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Banana Island

Because of its amazing tourism services, The Banana Island Resort in Qatar. One of the first major tourism projects in Qatar. The first tourism project to be built on an island in the middle of the sea. One of the projects built in a short time, it took about 18 months. And for this project to be properly built, a huge area of the island disappeared. Its land was equipped through Equipping. Extending the infrastructure networks needed by the project. The al-Banana Island product has an area of 162,000 square meters and overlooks palm trees and artificial lakes.

Banana Island location

Located on a crescent-shaped island in Qatar, The Island is one of Qatar’s resorts. The island is an ideal international venue for limitless water or underwater activities. Making this place a unique destination for relaxation, adventure. Exclusive comfort with 141 rooms, suites, an Arabian-style luxury villa. With Anantara’s signature touches, a design section to 54 rooms. 16 deluxe rooms, eight suites, 18 Anantara suites, 34 villas and 34 villas. Spacious and all with a distinctive sea view. There is a wellness balance centre, whose face is essential for relaxation lovers, consisting of comprehensive relaxation. Detoxification and stress removal programmes with a sauna room, an indoor botanical garden and a water pool.

Al Banana Island spans an area of about 162,000 square meters. This island is only 10 minutes from the Qatari capital. Special parking, with 50 marinas equipped for boats and yachts. And this Sheikh’s station is designed and equipped to transport tourists only visitors to the island. While the second station, the Al Wakra Imposition Station, is intended to transport employees.

How to go to Banana Island

Embarking on a trip to Benana Island is done by going to The Sheikhs Marina. The starting point for a luxurious and air-conditioned ferry. The marina is located in the Corniche, close to the Islamic Museum. Within 20 minutes or a little more you can reach this iconic island, where anyone can go and roam.

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Tourism on The Island of Benana

Tourists usually arrive on Banana Island through yachts or boats. From the Doha coast to the heart of Qatar’s artificial island. It takes about 20 minutes from doha’s coast to Benana Island. After arriving on the island, tourists can listen to attractive beaches, turquoise water appearances, swimming, clean and quiet hotel accommodation.

Tourists allowed to play some different sports, such as bowling, golf, as well as cinema shows, and some sports. Watery like surfing or boating. Tourist can enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Especially given the cleanliness of the beaches and the presence of many sources of entertainment

Features of Al Banana Island Resort

Offering the atmosphere people are looking for. The island combined authenticity and contemporary, excitement and tranquility, family atmosphere and romantic atmosphere.

Suitable for Families

This resort is respected for Islamic customs and traditions. Where wine is prohibited, and there is a conservative family atmosphere suitable for family visits. With children’s clubs such as Cool Mint, other adolescent clubs such as Pepper Mint. Several other interactive entertainment games each The tennis game. Which been created on the island, the beach ball game. The golf course (Potting Golf Course) has nine holes. A bowling game featuring an eight-track course and a surfing game which have their own swimming pools.

Suitable for lovers of calm

This resort offers a peaceful setting for those looking for peace. Comfort and relaxation, with comprehensive lifestyle health programs, spa centers, fitness centers and a beautiful botanical garden. So that visitors can wander in the early morning moments and enjoy the flowers and the pleasant atmosphere.

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Suitable for lovers of discovery.

On the other hand, this island offers thrill seekers diving. Snorkeling trips to explore coral reefs, marine life, observation areas and a helicopter deck.

Banana Island Available Rooms

Premier Room overlooking the sea area of 55 square meters

Deluxe room overlooking the sea area of 46 square meters

Junior Suite overlooking the sea area of 85 square meters

Anantara Pavilion overlooking the sea an area of 76 square meters

Villa with private swimming pool and 2 bedrooms with an area of 100 square meters overlooking the sea

Luxury villa with private swimming pool and 2 bedrooms with an area of 120 square meters overlooking the sea

Villa with private swimming pool and three bedrooms on water area of 220 square meters

Villa with private swimming pool and three bedrooms overlooking the sea an area of 170 square meters

Banana Island Activities

There are many sports and leisure activities available at The Banana Island Resort, including:

Golf course

Benana Island has a world-class golf course. Anyone who loves golf will enjoy it a lot on this course. You can play competitive matches with friends on the course and have a pleasant entertainment atmosphere on the island.

Children’s Playground

The island offers a large playground for children of all ages. With plenty of toys and amusement parks suitable for all children. As well as games including all safety standards, and staff to guide children. So the child will have a very fun day in this playground.


At Banana Island Resort in Qatar. You can get a pleasant cruise by riding a yacht available on the island’s beach. Also you can take souvenir photos of the sunset as it embraces the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

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Entering the Cool Mint Children’s Club

The Cool Mint Club offers plenty of activities for children, providing opportunities to give the child the opportunity to discover new worlds, with a wide range of interactive games, where children can experience arts and crafts, build sand castles and other activities.

The club also has a large selection of games rooms and plenty of dolls.

Enjoy water sports

Due to the tropical climate of Bannana Island Resort. Its unique location, there are plenty of distinctive recreational water sports. A person can enjoy adventure or deep-water thrill activities. Enjoy a relaxing ocean cruise, or a person can catch in complete calm.

The resort offers the opportunity to rent boats for tours of the island. Diving and canoeing can also be practiced. So you can dive into the water and see the remains of ancient ships and various picturesque sea creatures.

Banana Island Restaurants

There are a large number of restaurants serving varied food suitable for all tastes. Seafood and all kinds of fish, oriental dining restaurants, Asian, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Korean food.

You can have a delicious lunch at Blue Restaurant. Which serves oriental food, a nham restaurant serving traditional cuisine Riva Italian eating restaurant. Indian restaurant Long Key and Ted’s restaurant for American food.

Banana Island
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