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American Restaurant in Riyadh


With the finest soft-colored decorations, large areas and many views, Strike receives its valued customers snacks from the American restaurant, delicious and innovative flavors, fun sessions, and an atmosphere of luxury with American touches, burgers, steaks and various fresh and delicious juices, a family restaurant par excellence. Makkah Al Hada Road Riyadh.

Tony Romas:

A distinctive selection of American types, meat and seafood, steaks and salads, desserts, pasta and chicken fresh drinks, within a space of elegance and cleanliness, an American restaurant with a distinctive degree of seating, elegant decorations and glass facades overlooking the main street, worth visiting and tasting its flavors. Working hours from 12 noon to 12 midnight.


Fuddruckers Restaurant one of the American restaurants that serve various foods, including fast food. A restaurant that one of the most famous restaurants in Riyadh specialized in providing various American dishes at reasonable prices for everyone

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory one of the various restaurants that serve American food and fast food such. As Diane steak, fried shrimp and other wonderful dishes, in addition to providing varieties of delicious sweets. The service fast and the place very wonderful and the workers in the place characterized by ethics and sophistication in dealing

Gala Steak Inn:

Along a sophisticated space of elegance and distinction, a luxurious American buffet for lovers of distinctive taste, from meat and grill sauces of potatoes, vegetables and various salads, sweets, fruits and pastas, jala and crispy burgers, with distinctive flavors, fish fillet, the best restaurant in Riyadh for family sessions and weekly breaks. Riyadh Musa Bin Nusair Street, before Al Jazeera Markets.

Taste of Shake Shaq:

From New York to Riyadh, crispy fries and fresh hamburgers, mayonnaise salads and mixed vegetables Potato with cheese flavor a great flavor, and many American flavors discovered for yourself when you visit the Shake Shack branch, Riyadh. A special section for families and an oriental atmosphere with American varieties.

Texas Roadhouse:

Texas Roadhouse A famous restaurant that serves delicious American cuisine. The restaurant characterized by luxury in decorations The service is very fast. In addition to this, their prices considered average between reasonable to high Dealing with by the staff in the restaurant is very respectful

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The best restaurants in Riyadh for American food. Tomahawk Restaurant one of the tastiest and best burger restaurants in Riyadh. It considered a small American restaurant, but it serves the most delicious American food and the restaurant always crowded. The service good The prices are very reasonable and affordable for everyone

Smash Burger Riyadh

A distinctive specialization in burgers and smash Cheese fries, chicken meat and beef, excellence in service and order execution, fun sessions and an atmosphere of excellence with the taste of sauces and salads One of the most suitable restaurants in Riyadh for children, it has a private space with safe seats for them, distinctive and delicious meals that they will love. Prince Sultan Street Riyadh.

California Burger

California Burger is one of the delicious American restaurants that serve delicious fast food, fries, pizza and other foods and items at reasonable prices that are affordable for many people

Buffalo Wild Wings

Lovers of American cuisine, and watching sports shows, Buffalo Wade, with its beautiful sessions, and distinguished services, offers roasted chicken wings, potatoes, hamburgers, quesadilla, chicken with pamphyllo, and other delicious dishes, and various varieties, from salads and sauces, fresh and special meals. Riyadh King Fahd Road.

Steak house

One of the luxurious restaurants on the North Ring Road, the best burger restaurant in Riyadh is a proven cleanliness, an interest in meeting the demand quickly, from its famous meals grilled steak on the table, fresh juice, Western salads and a wonderful session, despite the high price of the meal and the demand for it is good. ‬

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Steakhouse restaurant is one of the famous American restaurants in Riyadh The restaurant offers a lot of delicious items and dishes, including grilled steak, burgers, fries and a lot of wonderful American dishes Their prices are suitable for everyone

TGI Frıday

An American restaurant for vegetarian food, steak with mash petito, salads, juices and appetizers. A beautiful lounge and elegant décor, comfortable tables and chairs, American luxury with suitable spaces that do not cause crowding The most suitable family restaurant in Riyadh with competitive prices and delicious meals. Specialist Street Riyadh.

Applebee’s Riyadh Tahlia

From Riyadh’s luxurious restaurants, a varied menu and delicious food, for tastes and lovers of American flavors, Mac and cheese chicken wings, mixed vegetables and salads, mashed potatoes, fried onion rings, and many distinctive innovations, its moderate prices are widely popular in the most prestigious streets of Riyadh. Tahlia Street.

Avenue Dines:

Avenue Diner one of the best restaurants in Riyadh specialized in American food. The place beautiful and its location is wonderful and there are quiet and comfortable sessions. There are wonderful and varied drinks in the restaurant in addition to the presence of a team of employees that characterized by ethics and respect in dealing

Moya Burger:

One of the finest restaurants in Riyadh elegance, décor and sittings, special sections for families, serving types of burgers, fries and salads Iceberger without special bread, natural juice and natural flavors. Good and suitable prices Clean atmosphere, sterilization and great services. Riyadh next to King Saud University.


Restaurant that serves fried shrimp, steaks and salads, beef ribs and flavorings. Excellent service and a team of chefs who are experts in American food, excellence in serving meals, an atmosphere of fun amid music and fast ordering. Riyadh King Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street.

American Restaurant in Riyadh
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