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Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi or as it known as Abu Al Shoum Island a natural island belonging to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that for a decade was just sand and now teeming with huge residential and commercial projects and always has a lot to offer to its residents who are growing day by day and one of the best things about Al Reem Island is the view of the waterfront and it is the most beautiful place among the tourist places in Abu Dhabi.

The Reem Island project spans an area of six million and five hundred million square meters, with a commitment from three large development joint stock companies: Ambitious Investment Company, which owns 60 percent of the project’s shares, Sorouh Pledges, which owns 20 percent of the project’s shares, and Reem Investment Company with the remaining 20 percent of the shares.

Hotels near Reem Island

Besides residential real estate, there are a few hotels near the island. This offers a wide range of accommodation options in the area.

Some of the most prominent include:

Rotana Beach Abu Dhabi

  • It is a 5-star hotel popular among professionals and leisure travellers. It features 565 rooms, suites and furnished apartments.
  • Located along Skeek Street, Abu Dhabi, it can reach in an 8-minute drive.

Le Meridian Abu Dhabi

  • The 5-star Le Méridia Abu Dhabi hotel is located in the tourist club area.
  • The property has 224 rooms, 24 suites and a large meeting room.
  • Amenities include room service, room cleaning, laundry services, safe deposit boxes and dry cleaning of clothes.
  • It can reach in a 10-minute drive.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi

  • Rosewood Abu Dhabi is located on Al Marria Island. It a 5-star hotel with spacious guest rooms inspired by the Arabian Gulf.
  • There are 148 guest rooms and 41 luxurious suites offering stunning views of the Abu Dhabi skyline.
  • From Rosewood Abu Dhabi, you can also see the island’s towering skyscrapers.

Al Reem Island Activities

• It is unique that reaching the island requires you to join one of your cruises from land to cross the sea and finally reach the island’ territory.

• Start your visit with a tour exploring the island and its highlights, and while you stroll around, you’ll be nourished by irresistible views.

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•Having already begun to move on Reem Island, you able to see its famous landmarks and explore each landmark separately.

One of the highlights is Reem Central Park.

• One of the entertainment available on Reem Island Abu Dhabi is a theme park with many games to suit different ages

So are some diverse parks.

• The island is a tourist destination suitable for everyone, with many attractions to suit different tastes.

Sports enthusiasts, for example, will find spaces for some sports, including a basketball court, a tennis court and a football field.

• Besides previous activities, you can enjoy a great shopping tour within the island’s various shopping outlets including

Malls and a group of stores.

Public transport on Al Reem Island

Islanders can travel through public transport. Taxis usually gather in the sun of the Boutique Mall, and public buses are enough if you need to tour the island.

If you want to travel around Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE, Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and Abu Dhabi Bus Station are the closest options, a 13-14-minute drive away.

Restaurants on Al Reem Island

There are a wide range of restaurants on Reem Island Abu Dhabi, ranging from luxury restaurants to alternatives suitable for budget and fast food.

Keitel Corner Restaurant

The best restaurants on Reem Island Abu Dhabi

If you want to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, head to this restaurant in the sun of Abu Dhabi Mall boutique, which has also received special reviews of its atmosphere, making it a good choice for fans of affordable street dining options.

Kitchen: North India

Fees for two: approximately AED 80

Location: Ground floor of Shams Boutique Mall

Appointments: 6am to 11pm daily

Restaurant B Shawarma Island Reem

One of the best places to eat shawarma in Marina Square, Reem Island, Pi Shawarma restaurant is one of the best places to eat, thanks to delicious food, friendly staff and very good service, and you can choose from chicken and beef options as you wish.

Kitchen: Snacks

Fees for two: approximately AED 75

Location: Marina Square, near United Arab Bank.

When: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. every day

Smoking Dole Restaurant

The best restaurants on Reem Island Abu Dhabi

This restaurant serves Asian food, including sushi options and a great seafood menu that you should definitely try, plus fried steak dishes as well.

Kitchen: Asian

Fees for two: approximately AED 200

Location: Sun Tower and Sky Sun Potk

Appointments: 11am to 11pm daily

Natural Kitchen

One of the most beautiful children’s restaurants on Reem Island, this restaurant is popular with fresh and delicious dishes, including chicken burritos and nutritious salads, making it a popular choice among people interested in health.

Kitchen: Healthy food, Italian

Fees for two: approximately AED 140

Location: Building 7 of Marina Square

Appointments: 11am to 11pm daily

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Leopold London

Leopold London is a great place to eat delicious pasta options, including chicken pasta and meat, as well as the restaurant’s juices and breakfast menu, which includes Tunisian eggs and pancakes.

