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Australian Cuisine

Australia’s national cuisine began to improve with the arrival of the first settlers. She was influenced by British, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. Contemporary Australian culinary arts are becoming more international day by day and combine the traditions of cuisines from all over the world. But the passion of Australians for natural seasonings and spices made from plants growing on the territory of the mainland remains unchanged. These ingredients have become the basis of the national cuisine, the history of which goes back to the Aboriginal era.

Australian cuisine has a long history and a rich array of dishes.

General characteristics of the national Australian cuisine

Australian cuisine is one of the world’s most exotic cuisines. It combines the traditions of the East, West, aborigines of the mainland and emigrants from all over the world. The success of the culinary arts in this country is due to the variety of dishes, their uniqueness and low cost. Most of them prepared using the meat of exotic animals that densely inhabit the country.

Australians have a preference for beef and seafood. Therefore, a well-fried piece of meat or fish will be considered a primordial national dish.

All this will be flavored with a good portion of local herbs. The frying method is also peculiar. Meat or fish cooked on smoldering coals, while the raw pieces placed in several layers, each of which separated from the other by a thick layer of special herbs.

Australian cuisine characterized by a mixture of different culinary traditions.

Key features

What makes Australian culinary art special is that it is multicultural. And each nation has contributed to its development. Great influence exerted by England, so there is often controversy about the fact that British cuisine dominates in Australia. The emigrants who have flooded the mainland have made the local cuisine multinational:

  • Turkish dishes;
  • moroccan;
  • chinese;
  • italian;
  • British and more dr.

All these dishes adapted to the local Australian flavor, i.e. prepared in Australian traditions using local spices and herbs, olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs. Therefore, the cuisine of this country is unlike any other country. To this can added the Australian love of fresh bread, local wine and cheese, which serve well to complement main courses.

Australian cuisine includes many dishes from vegetables, herbs, bread.

Beneficial features

Australia’s national food is nourishing, rich in vitamins and microelements necessary for the body. Meat is rich in protein, and vegetables are rich in vitamins. In addition, the dishes are delicious, which causes aesthetic pleasure for gourmets.

Historical background

The dawn of Australian cuisine came at the end of the 20th century, and its history goes back a little over 200 years. During this time, the national cuisine of this country has undergone many changes. Now it amazes with its diversity.

English settlers organized the first settlement on the mainland and brought their food traditions to a foreign land. For example, it is still customary to serve a high-calorie English breakfast in the cold regions of Australia.

Later, emigrants from other countries added their national traditions to the cuisine of the mainland. Thus, it became multinational, but its core remained the culinary of the aborigines. They call it “bush food”. It contains products of Australian origin:

  • kangaroo;
  • emu;
  • crocodiles;
  • opossum.

Roasted turkey, ham, garnished chicken and plum pudding for dessert have become popular New Year’s dishes in the English tradition in Australia.

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According to experts, contemporary Australian cuisine will shape the future of the global culinary industry.

Culinary traditions

The cuisine of the mainland has its own traditional dishes, without which it is impossible to talk about the national Australian cuisine. Tourists get to know them, thereby tasting Australia itself. Traditionally, dishes prepared from different types of meat:

  • birds;
  • pigs;
  • calves;
  • crocodiles;
  • ostriches;
  • emu;
  • kangaroo;
  • possums.

Kangaroo meat is a traditional Australian dish.

Australian people appreciate the taste of food. Also, preference given to dairy and vegetable products, pasta and spices, legumes and nuts. Favorite drinks are coffee, tea, wine and beer.

Mainland cuisine traditions include a love of experimentation and the creation of new dishes.


For breakfast, Australians prefer well-done bread with a crust, eggs and bacon. This supplemented with beans in a sauce, baked vegetables, among which tomatoes and asparagus preferred.

An alternative to this can be fried potatoes.

Residents of the mainland have breakfast early and immediately after waking up. Morning meals can be hearty and high in calories, which gives strength and vigor for the whole day. However, some foodies prefer light breakfasts of granola, juices and fruits. This is the result of modern European trends. Popular sandwiches made from bread and vejima (a paste made from celery, onions and salt). They complemented by an avocado, which cut into slices and placed on bread.

