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Atyaf Mall

Atyaf Mall able to reserve for itself a place within the famous retail markets at the level of Riyadh, due to the exclusive merchandise. It provides that only found in it, and permanent offers and discounts sometimes up to 50%, along with the diversity inside it. And hotels near it, it opened in 2018 on an area of more than 20 thousand square meters. It considered one of the Successful and very popular malls thanks to its exclusive and distinctive discounts and goods, in addition to the fact that it combines specialized stores, entertainment and food at the same time, not to mention the striking and distinctive urban beauty and multiple service facilities that we will explain shortly in detail, the mall consists mainly of specialized sections for the sale of goods, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and entertainment centers, in addition to cinema.

Atyaf Mall Shops

The mall includes a lot of international stores to satisfy all tastes such as Hyper Lulu, Red Tag, H&M, The Beauty Secrets, shops selling perfumes such as an intruder, elite oud, and shops selling mobile accessories and luxury furnishings: –

Fashion and fashion shops inside Atyaf Mall

These include kids oasis, mothercare for children’s and pregnant women’s clothing, Nara Max, Jacqueline and Dream for women’s clothing, Shader (abayas, veils), Hanouf and Hadeel boutique, Zari threads for Kuwaiti abayas, and matlan.

One-stop shops:- such as H&M, red tag, and Giordano.

Perfumes & Cosmetics

Enjoy buying perfumes and cosmetics inside Atif Mall and this the list of shops specialized in selling perfumes and cosmetics which as follows:

  • Arabian Oud
  • Perfume shield
  • The intruder for the lute
  • The Body Shop
  • Pigtail
  • Bath & Body Works.

Watches & Jewelry Stores

Cardial & Alshaya Watch Store, Swiss Corner Watches, and Quattro Jewellery Store.

Miscellaneous Stores

Mahbaj Nuts, Bamboo Bed & Bath Furniture & Bathroom Decor Store, and SACO Store for Electrical Appliances and Houseware, the mall has a small shop for printing on cups and t-shirts.

Restaurants & Cafes of Atyaf Mall

Atyaf Mall has a number of restaurants that serve the most delicious cuisine such as: –

  • Herfy Herfy
  • Kentucky Chicken
  • And Fire Grill FIRE GRIL
  • And Texas restaurant TEXAS
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Having a cup of coffee, tea, ice cream, sweets or other options in the different and varied cafes inside the mall represents a pleasant break while you shop, the cafes available within the Atyaf mall are: –

  • Starbucks
  • Basbousa Box
  • Cinnabon
  • Chocolate Saray
  • Crispy Cream
  • Mama Roti
  • And Molten Chocolate
  • Mama Benz
  • Mag Mastery
  • Alco Cafe

Atyaf Mall Games

The Atyaf Mall has a section dedicated to children, aimed at spreading fun and entertainment, and called the Village of Games, as this village the only distinctive sign in which families and children can enjoy a variety of different entertainment shows, and besides games a wide range of activities offered to meet the needs of families and children, including recreational educational activities for schools, fine dining, hairdressing, children’s parties and family events, and the vision of those in charge of this village is To provide the greatest amount of fun and entertainment to the child but within the conditions of safety and security, as it aims to promote his values and principles through various recreational activities.

Atyaf Mall Cinema

Vox Cinema considered within the Atyaf mall of the most beautiful cinemas, the cinema accommodates more than 650 people, and there also a place dedicated to food and drinks, and is classified as one of the very exciting sections in Atyaf Mall, and the cinema includes 8 different technologies to watch movies, as the vision of the cinema management is that achieving the bulk of professionalism lies in enabling the viewer to choose the technology with which he will see his favorite elephant, and not just present movies, and we will review You now have all the viewing options and techniques available, with the features of each technique separately:

1- Family and friends

This option is for people who like to watch the cinema with their family and friends, and the lounge equipped according to safety measures and spatial distancing, and this type of viewing characterized by large screens and comfortable classic seats, and you can book in advance by contacting the cinema management via the website, as well as you can get the drinks you like by ordering online.

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2- I Max

This viewing feature is the closest to reality, thanks to the large ultra-clear screens, surround sound feature, as well as large seats with a comfortable viewing angle, this viewing feature will provide you with vibrant images thanks to the large curved screen, and advanced sound technology will feel that you are at the heart of the event which reflects positively on your experience.

3- kids

As for this viewing option, it intended for young children who love cinema, there no need anymore to deprive your children of going, because this viewing option will provide them with shows commensurate with their age, in addition to that the showroom equipped with bright colors and colorful and comfortable seats, and adjacent to the halls of the games rooms as well, for the happiness of your children

4- Gold

This option of viewing intended for people who like to enjoy more extra comfort while watching their movies, as the seats here very spacious and comfortable, with a dining hall before or after the movie, but food or drinks not allowed inside the showroom, and the entry requirement for people over the age of 18

5- Max

This option is one of the distinctive options, due to the fact that it offers you large and comfortable seats, with extra legroom and armrests, high-definition digital images with laser display technology, as well as the latest surround sound technology ever, which will ensure you a pleasant viewing

6- Ice Immersive

Combining maximum comfort with superior quality, this option of viewing ensures that you indulge in the show to the fullest, thanks to the latest projector ever, and the wonderful surround sound with Dolby Atmos technology, so you can enjoy depth of viewing and have an amazing experience

7- VIP

Here the lavish décor meets, with the latest visual and audio technology, in this option of viewing high-resolution and high-definition displays, with the latest sound devices of its kind, with luxurious leather seats with the possibility of tilting, blanket and side pillows, and the presence of a waiter in the cinema offering you fine foods will enhance the quality of your experience

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8- MAX 4D

This option the latest development in four-dimensional cinema, where you will actually feel the movement and effects surrounding you so that you think that you really in the heart of the action, this technique will enable you to have the perfect experience to go through the show as much as possible, as the comfortable seat you sit on will keep up with the movements in the film and make you feel them, and it also makes you feel tremors, but it required that people who want to experience four-dimensional cinema have exceeded 18 years old, as it required that their height exceeds 100 cm for health reasons, as well as this experience not recommended for elderly people and pregnant women.

Working Hours of Atyaf Mall

Working hours Atyaf Mall throughout the week and as follows:

Sunday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Monday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm

Location of Atyaf Mall

It is located on Sheikh Hassan bin Hussein bin Ali Road, located within the Yarmouk area, in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • You can access Atyaf Mall Riyadh via Google Maps via this link from here

Contact Atyaf Mall Riyadh

You can follow the Mall account on Twitter and Instagram to know all the latest through the following links:

  • Atiaf Mall Twitter account from here
  • Atiaf Mall Instagram account from here

Atyaf Mall
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