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Ancient Gedung Sate architecture in BandungBandung is a relatively small administrative center of West Java province in Indonesia. The city is located on the island of Java, approximately 180 kilometers from the capital of Jakarta. As the story goes, the first mentions of Bandung appear in 1488, but the settlement received urban status in 1810, along with the arrival of the Dutch conquerors, who were never able to keep the colony under their rule after the Second World War.

The fertile lands of Bandung are well suited to the cultivation of huge tea plantations. By the way, rich harvests of leaves for brewing this drink once gave impetus to the development of the city, making it attractive for foreign investors. By the way, henna, beloved by Asian fashionistas, is also grown here.

Java island
Population 2 875 673 people
Founded 1810
Square 167.67 km²
Population density 14,976 people / km²
Currency indonesian rupee
Timezone UTC+7
Postal code 11460
International dialing code +622

Climate and weather

Half a millennium ago, the foundation of the city was laid in the subequatorial climate zone, with dry weather in the summer months and constant torrential rains in the rest of the year.

There is a lot of precipitation here – about 400 mm in January and about 70 mm in July. By the way, it is a little cooler here than in the rest of the archipelago. The average annual temperature in Bandung ranges from +22 ° C to +25 ° C.


The territory of Bandung is inscribed in a volcanic landscape. Mountain gorges, sharp volcanic peaks cutting into the sky, hot sandy beaches with palm trees hanging over the water, tropical rainforests … Try to plunge headlong into the world of Bandung – and you will feel incomparable harmony and tranquility.


The most striking attraction of Bandung is the Dago Falls , around which there are several observation decks, as well as an extensive park area. Jeans street, well-known in the circles of inveterate tourists, originates a hundred meters from the waterfall . The largest textile factories and office buildings in Indonesia are located here.

The northern part of the city is considered to be the tourist part of Bandung – it is here that the most popular hotels and hotels are collected.

In the cultural program, be sure to include a visit to the oldest museums in Bandung.


Bandung’s restaurants will surprise even sophisticated tourists. In the menu of local establishments you can find both national dishes and gourmet dishes according to the author’s recipes of the local chefs.

Those who are visiting Indonesia for the first time should definitely try the most popular national dish, Batagora – well-fried meat served with soy sauce. No less popular is the martabak dish – baked pancakes with a wide variety of fillings.

It is impossible to ignore the inexpensive but very tasty chicken noodles ” mi ayam “, which, by the way, is popular not only among tourists. Due to its low cost, it has become a favorite dish of local residents.


In Bandung you will not have any problems with the choice of housing. A good travel agency has dozens of options for you, ranging from a budget hotel to a luxury room in a luxury hotel. Prices here range from $ 15 to $ 170 per night. By the way, the service in almost every complex in Bandung is of enviable quality. The main differences between hotels and their prices are in the picturesque view, which can be observed from the window.

Entertainment and recreation

The city is perfect for those who prefer to live at night. As night falls, dozens of night bars and clubs open their doors to visitors. The clubs ” North Sea “, ” Cesar Palace ” and the ” Braga ” bar are especially popular among tourists .

For beach lovers, we recommend heading to Asnieres Beach , where you can rent a boat and go on a boat trip to the coral reefs through quaint rocky arches.

Theater lovers will not be bored here either. Theatrical performances with the performance of fascinating national dances are regularly held on the territories of the hotels. By the way, anyone can take part in the performance.

If the nightlife and cultural holiday is not to your taste, you can always go for a walk in the rainforest or take an excursion to the National Park .


Many people mistakenly believe that the Indonesian city of Bandung is very poor. This is not true. Here you can find elite shops, high-quality boutiques (by the way, prices for branded items here will be much lower than ours). The market deserves special attention. It is customary to bargain here in order to bring down the price, and if you succeed in this, then do not hesitate – you can drop the cost of goods several times.

The best buy in Bandung will be fabrics, the textures and colors of which will make your head spin. Silk of excellent quality, durable and thin, rich in color – this is just what you should take home.

Decorations, home accessories made of metal and wood, fancy figurines are also noteworthy. In addition, such things are inexpensive.


There is no subway in Indonesia. The railway connection is also not particularly developed. And if you do not have pronounced Asian features, you should beware of taxi drivers, who, by the way, are very fond of taking ten, or even fifteen times more from city guests than it is customary to take from local residents. Better to use bus transport services. On average, a trip around the city will cost from $ 0.5 to $ 2. For a trip on the same route, the taxi driver will charge you from 15 to 40 $.


Due to the fact that it is not so easy to register with a mobile operator in Bandung, it will be more convenient for tourists to use an international phone at the hotel. As far as communication across the country is concerned, the right decision is a city payphone. There are plenty of them in Bandung.


Any tourist should remember: pickpocketing happens in any city. To be as safe as possible, you should keep your securities and documents in the hotel safe. Carry only a photocopy of your passport with you. Note that in Bandung it is widespread to pay with a plastic card, so it is not at all necessary to carry large amounts of cash with you.

The property

Bandung is one of the four largest cities in Indonesia, therefore, prices for buying real estate here will be higher than in other, less developed regions of the archipelago. And yet, buying a piece of land here is not as expensive as it might seem. For several years now, the state has been pursuing a sparing policy in order to attract foreign investors.

Travel tips

Observe the customs of the country in which you are visiting. Couples are not advised to hold hands or express their feelings in any other way while walking in the city. It is likely that the townspeople will misinterpret this.

Raising a political or religious topic in a conversation is also not worth it – in Bandung a strict taboo is imposed on them.

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