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Castles in France

Castles of France occupy a special place among the world’s attractions. First of all, the Loire Valley, the architecture of the palace complexes and the beauty of the park areas surrounding them of interest. French monarchs knew how to surround themselves with luxury and delicacy. The legacy left after them a golden fund, amazing places […]

Da Nang

Da Nang History In the middle of the 16th century, when Hoi An was the trading center of southern Vietnam, Da Nang was nothing more than a small port for relaying goods and repairing ships. Due to the development of European shipbuilding technology, large ships with deep drafts could easily enter Da Nang Bay, so […]

Things to Do in Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago  The Art Institute of Chicago The Art Institute of Chicago a very popular tourist spot that cannot miss when traveling to Chicago, USA. Approximately 2,000 alternatives from a collection of 300,000 items such as Impressionists and American art are on display. “It’s too wide and I don’t know which one […]

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, popularly known as Saigon, is a relatively new city. It was one of the worst-hit during the Vietnam War and practically everything had to be rebuilt, except for some French colonial buildings such as the cathedral and the post office building. It is the best place to soak up the recent war […]

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas is the largest city in the Canary Islands, a major Atlantic port and a bustling resort for nightlife lovers. We talked to Elena Amavizca Cabrera, the press attaché of the city’s tourism department, about what to do while “the music is playing on the boat”. The interview can […]

Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of incomparable architectural delights, one of the capitals of Art Nouveau. The creations of Antoni Gaudí occupy a central place in the urban space. Millions of tourists travel to Barcelona to see these architectural masterpieces with their own eyes . In total, there are thirteen objects built by Gaudí in Barcelona. […]

Which airport is best to fly to in Barcelona ?

There are three airports in the immediate vicinity of Barcelona – the actual Barcelona airport, which has the name of El Prat, the airport of Girona – Costa Brava and the airport of Reus (Reus). Each of the airports has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is also used by different airlines, so let’s figure […]

Shopping malls in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe to shop for quality clothing, footwear and accessories. There is no shortage of designer stores or popular outlets here. Let’s talk about the best places to go shopping – shopping centers and malls in Barcelona. Shopping malls – 7 best in Barcelona Arenas de Barcelona An […]

Traveling by car in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very compact country and therefore very convenient in terms of travel. After all, not every country can be bypassed in a week, and trips along a large number of autobahns, interconnected in a single network, will only bring pleasure. Most tourists start their journey by car from Amsterdam , because this […]

Where to go from Amsterdam for 1 day

Far from Amsterdam , another Holland opens up without crowds with cameras, but with sincerity, order and real life. Where to go for a day from the party capital to gain new emotions and be filled with impressions, we tell in this article. Pacification of the elements Zandvoort aan Zee First of all, go to […]

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