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Allied Air Customer Service Phone Number

In today’s fast-paced world, reliable customer care is essential for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to air travel in India, Alliance Air has established itself as a reputable airline known for its exceptional services. One of the key aspects of their customer support is their dedicated customer care helpline, which provides assistance in both Hindi and English. In this article, we will explore the importance of Alliance Air’s customer care helpline, along with the contact details for customers in India.

The Significance of Alliance Air’s Customer Care Helpline

A customer care helpline is a vital communication channel that allows customers to connect directly with a company’s support team. It serves as a lifeline for addressing concerns, seeking information, and resolving issues in a prompt and efficient manner. Alliance Air understands the importance of providing exceptional customer care and has established a dedicated helpline to cater to the needs of its passengers.

Accessing Alliance Air’s Customer Care Helpline

To access Alliance Air’s customer care helpline in India, customers can reach out using the following phone numbers: +91 44 4255 4255 or +91 44 3511 3511. These numbers are available for both Hindi and English-speaking customers, ensuring that language is not a barrier when seeking assistance. Customers can dial these numbers to connect with Alliance Air’s customer care representatives, who trained professionals capable of addressing a wide range of queries and concerns.

Additionally, customers can also reach out to Alliance Air’s customer support team via email. The designated email address for customer support is By sending an email to this address, customers can communicate their concerns in writing and expect a timely response from the customer care team.

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Benefits of Contacting Alliance Air’s Customer Care Helpline

  1. Booking Assistance: Whether customers need help with flight bookings, modifying existing bookings, or understanding the reservation process, Alliance Air’s customer care helpline is readily available to provide guidance and support. Customers can rely on the helpline for accurate and up-to-date information about flight schedules, fares, and other booking-related queries.
  2. Flight Information: Alliance Air’s customer care helpline is the go-to source for passengers seeking information about their flights. Customers can inquire about departure and arrival timings, baggage allowances, check-in procedures, and any other flight-related details. The customer care representatives well-equipped to provide precise and reliable information to ensure a smooth travel experience.
  3. Complaint Resolution: In the event of any issues or concerns during or after a flight, Alliance Air’s customer care helpline is there to assist. Passengers can report their grievances, provide feedback, or seek assistance in resolving any problems they may have encountered. The customer care team dedicated to addressing complaints promptly and working towards a satisfactory resolution.
  4. Special Assistance: Alliance Air committed to providing a comfortable and accessible travel experience for all passengers, including those with special needs or requirements. The customer care helpline serves as a valuable resource for passengers who require assistance with mobility, medical conditions, or any other specific needs. By contacting the helpline, customers can ensure that their individual requirements met and that their journey as smooth as possible.


Alliance Air’s customer care helpline plays a crucial role in providing exceptional support to its passengers in India. By offering convenient phone numbers and an email address, Alliance Air ensures that customers can easily reach out for assistance in both Hindi and English. Whether it’s for booking assistance, flight information, complaint resolution, or special assistance, the customer care helpline dedicated to providing prompt and reliable solutions. As a customer-centric airline, Alliance Air sets a prime example of the importance of prioritizing customer support and ensuring a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

Allied Air Customer Service Phone Number
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