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Avenues Mall Kuwait

The Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait. The Mall located in the Rai Industrial Area along the Fifth Ring Road to the south and the Ghazali Highway to the east.
In 2013 he won the Gold Award for “Best Shopping Mall 2013” in the MENA region.

Avenues Mall Kuwait History

The Avenues inaugurated in April 2007 under the patronage. Presence of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.
The shopping experience at The Avenues adds a new dimension to the largest shopping and entertainment cluster. Which is also one of the largest malls in the region.
The Avenues is home to a series of the most famous international and local brands. Distributed over seven regions, namely First Avenue, Second Avenue, Grand Avenue, Prestige, Soko, Mall and Souk.
Mall Avenues also features a picturesque urban design that brings together a number of diverse urban schools. Giving each area a special identity inspired by the world’s most prestigious cities, making the Avenues shopping experience unique to every shopper and visitor.
The Avenues features a mix of diverse brands from the world’s most famous fashion houses, restaurants and entertainment spanning a rental area of about 270,000 square meters, and includes more than 800 shops, and parking for about 10,000 cars.

How big is the Avenues Mall in Kuwait

The Avenues Mall one of the largest commercial Malls in the world in the State of Kuwait, but it considered one of the most prominent signs of progress and development in all areas of life in the Arab Gulf countries and the State of Kuwait as well, and the Avenues Mall is one of the largest commercial Malls in terms of area in the State of Kuwait.

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The total area of the Avenues Mall in the State of Kuwait is 1,100,000 square meters, the rented area is 400,000 square meters,

The Mall located along the Fifth Ring Road in the industrial zone on the south and on the east by Al-Ghazali Road, and in 2004 work started on the construction of the Mall and in 2007 the gradual opening of the Mall began and inaugurated by the late Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may Allah have mercy on him.

The Avenues Mall one of the forms of shops with a modern design in this region and the Mall has won the award of the best shopping center in the Middle East and North Africa, which is the Golden Award, and the Mall includes several urban schools in one place and the Mall divided into 7 zones, each with a unique modern shape and character, including the following:

7 zones of Avenues Mall Kuwait

  • First Avenue: It has an area of 170.000 square meters and includes nearly 200 stores of the most famous international brands, a collection of the best restaurants and cafes, and includes 11 cinemas and opened in 2007.
  • Second Avenue: This area includes about 200 shops of the most famous international brands, and also includes the first branch in the State of Kuwait for the French chain of stores Carrefour International, and this area opened in 2008
  • Grand Avenue: Designed to resemble the Champs-Elysées in Paris, thearea includes a large number of international shops as well as a range of restaurants and cafes and this area extends over an area of 500 meters long and 22 meters wide and was opened in 2012.
  • Prestige: This area includes several restaurants and cafes of the most famous international brands in addition to being an area of elegance where good taste and luxury meet the largest international fashion houses.
  • Soko: This area designed to mimic the Avenues Mall in the famous neighborhood of “Soho” in the US state of New York, as this name means southern Kuwait and this area includes everything that interests young people in our time from technology and also shops of the most famous international brands of youth clothing, and the area also includes many international restaurants and cafes as well.
  • Mall: There is a group of shops for the most famous international brands that are located for the first time in Kuwait and the Middle East and includes a series of international restaurants and cafes.
  • Market: This area designed in the style of shops in the State of Kuwait to revive the heritage and ancient spirit of the State of Kuwait as it designed with wooden doors and ceilings as well and has specialized in selling products that the State of Kuwait is famous for such as dates, spices and fabrics in addition to a range of restaurants serving Kuwaiti folk cuisine.
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How many kilos is the length of the Avenues Mall in Kuwait

The Mall consists of two floors and the length of the Mall about 1.5 million square meters. Established by the Alshaya Family-Owned Buildings Company, which also the owner company of the Mall in partnership with a group of businessmen in the State of Kuwait, and a parking garage established in the Mall that can accommodate more than 15.000 cars. 

