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Aqua Blu (Albatros) Aqua Park

What is interesting about Aqua Blu (Albatros) water park in Sharm el-Sheikh? What slides are there? What’s the cover charge? How and how much does it cost to get there? What is the best way – buy a tour or go on your own? Read the answers in this article.

Two great news about Aqua Blu

For many years in Sharm el-Sheikh, at the Aqua Blu Sharm El Sheikh 4 * hotel, the Aqua Blu water park has been operating – the largest not only in Sharm, but throughout Egypt. Four years ago, a new Albatros Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh 4 * hotel was opened nearby, and also with a large water park.

First super news! Now (November 2021), both of these water parks are combined into a single whole, and you can go to both with one ticket.

Second super news! The price (in US dollars) has not changed. For $ 30 you get: 4 huge adult slides of the Albatros water park, 19 adult slides of the Aqua Blu water park, a pool with artificial waves, 17 children’s zones and attractions. And plus another bonus – soft drinks included.

Aqua Blu and Albatros water parks will definitely receive the grand prix in the category “Wisest spending $ 30 in Sharm el-Sheikh.” Although, not quite 30, because it also costs money to get there. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Aqua Blu (Albatros) is larger than the second large water park in Sharma – Cleo Park. However, the Aqua Blu’s stylization is worse, or rather, the stylization is absent. Cleo Park has great styling. Read our in-depth Cleo Park Waterpark review. Tickets to water parks in Egypt are inexpensive, so you can afford to go both ways.

Where is it and how to get there

The water park, or rather the water park, is located in the south of the Sharm el-Sheikh resort, in the Maya Bay area (aka Sharm el-Maya). For a detailed map of the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh with the designation of beaches, areas and places of interest for tourists, see our article “Sharm el-Sheikh”.

You need to go by taxi. A regular blue and white taxi will do. You can catch it on any busy street. You don’t need to specifically call. How such a taxi looks like, look at the photo next to it, click on the photo to enlarge.

Explaining the destination to the taxi driver is not difficult. Say “aqua blue albatross water park”. All taxi drivers know this water park.

The cheapest way is to go by the meter, and for payment it is better to stock up on Egyptian pounds so as not to overpay. For the current taxi fares in Sharm, see our article “Taxi in Egypt”.

By the way, Egyptian pounds will be useful inside the water park to pay for the rent of a locker and / or towels. Or stock up on small dollar bills for these purposes. For information on how and where to change currency, read the article “Currency exchange in Egypt”.

For approximate meter prices from different regions, see the table below:

Where Price in pounds (LE) Price (USD)
Nabq Bay from 120 to 150 8-10
Ras Nasrani 110 8
Sharks Bay 100 7
Coral Bay 90 6
Gardens Bay 75 5
Naama Bay 55 4
Al-Phanar and Maya Bay 30 2

We emphasize once again that you need to drive according to the meter. Some tourists agree on a fixed price, while they themselves do not know the tariffs and distance. As a result, travel is exorbitant or even more expensive. Don’t do that.

150 pounds (10 dollars) is the maximum price of the trip according to the meter, this is to get to the water park from the farthest hotel in Nabq Bay. However, some tourists manage to get there for $ 10 from Naama Bay or $ 20 from Sharks Bay. Do not use the “goof” tariff, save your money!

Better to have a navigator and internet on your smartphone. As practice shows, the passenger’s navigator strongly disciplines taxi drivers – it discourages them from the idea of ​​going in a roundabout way and winding up the counter in this way. The navigator needs the Internet to work, but there are no problems with this in Egypt, as we talked about in the article “Internet in Egypt”.

Entrance fee

There are two types of tickets: Aquapark + Soft drinks and Aquapark + Soft All Inclusive. Depending on the ticket, you will receive a matching bracelet at the entrance. Children under 6 years old (0-5 years old) are always free.

Aquapark + Soft drinks. This is access to the water park + soft drinks included. What a bracelet looks like with such a ticket, look at the photo next to it, click on the photo to enlarge.

