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Amasya Public Transport

Amasya Public Transport

At the Amasya Terminal, which is located just outside the city, many alternative modes of transportation are provided for passengers to reach the city center comfortably and easily.

Municipal Buses

You can easily reach the city center every half hour by municipal buses with stops on Mehmet Varinli Street, just opposite the terminal.

Amasya Minibuses

Again, with the minibuses that have stops on Mehmet Varinli Street, transportation services are provided to both every neighborhood in the city center and the districts of Amasya.

Passenger Services in Amasya

The free passenger services provided by bus companies to their passengers for a comfortable transportation depart 15 minutes after the buses reach the arrival platform and provide transportation to many important points of the city.


Since it is only 5 kilometers from Amasya Terminal to the city center, you can easily go wherever you want with a short taxi ride. Taxis can be found 24 hours a day in the terminal.

Amasya Public Transport Prices

The limited usage ticket tariff used in transportation in Istanbul has been changed. The decision was taken at the UKOME meeting. With the decision taken, the price of the single-pass ticket, which is 15 liras, and the two-pass ticket, which is 25 liras, has not changed. The three-pass ticket was increased from 32 liras to 35 lirasThe 5-pass ticket was reduced from 49 liras to 45 liras, while the 10-pass ticket increased from 88 liras to 90 liras. The proposal to determine the fare tariffs on the Sabiha Gökçen Airport bus lines and to put a new line was also rejected and sent to the sub-commission.

Amasya Public Transport
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