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Aziz Mall

Aziz Mall is one of Jeddah’s malls, consisting of two floors and includes a large collection of shops that sell the most famous international and local brands, ranging from men, women, children, perfumes and cosmetics, characterized by wonderful design and close to some of the facilities and tourist areas in the city.

Aziz Mall a suitable place for family entertainment. As it offers various facilities such as a children’s playroom. A cinema hall and a lounge for a range of restaurants. Cafes and some shows and events held on holidays and occasions.

Aziz Mall Jeddah Working Hours

  • All days of the week from ten in the morning until eleven and a half in the evening.
  • Thursday from ten in the morning, until twelve in the evening.
  • Friday from two o’clock in the afternoon, until twelve o’clock in the evening.

Working hours of Aziz Mall restaurants

  • Saturday to Thursday 10:00 am to 01:00 am
  • Friday 02:00 pm to 01:00 am

Working hours of Aziz Mall amusement park

  • Saturday to Thursday 09:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Friday 03:00 pm to 01:00 am

Aziz Mall Jeddah location

Aziz Mall is located on Prince Majid Street – Al Faisaliah District – Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone Number: +966920000262

Aziz Mall Jeddah Shops

Perfume & Cosmetics Shops in Aziz Mall

  • Al, Majid Al, Oud
  • Arabian Oud
  • Junaid Perfumes
  • prettier
  • Abdul Samad Al, Qurashi
  • faces
  • Rasasi perfumes
  • Nabeel perfumes
  • The body shops
  • Paris Gallery
  • Flormr
  • My makeup
  • Milano Oud
  • L’Occitane
  • Flowers of the countryside
  • Caramel bath and body
  • Yves Rocher
  • glass
  • Your breath is smoking.
  • Models own
  • Nazih
  • Al-Walev Group

Clothing Shops in Aziz Mall

Al Aziz Mall contains many clothing stores international brands that include Aziz Mall dresses stores and also Abaya stores in Aziz Mall and
Aziz Mall stores for children including the following:

  • Zara Aziz Mall
  • Without a name
  • Twiela
  • Nawaem
  • Jacadi
  • Ziddy
  • Carter’s
  • Monsoon
  • Mayoral
  • seRGent MaJor
  • GAP
  • Gingersnaps
  • Biscotti
  • The children’s Place
  • Tape A L’oEl
  • Okaidi
  • FG4
  • Adl
  • DKNY
  • Joy miss
  • Quiz
  • Promod
  • Bershka
  • Stradivarius
  • Cotton
  • Vero Moda
  • rena
  • Wallis
  • Etam
  • Oxxo
  • Mango
  • Miss selfridge
  • Lipsy
  • Terranova
  •  Sandro ferrone
  • Loud clothing
  • Naomi
  • Undiz
  • La senza
  • Women’ secret
  • Springfield
  • U.S. Polo ASSN.
  • Giordano

Aziz Mall Supermarket

As a living and community area, Aziz Mall Supermarket “Jaén” is the main focus of the entire mall, with basic needs stores such as pharmacy, bakery, fresh fruit and vegetable store and Panda store which also serves food but is smaller than the above store.

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Restaurants in Aziz Mall Jeddah

These are the most beautiful restaurants located in the center of Aziz Mall Jeddah which I advise you to do:

  • –  Juice secret
  • – Guest Cave
  • –  London fish and chips
  • –  Sbarro
  • –  Daily fresh
  • – Sayadia Express

Aziz Mall Cafes Jeddah

Inside the mall there are many distinctive cafes that suit all tastes such as:

Café Deep & Deep

This café can be considered as one of the most important cafes of Aziz Mall in Jeddah that you can go to, the place is wonderful and the requests there are distinctive and the service is also excellent and allows taking children, and it is also considered one of the most important cafes for individuals and families, and it can also be considered one of the most prominent cafes within the list of the best breakfast cafes in Jeddah because the pancakes there are more than wonderful and it is one of the best cafes that are worth trying, do not hesitate to visit it.

Al, Markaz Café

There are more than one branch in several malls in Jeddah, and the café also has its own menu different from all other cafes, where it is always interested in snacks, sweets such as oreo merce, chocolate, cheesecake, Nutella, and a wonderful selection of hot and cold drinks so it has managed to have a great place in the hearts of visitors.

Chocochino Cafe

It is one of the wonderful cafes within the list of the best cafes of Aziz Mall Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, besides it provides comfortable and enjoyable indoor and outdoor sessions with a distinctive view, and is one of the cafes of Aziz Mall in Jeddah that has met the approval of everyone and you can rest there and have your favorite drink and then complete shopping, it offers the best types of crepes and various types of chocolate, as well as the place enjoys wonderful decorations and very distinctive designs, in addition to the cleanliness and order of the place and the varied menu that provides the best Hot and cold drinks and exquisite desserts, and therefore it has a rating of 3.6 due to the praise of visitors in terms of friendly reception by the staff as well as the outstanding fast service.