Price: £ 450 ($ 30) per adult, £ 225 ($ 15) per child (6-12 years old).

Aquapark + Soft All Inclusive. This is access to the water park + soft drinks included + lunch.

Price: £ 650 ($ 42) per adult, £ 325 ($ 21) per child (6-12 years old).

Get a medium-sized burger for lunch. Is this burger worth $ 12? Unlikely. Think how many and what kind of burgers.

In addition, lunch will be a waste of time, which is catastrophically lacking here. Therefore, in our opinion, it is better to have a hearty breakfast at the hotel before check-out and wait until dinner. Moreover, on the water slides it is likely that you will not remember food.

Tickets with alcohol included DOES NOT exist at all.

How the tickets look like, look at the photo next to it, click on the photo to enlarge.

For children under 6 years old, a ticket is not given. The child’s age is usually not required to be confirmed. However, we strongly recommend that you have a passport or, better, a voucher (if it contains the date of birth) in order to be able to confirm your age.

You can pay at the checkout in Egyptian pounds, dollars, or euros. The cards are accepted, but we heard complaints from tourists that the system did not work on the day of their visit. Cash is highly recommended!

Opening hours

From 10-00 to 17-00. Now (November 2021) the schedule is the same for the summer and winter seasons.

Excursion or on your own?

What is the best way to go – on your own or with a guided tour through your hotel guide or excursion agency?

The answer to this question depends on the price. The cost of the trip consists of the ticket price + the transfer price.

For instance. For the excursion you are asked to pay 60 dollars. This means they want $ 30 JUST FOR THE TRANSFER. That’s horrible! For $ 30 Go Bus will take you from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo on the most luxurious AERO bus. Expensive!

But if a ticket with lunch costs 42 dollars, and they ask for 50 or less for an excursion, then this is already normal. It is worth considering.

The excursion has its big drawbacks. As we already said, there is not enough time in the Aqua Blu (Albatros) water park. If you are driving yourself, you can come to the opening (10-00). You will come with the excursion later – when the tour desk will be more convenient. And arrive during the longest lines at the Roller Coaster and other large coasters.

Which days to come and which should not

Even on weekdays, the queues are huge. And on weekends and holidays, the Egyptians, who came to the resort for the weekend, also join the tourists.

Please come only on weekdays – from Sunday to Thursday. Let us remind you that the weekend in Egypt is Friday and Saturday, which we talked about in detail in the article “Friday in Egypt”. For the list and calendar of holidays, see the article “Holidays in Egypt”.

Aqua Blu and Albatros water parks map

See the map of water parks nearby, click on the map to enlarge.

The Aqua Blu and Albatros water parks together occupy a huge area – 24 hectares (1200 x 200 meters rectangle). You have to walk a lot. The main two groups of adult slides are within a 15 minute walk from each other.

The time spent traveling and queuing up is very time consuming. Therefore, we focus on the fact that time is sorely lacking.

And once again we pay attention! There are two groups of adult slides. The second group (Aqua Blu water park) is completely invisible from the entrance. Therefore, some tourists don’t go there at all, because they don’t know, and the guide on the bus didn’t bother to tell.

Question. Where is the dressing room?

Answer. There is no separate dressing room as such. The dressing room is combined with a storage room and a toilet next to it.

Question. Where is the luggage room and how to use it?

Answer. Luggage storage is located 30 meters to the left of the entrance.

Storage costs £ 30 ($ 2) and another £ 30 ($ 2) needs to be paid as collateral.

In exchange for 30 pounds you will be given a special security ticket. How it looks like, look at the photo next to it, click on the photo to enlarge.

DO NOT LOSE this ticket. When you pick up your belongings and return the locker key, you will get your £ 30 ($ 2) back on this ticket.

Beach towel rental – 15 pounds (1 dollar) and another 30 pounds (2 dollars) must be paid as a security deposit. The rules are similar. Don’t lose your ticket.

If you lose your key or towel, the deposit will NOT be refunded.

Slides and attractions

There are 23 large adult slides and 17 children’s zones! We will not go into detail about all the slides and entertainment. It’s too long and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Let’s talk about the best.

