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Al Turaif District

The Turaif neighborhood in Diriyah (northwest of Riyadh) is a fascinating and important historical and architectural station, which made it inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010, as one of the most important political and geographical sites in Saudi Arabia, as it witnessed the birth of the first Saudi state, which made it occupy a privileged position for more than three centuries. Decorated with historical aesthetic images, the neighborhood surrounded by Wadi Hanifa and scattered throughout it with beautiful archaeological and folk buildings.

Turaif characterized by its high-rise castles and beautiful flat spaces, and the neighborhood, with its palaces, mud buildings and mosques, embraces the administrative buildings from which the affairs of the first Saudi state managed, which took Diriyah (where the neighborhood is located) as its capital, and under its influence most parts of Arabia, and promised the strongest city in its center.

Where is Turaif located?

The neighborhood is located in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the Diriyah area, in the northwest of the city of Riyadh, and one of the distinguishing features of this neighborhood. Because of him, absolute questions abound to gain knowledge about this neighborhood, that it was the first capital of the ruling family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Al Saud family, and after that it became the main center, due to the presence of the authority of the Al Saud family, and the spread of the concept of Salafi reform in Islam. Al-Turaif neighborhood included in the UNESCO World Urban Heritage List.

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The importance of the neighborhood

Al-Turaif historical neighborhood considered one of the most important monuments of Diriyah, because it embraces the most important archaeological buildings, palaces and historical monuments, as it included most of the administrative buildings during the first era of the Saudi state, such as the Salwa Palace, which established late in the twelfth century Hijri, and from which the affairs of the first Saudi state managed, as well as the Mosque of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud, the Palace of Saad bin Saud, the Palace of Nasser bin Saud, and the traditional hospitality palace that contains a funny bath, and the neighborhood of Al-Turaif surrounded by a large wall and towers that used for surveillance purposes And defend the city. 

Diriyah Historical Development Project

Turaif has undergone many development works, ranging from the rehabilitation of archaeological facilities in the neighborhood after documentation and restoration to the equipping of architectural facilities to embrace cultural and recreational activities and events, within the framework of the historical Diriyah development project, which aims in its entirety to rebuild it and transform it into a cultural center and a modern tourist heritage, to take its place in the ranks of world heritage cities.

The development project of Al-Turaif neighborhood included 17 elements that developed according to a methodology that combines the directives of international charters to preserve the urban heritage, and the natural and historical components of the neighborhood.

Historical Museums in Turaif District

Within the project, the development of the neighborhood is five museums in a number of historical palaces in the neighborhood that simulate the history of the first Saudi state, including: the Diriyah Museum, the Military Museum, the Arabian Horse Museum, the Museum of Commerce and Finance, and the Museum of Social Life, which houses a large collection of collectibles that reflect the heritage of the region and the period of the founding of the first Saudi state.

Al Turaif District
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