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Antalya Zoo

Antalya Zoo is located far from the city center and is located in a quiet forest area, so it is perfect for a walk with children. Here you can take a break from beach activities and at the same time admire animals and birds, many of which cannot be found in ordinary nature.

Animals live in spacious open-air cages, feel at ease in them and indulge in their usual activities, not in the least afraid of people. At the same time, the enclosures are securely fenced, so that children will be at a safe distance from the animals. Thanks to this, you can watch the play of bears, how antelopes and zebras graze, how a badger is digging a hole with concentration. But monkeys are not only not afraid of people, but also show interest in them. It is very possible to watch their amusing antics for a long time.

The zoo in Antalya is divided into several zones: ungulates (llamas, deer, moose, antelopes, zebras, ponies, camels), the feline family (tigers, lions, cougars), birds (from small budgerigars to huge ostriches), etc. There are also wolves, bears, kangaroos, wild boars, yaks, raccoons and other animals. In total, about 90 species of animals live here. Well-groomed paths run between the enclosures, and the territory of the zoo is also decorated with artificial reservoirs, fountains, and waterfalls. The ponds comfortably accommodate waterfowl: ducks, geese, swans.

A favorite place for children is a mini-zoo, where animals and cubs are collected. Playful and affectionate kids, lambs, foals and camels are adorable, they can be stroked and fed, and if these animals still seem too big for your baby, go to the pen with miniature animals – rabbits, guinea pigs.

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Amphibians and reptiles have settled in a separate building of the terrarium: there you can see crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, etc. 

It is better to choose the morning or evening hours to visit in order to avoid the sun. Since you will be outdoors most of the time while walking, we recommend stocking up on sunscreen, hats and plenty of water.

You can enter the territory by car – this is convenient if long walks are not yet within the power of your child, because the inspection will take at least two hours. 

After meeting the animals, you can give the children the opportunity to play on the playground, and then organize a picnic on the territory adjacent to the zoo – this place in the shade of the forest is specially designated for recreation.

If after visiting the Antalya Zoo you still have the strength and desire, we recommend visiting the modern Antalya Aquarium, which will introduce you and your children to the underwater world.

Antalya Zoo
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