Criollo Cafe 

It is one of the most prominent and important cafes of Aziz Mall in Jeddah that you can spend the best fun times in, if you are looking for luxury Jeddah cafes, you must head to this distinctive café. Which has received a rating of 4.5, which is a very large percentage praised by visitors, but the café is taken at slightly high prices, which is suitable for individuals and families and can take children as well, and the café is characterized by cleanliness, order and treatment of cooperative staff who provide the best services, which is one of the most important cafes In Jeddah which is worth trying and has four branches among them Aziz Mall.

Molten Chocolate Cafe

This café is among the cafes of Aziz Mall in Jeddah that is worth trying because it has a rating of 4.1 as praised by visitors within the city of Jeddah for its distinguished services and diverse varieties, in addition to that it is the most famous among the list of the best cheap cafes in Jeddah where you can have your favorite drinks as well as delicious sweets at very reasonable prices, and the workers of the place deal with all taste with customers and there are several branches of this café within the Kingdom of Arabia Saudi Arabia.

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 Guest Café and how

Most visitors go to visit it in order to enjoy a cup of coffee with dates, as they serve it with distinction, which made it one of the best cafes in Aziz Mall. Visiting this café is one of the most beloved visits for visitors, besides the prices are suitable for everyone. The distinctive thing about this café is that visitors always find what they ask for, and the session in it is comfortable, suitable for families and children, and it is a great option to take a break in it and then wander again in Aziz Mall.

Aziz Mall Jeddah Amusement Park

The most distinctive thing that distinguishes Aziz Mall in Jeddah is the presence of an attractive entertainment city for children, so they feel a lot of fun and entertainment, as this option is the most suitable for a mother to leave her children safely inside the city during the time of shopping in the mall, and also contains:

  • All means of safety to protect children from any danger that may occur to them during play.
  • The Sky Zone Lounge is dedicated to increasing the joy and fun of the visitor with family and friends.

Theme Parks in Aziz Mall Jeddah

Aziz Mall includes a group of the best theme parks, namely Billy Biz and Sparky’s Amusement Parks.

  • A branch of the famous Billy Biz branch, which includes many recreational activities located on an area of 20,000 feet, it is also ideal for children’s parties.
  • The famous branch of the branches of “Sparkys”, located on the second floor of the mall, is known for providing computer group games, which are preferred by children and adults.
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Aziz Mall Cinema

The price of the regular ticket is 55 riyals, the three-dimensional ticket is 60 riyals, the Screen X costs 65 riyals, and the XPERIENCE ticket costs 75 riyals.

What is showing at Aziz Mall Cinema?

  • Early Booking R15. The favor and grace of NAComedy.
  • Early Booking R15. The King of EnglishAction/Drama.
  • PG12. Avatar 1 (Remodeling) EnglishAction/Adventure.
  • R18. Smile EnglishHorror.
  • R15. Prestige film NACrime/Action.
  • R18. Donut Warry Darling.
  • R15. IBEX .
  • PG12. Mrs. Harris Goz to Paris

What does R15 mean in Aziz Mall Cinema?

(R15): Viewers under the age of 15 are barred from entering, content includes mature topics, which are treated conservatively and appropriately for those of this age and above, such as: wars, crime and gangs, romance, horror, and curse.

Hotels near Aziz Mall

Hujra Hotel Tahlia Jeddah

The 4-star Tahlia Chamber Hotel features a wonderful view of the city, helpful staff, comfortable spacious rooms, free internet access in the rooms, a location close to some tourist areas, close to 5 km to Jeddah Corniche, 6 km to King Fahd Fountain and 13 km to King Fahd Airport.

Aziz Mall is 4.2 km away and a 7-minute drive away.

Abuya House for Furnished Residential Units

One of the best options of furnished apartments in Jeddah, which is also 3-star hotel apartments in Jeddah, located at a distance of only about 2.500 meters from the center of Aziz Mall in Jeddah.

OYO 365 Oyoon Jeddah Residential Units Apartments

It is considered one of the best hotel apartments in Jeddah, which is a 3-star hotel apartment, located at a distance of 2.500 meters from Aziz Mall in Jeddah.

Amasi Al Bashaer Hotel Apartments

Located 800 metres from Aziz Mall Jeddah. This aparthotel features free parking, non-smoking rooms, a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi. It is located on Macarouna Street, Saud Al Faisal Intersection, next to Hyper Panda, Jeddah.

Aziz Mall
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