethyst stone, and a fossilized tree”, and the view looks like guards on the island.

  • Ofo Art Sculpture

One of the island’s most important works of art, which attracts visitors from all over the world, combining wood, water and LED lights, is a dome-shaped oval, designed by ACT Lighting Design.

  • Art steel figure

A magnificent decorative masterpiece, designed to fit into its natural surroundings on the Island of Light, a huge steel panel with floral holes was used to build this magnificent stereoscopic design by Edgar Tizak.

The Court of Arts

A place dedicated to intellectuals and reading lovers, it is designed in the form of a flower to enable them to read and relax in the arms of the surrounding picturesque nature.

The gaming area of The Island of Light

Built around the natural greenery of Al Nour Island, surrounded by plants and green trees on each side, this area is an open and safe area for children, to play outdoors, run and set off freely and safely, without parents worrying about their children, as well as comfortable seats to relax, while continuing to play for long hours.

The Walkway of Light

The walkway is the entrance to the island, enabling visitors to wander the Island of Light, enjoying nature-inspired and exclusive music pieces on the island, written by Frank Zarbin, with an area of approximately 3,500 square meters, and small and beautiful gardens spread among the island’s various landmarks and facilities.

The island’s lights at night that makes the place look even more beautiful. As the sun sets, the island comes to life with bright neon, shimmering lights and sparkling lights that illuminate trees, corridors, art installations and buildings.

Landscaped Gardens

There is nothing better than relaxing amidst the charming nature, Sharjah’s Al Noor Island is home to more than 70,000 plants and trees, and every element of the island’s greenery has been carefully selected to create unique and incomparable landscapes.

Some plant species on the Island of Light have been moved from far and wide countries around the world, from towering cactus to a variety of medicinal plants.

Green Surfaces on The Island

Al Noor Island has more than 70,000 trees, in a variety of paintings, between the beauty of nature and outstanding architecture, giving you complete relaxation and fresh air.

Among the trees and plants that are authentic, threatened with extinction on the island, are carefully selected from all over the world:

  1. 250-year-old olive tree.
  2. And trees in the form of bottles or umbrellas.
  3. and towering cactus.
  4. Herbs for decoration, also medicinal plants.
  5. Extensive floral meadows, featuring more than 1,200 fiberglass flowers, whose colors change automatically, embody the ideal integration of nature and technology.

Al , Nour Island Bridge

The bridge has a distinctive poetic design that gives visitors a sense of peace, tranquility and inspiration, enabling them to walk through winding paths.

Al , Nour Café

For those who want a quick meal while touring The Island of Light, Noor Café has a menu of refreshing drinks and delicious snacks, and the café offers you naturally lit seats to enjoy a good meal.

At night, this attractive little place turns into a shimmering destination with bright interiors and warmly lit furniture to create the atmosphere for a great evening.

Al Noor Island Wedding

Al Nour Island opens its doors to those who coming to marry for a unique destination for weddings. In a winter setting, amidst the picturesque nature and charming view of Lake Khalid. The island offers facilities for 250 guests and offers a variety of options for wedding design, decorations and a customized menu to suit different tastes, in an atmosphere that ensures guests’ comfort and privacy.

Offering a series of facilities and services that give exceptional beauty to outdoor weddings, the island offers the experience of taking the most beautiful photos and memories on the “Walk of Light”, a 3,500-metre-long flowing wooden bridge surrounded by dazzling lighting and beautiful plants at the entrance to the island. Trees, bridges, corridors and buildings are innovatively illuminated, and lighting varies depending on the time throughout the day.

Al Noor Island Sharjah has grown into a popular hub for residents and tourists looking to relax in this family-friendly emirate, and indeed when you enter The Island of Light, your journey will be like moving to a completely different world that attracts you to the sights that inspire imagination. Here’s more information about Al Noor Island Sharjah.