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The unusually beautiful region of Aragon located in the north-east of Spain and sparsely populated, but the most isolated territory among all the isolated regions of the country.

Aragon located at the mouth of the picturesque Ebro River, and the Aragonese lowland itself surrounded by the Pyrenees, Catalan and Iberian mountains.

The area famous for its natural contrasts: green plains, snow-white peaks, deep gorges, turbulent mountain rivers and transparent lakes.

In Aragon, there are a lot of amazing and very rare places that are protected by the state.

Capital and major major cities

Aragon has three provinces:

  1. Zaragoza.
  2. Teruel.
  3. Huesca.

Zaragoza also the capital of the region.

Each province divided into districts and includes several cities.

The largest are:

  • Calatayud;
  • Echea de los Caballeros;
  • Monson;
  • Barbastro;
  • Alcaniz.

The tourist infrastructure well developed in the cities, the hallmark of the region “hota” – a theatrical musical and dance performance.

Ancient bridge in Spain.

The main attractions of the region

The Autonomous Community of Aragon attracts tourists not only with beautiful landscapes, but also with unique attractions:

  • Ordesa National Park;
  • the cathedral in the province of Huesca;
  • Loarre castle in the province of Huesca;
  • the monastery of San Juan de la Pena,
  • the ancient city of Calatayud in Zaragoza;
  • Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza;
  • the church of St. Martin;
  • the Tower of the Savior at Teruel;
  • arched aqueduct at Teruel.

Aragon a territory famous for its medieval buildings and structures in the Gothic and Moorish style, magnificent parks, thermal baths, healing springs and health complexes.

Resorts and Leisure

Ski and spa resorts are ideal places to stay in Aragon.

Vacationers who prefer skiing can go mountaineering and rafting, explore gorges, caves and canyons. Hiking trails and ski slopes are provided for tourists.

Health resorts with thermal spa salons await those wishing to relax and improve their health.

The most popular are the resorts:

  1. Panticosa and Vilas del Turbon in Huesca.
  2. Virgen and Tremas Pallares in Zaragoza.

Teruel, surrounded by rocky ridges, more suitable for a mountain lover.

Airports and transport

The international airport of Aragon is Zaragoza Airport, which cooperates with many airlines.

From here, planes fly to Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Milan, London, Rome, Palma de Mallorca, Bucharest and Ibiza. The airport is located half an hour from the city center.

There are also several small airports in the region at Huesca Pirineos, Santa Silia Jaki, Cauda and Villanueva Galego.

The railway is well developed, there are regular buses and electric trains, taxis and car rentals.

For sea trips, you can always rent a boat or yacht.

Weather and climatic conditions

In Aragon, the weather is mostly warm, sunny, in some places the thermometer can stop at + 40 ° C in summer and drop to zero in winter.

In the Pyrenees region, winters are slightly harsher and longer, while summers are cooler and shorter.

North and east winds blow in the region, north – cold and strong, east – warm and soft.

The water temperature depends on the altitude of certain areas above sea level. Variable precipitation with intermittent showers falls occasionally.

There are no severe cold weather in Aragon, so you can come here throughout the year.

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