Avenues Mall Kuwait Shops

The Mall includes a large number of shops of the most famous international brands of all products. As well as a group of local shops that show the Kuwaiti heritage to revive it again, in addition to a large group of international restaurants and cafes spread in the seven areas of the Mall, including the following:

  • Broy for children.
  • Planet Chanel for global fashion.
  • Toys R Us Kids Games.
  • OnTime for watches.
  • Vero Martini for shoes and bags.
  • Spark Sports Club.
  • Decathlon for clothing and sports equipment.
  • Kuwaiti Bazza Restaurant & Café.
  • Valentino for shoes and bags.
  • Miko Milano Cosmetics.
  • New Care Medical and Cosmetic Clinic.
  • Rolex Watches.
  • Mango for clothing.
  • Supermarket and French HyperCarrefour.
  • Puma for sportswear.
  • Nike for athletic parenting.
  • Adidas sportswear.
  • Massimo Dutti for clothing.
  • Bershka for clothing.
  • LC Waikiki Turkish Apparel
  • IKEA Upholstery.
  • Um Sharif Lebanese Restaurant.
  • Iraqi spilled restaurant.
  • Marley New York Jewelry.

Avenues Stores Map Kuwait

The Avenues Mall is one of the most important commercial Malls in the State of Kuwait and globally. As well, and as we mentioned earlier that the Mall extends over a very large area and navigation may need a map to know the way to reach all shops and restaurants and we will explain below the maps of the Mall by regions.


The Avenues Kuwait Mall has a large selection of the most famous international restaurants, including the following:

  • Love Restaurant | Avenues: The restaurant characterized by its modern design in black and gray and the restaurant serves many dishes from various international cuisines. That characterized by their delicious taste such as pizza and desserts with some types of vegetarian dishes:
  • MELENZANÉ: One of the Italian restaurants in the Avenues Mall in Kuwait. And one of the best Italian restaurants that serve the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine.
  • Kunefis Restaurant: The restaurant serves simple and distinctive cuisine. The place characterized by tranquility and splendor of design and decorations.
  • Flavor and | spices restaurant A restaurant nakha_bhar:The restaurant serves delicious appetizers and distinctive foods.
  • Fries-Up Restaurant. Fries Up: One of the most important international restaurants in the Avenues Kuwait. Fast Food Mall where it is a branch of a large chain of restaurants around the world.
  • Katsuya Restaurant Avenues Mall of Kuwait – Katsuyamiddleeast | Avenues. A Japanese restaurant with the distinction of having indoor and outdoor seating and the restaurant serves Chinese meals in addition to many dishes of international cuisine.
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Things to do in The Avenues Mall of Kuwait

  • You can take a tour of the market area where there are a number of Kuwaiti shops in the Kuwaiti architectural style. That make you live in the atmosphere of the past with modernity and sophistication. Buy the most beautiful types of fabrics for which the State of Kuwait is famous and spices as well.
  • The Grand Avenue area one of the most beautiful areas in the Avenues Kuwait. Where you can enjoy the most beautiful times on the street that resembles the Champs-Elysées and the wonderful French atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the offers offered by the mall from disguised personalities and the best offers for young and old as well.
  • You can have fun with your kids at the kids’ club. Which has a wide range of kids’ games and some kids’ activities to make them happy.
  • Hello Kitty Beauty Spa which is one of the most important beauty centers in the Mall for girls and women.
  • You can rest, relax and enjoy the scenery of the Avenues Garden area.
  • Drink a cup of coffee in a quiet session in one of the international cafes. Spread throughout the Mall and also enjoy drinking the most famous hot and cold drinks.
  • The Avenues Mall also organizes many different festivals and events such as the special French Week festival.
  • If you are a fan of the Italian cuisine. You can have a delicious meal of the most famous Italian dishes at the Italian restaurant Puccini.
Avenues Mall Kuwait
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