Kitchen: Healthy food, European and Italian

Fees for two: about AED 150

Appointments: 7am to 11pm daily

Park House

The best restaurants on Reem Island Abu Dhabi

If you want to head to a café in Reem that serves healthy meals in a family-friendly place, you should visit Park House, where breakfast options, such as bread and sweet potatoes, are the perfect stopover option for people who want to have lunch after a stroll in Reem Central Park.

Kitchen: Coffee and breakfast

Fees for two: approximately AED 145

Location: Reem Central Park

Appointments: 8am to 10pm daily

La Brioche

La Brioche at Amaya Towers, Reem Island, offers good breakfast options, serving French toast, exquisite omelettes and good pasta as well, with delicious fruit juice containing chia seeds and mango.

Kitchen: French baked goods and desserts

Fees for two: about AED 160

Location: Ground floor of Amaya Towers

Appointments: 6am to 11pm daily

Johnny Rockets

Renowned for its burgers and snacks, this restaurant is a good place to eat with children, after shopping and stopping for delicious meat meals.

Kitchen: Shared fast food

Fees for two: AED 70

Location: Shams Boutique Dining Hall

Appointments: 6am to 11pm daily

Donner & Geros

This is another fast food restaurant on Reem Island, offering visitors a delicious and healthy choice and some great pancakes, making it a favourite among island shoppers.

Kitchen: Fast food

Fees for two: about AED 80

Location: Ground floor of Paragon Mall

Time: 9am to 12pm each day

Al Reem Island Beaches

The licensed beach club will be the first destination of its kind on Reem Island. Beach club has a lounge and an outdoor restaurant for 100 people, with facilities from a private beach along 300 metres and swimming pools for up to 1,000 people.

It offers a lot of water mathematics, such as paragliding surfing.

Cove Beach Abu Dhabi will host a special programme of concerts and performances, including ladies’ day every Thursday, Brunch on Saturday, a Latin war every Sunday, a musical evening on Tuesday and more.

Advance booking necessary for all guests, the temperature checked upon entry, and the maximum number of people at each table is four.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and with stunning views of the Bay and Reem Island, Abu Dhabi Cove Beach is an ideal haven thanks to its fine experiences that distinguish it from the rest of the capital’s beach clubs.

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For more information:

Real estate on Al Reem Island

Apartments for sale on Reem Island

The biggest benefits of living on The Island of Reem Miley:

Residents can enjoy living on the quiet island with their proximity to the main city. Reem Island has many bridges connecting the waterfront to the principal island of the Emirate.

For example, the famous Corniche Beach is just a 15-minute drive from Reem Island.

The reem island site is one of the main reasons why real estate on Reem Island is desirable than other root.

One example is Park Ridge Real Estate in Dubai Hills Estate from Emaar, an emirates-based apartment sales company.

Features of apartments on Reem Island

  • Reem Island is famous for its wide range of elegant and high-end residential towers offering tenants and buyers a variety of options for apartments. Most apartments on Reem Island have great waterfront views, modern interiors and state-of-the-art amenities.
  • These properties range from comfortable studio apartments to luxury apartments that cater to all tastes and budgets.
  • Many families living on Reem Island attracted to the area because of their proximity to schools, nurseries and universities.
  • Ripton Abu Dhabi School is close to gate towers, and there are many famous nurseries on the island for families with younger children.
  • Reem Island is home to the prestigious Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi University, which offers bachelor’s and postgraduate programs.
  • Reem Island also has a variety of activities to do on weekends. Residents also enjoy festivals and community events on the island.
  • Reem Central Park is one of the places for tourists to entertain on the recently opened holidays and is a new favourite destination for residents of Reem Island.
  • There are many things you can do in Reem Central Park, which is located along the seaside. It features ski parks, sports fields, parks, restaurants and food trucks.
  • If you’re looking for a change in scenery, you can move to The Gateway Park, which is also located on the island as well.
  • Shams Boutique Mall is also the area’s shopping, dining and entertainment destination and features a Waitrose supermarket.Apartment on Reem Island

Studio on Reem Island

The average purchase price of studios on Al Rim Island AED 559,000, while the average purchase price of one-bedroom apartments AED 843,000 and two-bedroom apartments AED 1.35 million. There is also Studio 101 in Dubai Studios, a large residential complex at premium prices.

The average price of studio apartments and bedroom apartments AED 48,000 and AED 64,000, respectively,

Two-room apartments and a lounge on Reem Island cost AED 91,000.

Reem Island has recently become one of Abu Dhabi’s designated investment areas

Foreign expatriates and investors can own freehold properties. This has boosted the region’s popularity among buyers looking for their dream home.

One of the best advantages is Reem Island, where buyers can own their homes on a freehold basis rather than rented property.

Reem Island is famous for living in waterfront apartments.

The area also has a small group of villas for residents who want more privacy and space.

Al Reem Island
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