Muesli is a common breakfast dish for Australians.


Traditionally, dinner in Australia held with the family. Popular evening dishes of the inhabitants of the continent include fried meat with vegetables, pasta, pizza, barbecue, salads, soups.

Dinner considered the main meal on the continent. It consists of an appetizer, first and second course with a side dish and dessert. As for drinks, preference given to tea with lemon, mint and ginger, as well as juices. The adult population prefers national Australian wines for dinner.

Pizza is a popular dinner dish in Australian cuisine.

Food preparation methods

The mainland’s chefs pay great attention to the correct preparation of meat. Most often it served fried. The frying process is a crucial moment in the preparation of meat. It should be crusty, but not overcooked. The meat slices must constantly turn over, while they oiled or poured with marinade. This will help prevent toughness of meat, especially game.

The second option for cooking meat dishes is stewing, followed by sculpting dumplings with meat filling, baking pies and making burgers. Australians consume ready-made meals immediately; over time their taste deteriorates.

Burger is one of the options for meat dishes in Australian cuisine.

The meat also smoked and salted. This mainly applies to dietary kangaroo meat, which goes well with herbs and seasonings.

Greens and vegetables served raw, baked, stewed, boiled.

Fruits and berries are eaten raw, boiled as part of compotes, and must be squeezed for making fresh juices.

What to try in Australia: traditional food

Every tourist and visitor of the country should try the traditional dishes of the mainland. Without this, it is impossible to fully understand Australia and its traditions. There are several highlighted dishes that are worth trying. they became famous all over the world.

Beetroot burger

The recipe for this dish includes a large list of products. This sandwich with lettuce, beef cutlet, tomatoes, cheese, onions, pineapple, fried egg, ketchup and beets loved by all mainland residents of all ages. It is hearty, natural and healthy. The bun well done. The burger is almost gigantic in size.

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The beetroot burger is a hearty sandwich in Australian cuisine.

Chicken and Green Curry Pie

It belongs to savory pastries and considered a classic chicken pie with aromatic curry filling, coconut milk and cheese puff pastry.

Chicken Green Curry Pie is a savory puff pastry dish.

Chicken and corn soup

This dish is delicious, tender and satisfying. Adults and children love him. The basis chicken broth, then the rest of the ingredients are added:

  • carrot;
  • onion;
  • potato;
  • canned corn;
  • eggs;
  • vegetable oil for frying vegetables;
  • Dill;
  • salt, pepper, turmeric.

Chicken and corn soup is a type of first course in Australia.

Sprinkle the soup with fresh herbs before serving.


This is everyone’s favorite sweet, consisting of chewy caramel covered with milk chocolate. Thanks to wide advertising, caramel became famous all over the world.

Fentails is a chewy caramel in chocolate glaze.

Crab sticks

The national mainland cuisine is unthinkable without them. Crab sticks made from minced fish meat, shaped and then cooked. Crab sticks shaped like legs or pincers. Then they are deep-fried.

Deep-fried crab sticks are Australia’s national dish.


Australian fish that fried until golden brown and served as an herb and butter steak.

Barramundi is a fish steak.

Fried kangaroo

The meat of this animal is low in calories and has little juice. Therefore, it prepared using a large amount of marinade and should not be overcooked. Otherwise, it will dry out and lose its usefulness and taste. As a seasoning, garlic, pepper, juniper, plum, orange and red currant go well with it.

Fried Kangaroo is a low-calorie meat dish in Australia.

Roll with bacon and cheese

This dish considered a popular Australian snack. It made with cheese and bacon wrapped in dough.

The bacon and cheese roll a popular Australian snack.

Vanilla slice

Dessert made from vanilla choux pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can be any filling, but Australians prefer kiwi.

Vanilla Slice is a sweet Australian dessert.

Toast with vegemite

Vegemite a brown paste made from yeast extract. It traditionally spread on bread in a thin or thick layer. All the inhabitants of the mainland love her. Ready-made toasts are suitable for drinking with tea.