And let’s start with Albatros, which you will find right after entering.

4 large slides of the Albatross water park

Attention! There are ALWAYS queues for these slides. Only the Magic loop is often free, as it is very scary. Therefore, if you arrive at the water park early (for example, at the opening at 10-00), then immediately go to the Roller Coaster.

You will have time to ride several times. Then a crowd of tourists from excursions will rush in, and the queues will already be very long. This is the undoubted advantage of an independent trip – the opportunity to come to the opening and for the first time ride without queues.


Slide for group descent. The sinuous groove ends in a large funnel. See the photo next to it, click on the photo to enlarge.

Roller Coaster

This roller coaster really looks like a roller coaster. There are descents and ascents here. Part of the slide is open, but most of it is closed. There is light in the closed part (the walls are partially transparent).

The length of the slide is 460 meters. It is a very long slide, although it is certainly far from the world record (1,111 meters). The travel time is 100-120 seconds.

Magic loop

This is a long, closed slide. The ride starts with a fall, and then there is a real loop. The slide is very extreme and quite scary.


Another slide for group descent. Here in the middle of the path there is a large “canyon”, and at the end of the hill ends with a similar “canyon”.

Aqua Blu and Albatros are ideal for children

For children, there are 17 children’s zones equipped with 55 children’s slides and 35 other attractions. For children from 6 years old, there are two of the most interesting activities.

Funnel slide “Small Tornado” . Here children ride two by two on double tubing. First there is a small slide, and after it there is a horizontally inclined funnel that leads into the pool.

According to our observations, this slide is the most interesting. But there is one problem. Children do not always find pairings for themselves to ride. If there is no pair, then go to the lifeguard below. It is he who monitors the tubing and collects children in pairs. You DO NOT need to stand near the lifeguard above (at the start of the slide), it will not find you a pair.

The second entertainment is a large children’s area nearby. This area is stylized to resemble the tale of Aladdin. Here is a gorgeous set of slides for children of all ages.

The rest of the children’s areas are also interesting. There is a castle with spray cannons, animal figures with fountains and much more. In the area of ​​children’s zones there are many sun loungers, which are always free. You can lie down and relax while the children play.

Aqua Blu Aquapark

Located on the territory of the neighboring Aqua Blu hotel. After entering, you need to go to the left to the end. After 600 meters there will be an exit from the Albatros hotel, after it the road, behind it is the entrance to the Aqua Blu hotel.

The bracelet (you received this bracelet at the entrance) is passed through both checkpoints. Attention! The road is full. Supervise children when crossing the road. We also advise you to have flip flops, as there are unpleasant stones on the road. During the summer months, the road gets very hot from the sun.

You can use the bracelet (you received this bracelet at the entrance) to take free drinks in the bars of the Aqua Blu hotel.

Slides in Aqua Blu

There are 19 slides here. All are wonderful and interesting. But among them there are no particularly outstanding or especially extreme ones. Therefore, we will not describe, but simply publish a small photo gallery so that you can get a visual representation.

Around the center of Aqua Blu there is a wave pool. There is also a “lazy river” along which you have to sail on a rubber boat with oars.

Attention! The sun loungers at Aqua Blu are chronically busy. There is often nowhere to leave even things. If you want to lie down and relax, it is easier to move to the neighboring Albatros, where the sun loungers are always free.

Important and useful to know

– Entry with your own food and drink is prohibited. An exception is made for baby food and baby drinks;

– Some slides have a technical break. This break usually lasts one hour;

– If you are resting in other resorts of Sinai – in Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba, then it will be expensive, difficult and time-consuming to travel on your own. In this case, it is better to pay for the excursion;

– It’s fun on the slides, but for the fun some tourists forget about the dangers of the sun. This is especially true in the summer months. Do not forget about the risks of sunburn, which we talked about in detail in the articles “What is not allowed in Egypt” and “What to take on vacation in Egypt”;

Aqua Blu (Albatros) Aqua Park
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