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Al Shafa Taif

The best places in Shafa Taif

  • Al-Shafa is one of the second largest tourist cities in Taif and one of the most attractive cities for tourists, as it is in an area with a mild climate throughout the year, and has a lot of fruit farms, and has great fame in the field of perfumes, and even the production of the most expensive perfumes in the world
  • It is also famous for natural honey and many of the best natural products on the whole Kingdom, and it has many restaurants, such as Mirage Restaurant, Al Shafa Restaurant, Al Baik, and Brost House, in addition to the best places in Al Shafa Taif, which include

1. Souk Okaz

One of the historical landmarks in the city is Souk Okaz, a place that has a major role in narrating the historical events of the emergence of the Islamic religion, and Arabic poetry

– The market includes a resource for Arabic poetry and is located in the heart of the city, and is famous for many manufactures, handicrafts, ornaments and wonderful goods

– The market combines literary history and Arab culture, and shops that offer distinctive souvenirs of the handicrafts for which it is famous.

– The place characterized by ornate architecture, decorated with shapes unique to the region, and many of the best shops selling perfumes, silver, spices and gold

2. National Museum

The National Museum considered one of the most important places in Shafa Taif, as it presents a picture of ancient life before technology entered life in the Kingdom in general

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– Display the old forms of cars and tools for professions, ancient crafts in the whole Kingdom, and tools that used in the desert in the past

– Many halls that offer museum photographs with restoration and photography laboratories, a laboratory and a large library with many periodicals, dedicated books and pamphlets

3. Shubra Palace in Taif

– The palace dates back to 1904 AD, and was under the supervision of Prince Sharif Ali Abdullah bin Muhammad Abdul Mueen and the construction lasted for two years

– The palace opened to visitors in 1995, and it consists of four floors with 150 rooms, and the main gate located on the western side of the building, and the gate decorated with wonderful decorations

– It has four facades decorated with columns made of light and stone, and its main hall has a distinctive wooden staircase made of alabaster whose floor is salamlek

– The doors and windows made of carved wood, and the ceiling made of carved wood with dazzling artistic touches to the eye, and bears the name Shubra, which is the same street where the palace is located.

4. King Fahd Park

The best places in Shafa Taif for entertainment and family fun, is King Fahd Park, which includes a lot of recreational games that suit all age groups and families

– The park has a lot of picturesque and wonderful gardens, and green spaces interspersed with paths for walking and practicing sports in open places

– The park equipped with all vital facilities such as water roundabouts, parking lot, palm trees, trees and many types of colorful and unique flowers

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5. Jabal Shafa

– Jebel Shafa is the second highest mountainous area in Saudi Arabia, reaching an altitude of 2200 to 2500 meters above sea level

– It includes a tourist resort at an altitude of 7 km, while enjoying camel riding and watching the city from the top and the mountain completely covered with perennial juniper trees, and the village where the mountain is located famous for agricultural products.

Al Shafa Taif
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