Toast spread with a thin layer of vegemite.


The inhabitants of the mainland consider the meat of this animal to be delicious and sometimes indulge themselves with dishes from it.

Crocodile meat is a delicacy in Australian cuisine.

Pizza with seafood

This pizza in Australia made using fresh seafood, which spread on the dough, then spicy chili peppers are added and the whole thing is seasoned with tomato sauce.

Seafood pizza seasoned with tomato sauce. 

Meat pies

It is a popular party dish in the country. The pies served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Meat pie is a favorite culinary product of many Australians.


The dish made with spaghetti, Australian meat and mushrooms. It considered natively Australian, despite the fact that spaghetti bolognese an element of Italian cuisine.

Bolognese – spaghetti with meat and mushrooms.

Chico roll

The dish considered a symbol of Australian cuisine, despite the fact that Chinese pancakes with meat considered its progenitors. It made with beef, celery, cabbage, barley, green beans and spices. It considered one of the fast-food dishes.

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Chico roll is one of the symbols of Australian cuisine.

Pigs in blankets

These are sausages in dough, or hot dogs. However, in Australia, meat not wrapped in dough, but in meat. It turns out a sandwich without bread.

Pig in blankets is a traditional Australian dish.

Parmesan chicken

This is chicken schnitzel in tomato sauce and melted cheese. The dish is popular with beer.

Chicken schnitzel with parmesan.

Ripe cherry

Traditional national sweet bar made of coconut and cherries in dark chocolate.

Sweet cherry coconut bar.

Sas cookies

The thin dough rolled out in squares and used to make crispy biscuits, which combined with butter or vejimait.

According to history, the cookie is considered an army cookie.

Float pie

The dish consists of a meat pie in a pea soup with tomato sauce. The dough is crispy and the filling is juicy. In another way, it called floating pies, which served in hot pea soup.

Cheese buns with vegemite pasta

Australian buns with vegemite, which used as a spread. This is a healthy and dietary dish.

Cheese buns with vegemite.

Kangaroo steak

Prepared using marinade to soften meat. Onion, herbs, corn and raspberries placed on the fried meat slice. The dish is tender and tasty.

Kangaroo steak is a delicious Australian dish.

Frog cupcake

Externally, the cupcake made to look like a frog’s head. It made from biscuit dough with cream and fondant. This dish is a symbol of South Australia.

Anzac cookies

Oatmeal cookies with coconut flakes. It does not deteriorate for a long time and does not dry out. The dish retains its taste and useful properties for a long time. On Christmas Day, traditionally, these cookies distributed to soldiers of the active army.


These are rectangular cookies, covered with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. It is popular with Australian housewives.

Lamington is a cookie with chocolate and coconut.

Cotton candy cocoa

This is a godsend for sweet lovers. The cooking process is simple. Cocoa poured onto the cotton candy and the drink tastes better.

Cotton candy cocoa is a delicious and nutritious drink.

Aboriginal cuisine

It consists of dishes prepared with products of Australian origin:

  • kenguryatins;
  • opossum meat;
  • emu and crocodile meat.

Over time, some of the culinary traditions of the Aboriginal people consigned to oblivion, but most of the national dishes changed little since then. At the head of the Aboriginal cuisine are originality, dissimilarity to the dishes of other countries and nationalities. The originality lies in the ingredients: shark, crocodile, oyster, kangaroo, ostrich meat, etc.

Culinary festivals

Australia can host many food festivals throughout the year. They showcase national culinary masterpieces. Holidays are accompanied by concerts, culinary master classes.

The chefs prepare their dishes in public, allowing you to see the entire cooking process with your own eyes. Wine and food tastings are an integral part of the festivals.

Precautionary measures

For the first time trying Australian national dishes, you should stick to the measure and not overeat. Local products are unusual for a tourist’s stomach, which can cause irritation of the intestines and even allergies. It necessary to get acquainted with someone else’s cuisine, starting with small portions. If there is no intolerance, you can safely increase the portion.

Australian Cuisine
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