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Baden-Baden Public Transport

Baden-Baden Buses

The only form of public transport in Baden-Baden is buses. Modern new Mercedes run on the routes. Bus stops in Germany stop marked. With a sign with the green letter H on a yellow background. That’s the sign and buses will stop. At bus stops marked the numbers of routes and installed analogue schedule.
Main bus routes: No 204, 205, 208, 214, 244, 245. Buses run daily on schedule. However, bus intervals are often very large – once an hour or less often. In the evening. The number of buses is even smaller, and many finishes at 8-9 p.m.

Baden-Baden Railway

Baden-Baden railway station is a key facility. In the city’s transport groundwork. As it is from here that you can get to the neighboring regional towns. And major cities of Germany, France and Switzerland. Baden-Baden station is atypical for European cities. It is 5 km west of the resort center and.
Tickets for travel can Buy both in advance. And at the ticket office of the station or at the vending machine. In Germany, no one checks the tickets at the entrance to the train. So with the ticket go to the desired car or class of the car. And then during the trip the controller will check your ticket.

From this station you can get by direct passing trains. To the following cities in Germany and Europe:

  • Berlin, Braunschweig, Goettingen, Cassel, Fulda. Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Offenburg, Freiburg. Basel, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, zurich, Marseille. Strasbourg, Lyon, Heidelberg, Cassel, Bremen, etc.
  • Local trains and trains run to the main regional city of Karlsruhe. R4, S7 and S71.

Also in this region there is an interesting option of transport. Tram-train, it is when long-distance connection on railway tracks. Organized with the help of trams. But they don’t go to Baden-Baden.

Taxi Baden-Baden

Taxis in Baden-Baden are expensive. With about 3.5-4 boarding. For example, the minimum fare from the airport is 40EUR. In addition to the official taxi. There are about 4 companies. That engaged in airport transfers in this area of Germany.

Rent a car in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is a rather boring resort town. And if you do not plan to treated here. And only a couple of times to go to the Spa. The surest option for traveling around the neighborhood. It’s a rented car. The reason is simple. You do not need to adjust to the schedule of buses and trains. Because buses here often run once an hour or once every 2 hours.

Official site of public transport

The city of Baden-Baden served by 2 transport companies. But the same types of tickets are valid for them. The main thing when traveling. To decide through how many tariff zones you will travel. A transport company serving local trains and regional bus routes. A transport company serving the Karlsruhe region.

On this site you can find out the current fare. The timetable for buses and trains. And get information about tariff zones. The most important feature of this site. It is the ability to plan a route from point A to point B. And as a result of the search. The exact timetable for the movement of transport. For the time you need and the cost of travel along this route will indicate.

Local Transport Prices in Baden-Baden

In Baden-Baden and the Karlsruhe region. More than 100 types of tickets and travel cards are available for purchase. I will describe the most popular types of tickets. For 2019. The following fares apply for public transport in Baden-Baden.

  • Ticket for 1 trip in 1 zone: €2.1 – adult; €1.5 – child
  • Ticket for 1 trip in 2 zones: €2.6 – adult; €1.5 – child
  • Ticket for 1 trip in 3 zones: €3.6 – adult; €1.9 – for children (such a ticket required for travel from the airport)
  • City pass for 1 day: €6.6 – adult; €3.6 – child
  • City pass for 1 day for 5 people: €10.9 – adult; €3.6 – child
  • Regional travel pass for 1 day: €10.90
  • Regional pass for 1 day for 5 people: €20.30
  • 1-month pass: €64
Baden-Baden Public Transport
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