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Al Safa Park

Al Safa Park is a real oasis in the middle of the desert, in which it will be interesting to relax for both adults and children. In Al Safa Park you can enjoy the greenery and flowers, take shelter in the shade of trees from the dining heat or practice various sports.

Al Safa Park opened back in 1975 and today, it covers an area equal to 64 hectares. On its territory grows a huge number of plants, flowers and shrubs that create stunning compositions. In the park there a real labyrinth of plants, in which it easy to get lost. The city administration spent about 45 million dirhams on the creation of Al Safa Park.

In the heart of Al Safa Park there is a lake, from which canals with bridges depart. Near the lake there are several cafes, catamaran rental offices and playgrounds for children. For children in the park, a mini-car park created with streets, houses, traffic lights, houses and crossings. In it, kids will be able to learn the basics of traffic rules in Dubai. On the territory of the park there are also children’s slot machines and a railway.

There is another small lake in al Safa Park, in which you can often see migratory birds.

For those who like to fry kebabs there a specially designated barbecue area with tables and benches.

The park well equipped for sports. On its territory there is a football field, basketball and volleyball court, tennis court, places for roller skating and skateboards, bicycle rentals and other sports entertainment.

As a means of transportation through this huge park, it is convenient to use a rented bicycle (with your own can not) or a special train that moves around the park and transports people.

The park is open every day from 8:00 to 22:30. Admission for adults is 3 dirhams, for children it is free of charge.

Infrastructure of Safa Park

80% of the territory of Al Safa Park covered with greenery. Here it is pleasant to relax for adults and children, hide from the heat, play sports. A special role in the park played by canals, over which bridges built.

Visitors really like to walk along them and admire the running water. All waterways drain into an artificial lake located in the central part of the park. Along the banks of the reservoir there are small and cozy cafes. For those who want to swim on the lake, it is possible to rent a catamaran. From the center of the reservoir beat beautiful fountains. Fans of photo shoots swim up to the water jets on a catamaran and make picturesque photos.

In the park area there is a lake where migratory birds often stop. Sometimes the reservoir becomes a haven for 200 species of birds. Visitors with children love to feed and watch them.

For fans of Thai cuisine on the shore of the lake there is a café Smiling BKK. Very tasty dishes are prepared here, so there are always many who want to try them. To get to this cafe, it is advisable to book a table in advance. It is also possible to order meals at home. A more relaxed atmosphere reigns in the Archive Café. Here you can relax and read a book, order a cup of coffee with dessert or a salad.

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Safa Park is also popular among picnic lovers, there are about 20 special sites for such recreation on the territory. They equipped with a grill, tables and chairs. Many visitors come just to sit on the grass in the shade of the trees and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Landmarks and activities at Safa Park Dubai

Tree-lined corridors

Al Safa Park is ideally located for families living in Wasl, Safa and Jumeirah, making it a great place for residents to rest as soon as the weather cools in the evening.
Visitors can enjoy many activities in Safa Park, home to many amenities, including a football field, a running track, train rides and a children’s play area.
Home to more than 200 species of birds
The park’s location makes it an oasis of nature where greenery prevails everywhere, so it is a haven for Dubai’s residents from the hustle and bustle of busy routine life.
In addition to its small lake, Al Safa Park is home to more than 200 species of birds and 16,924 species of shrubs and trees, and migratory birds flock in different seasons to the park to relax before continuing their journey.

Play areas

Families often visit the park with children, especially since the play areas designed to suit children, where they can spend some good time outdoors.

Train ride in Al Safa Park

One of Al safa park’s most popular attractions is a train ride that takes visitors around the park, with more than 9 stations, with the train covering every major part of this huge 64-hectare park in Dubai.
In addition, more than 80% of the park covered with green lawns trimmed with flowers and trees, and the train journey will take you on a tour to discover the splendor of the various areas of the park.

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Ladies’ Park

Al Safa Park has a ladies’ garden where they can relax and have fun with their children, the women’s section fenced for more security, trees and plants add more magic to the garden, while shaded trees provide a good way to relax under the cold shade.

Electronic games and sports facilities

Al Safa Park has an electronic gaming centre, which will certainly impress visitors, along with sports facilities such as basketball, volleyball and park football stadiums.

Dubai Channel

Part of dubai’s magnificent canal passes directly through Al Safa Park, another reason why it is one of Dubai’s most beautiful gardens, and you’ll already be able to enjoy dubai’s pristine tranquil waters between trails and bridges while strolling, or jogging near the canal, and the stunning views of dubai’s glittering canal are ideal for taking pictures.
Here are some other facilities at Al Safa Park.
Jogging facilities
Changing cabins
Prayer rooms
More than 21 barbecue areas in Al Safa Park
Al Safa Park is located near Wasl, opposite Sheikh Zayed Main Street, Dubai UAE.

Al safa Park Ticket Price

The entrance fee for Al Safa Park AED 3 per person. However, the park offers free access to children under the age of two.

Admission free for people with special needs and Tuesday a day reserved for ladies only.
Safa Park opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 8am to 10pm, Thursday to Saturday from 8am to 11pm.

Al Safa Park Facilities in Dubai

Al Safa Jumeirah Park offers a wide range of activities and facilities that allow you to spend a great time in its lively atmosphere in the company of your loved one, besides being one of the most beautiful parks in the Emirate of Dubai, it is also one of the best places in Dubai for outdoor barbecue and one of the top 10 destinations for walking and running in Dubai. The park offers several facilities and activities for its visitors:

  1. Several sports fields (basketball, football, volleyball)
  2. Sports track
  3. Children’s playgrounds
  4. Wooden chairs and tables
  5. BBQ areas
  6. Electronic gaming area
  7. Bicycle that can rented
  8. Small boats to get around the lake
  9. Various restaurants and kiosks
  10. Private Garden Theatre
  11. Ladies garden
  12. Free parking for visitors
  13. Chapels
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Al Safa Gardens Dubai also provides facilities for people of determination to facilitate their entry into the park, tour it and enjoy all its services.

Al Safa Park Events in Dubai

Several events held at Al Safa Park Dubai Water Canal, an example of which the Dubai Used Goods Market, where various goods sold outdoors, including books, clothing, antiques, household items and more. The Friday Food and Handicraft Market event also held, where various products displayed by suppliers.

Top hotels near Al Safa Park Dubai

  • W Al Habtoor City Hotel rated 5 stars and located right in front of the park
  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel rated 5 stars and less than 5 minutes’ walk from Al Safa Park.

Al Safa Park Dubai Location

Al Safa Park is located in Downtown Dubai, 3 km from Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s most famous landmark.

The park can reach by metro as Business Bay Station is located close to the park or by your car or request a taxi.

Al Safa Park
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