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Bari Public Transport

Official site of public transport

The transport company serving the city of Bari called AMTAB. The company is responsible for the operation of buses and the operation of some parking lots. Official website of the company:

The site contains information about all city and suburban bus routes, and you can get a route from point A to point B, find out the latest news on Bari transport, fare, etc. The only jamb of the site is that it is completely in Italian. And not from all countries the site allows users to visit it, for example from the Czech Republic it is impossible to enter it.

Tickets prices

For 2023, the cost of travel on buses in Bari:

  • Pre- purchased 1-ride ticket (Biglietto ordinario di corsa semplice): € 1.00 (available from the bookstore on the 2nd floor in the departure area).
  • The ticket purchased from the driver is valid for 75 minutes (Biglietto ordinario Venduto in Vettura): € 1.50.
  • 90 minute ticket (Biglietto orario da 90 minuti): € 1.20.
  • 1 day ticket before 24:00 (Biglietto ordinario Venduto in Vettura): € 2.50.
  • Book with 10 tickets (Carnet di biglietti): € 9.00.
  • 7 Day Pass (Abbonamento ordinario 7 giorni): € 12.00. The pass is valid for 7 days from the date of composting.
  • 30 Day Pass (Abbonamento ordinario 30 giorni): € 35.00
  • 1 Year Pass (Abbonamento ordinario 12 mesi): € 250.00

Where to buy a ticket, you ask? The ticket, as you understand, can buy from the driver, as well as at newspaper and tobacco kiosks and bookstores.

After entering the bus, the ticket must validate and carry with you throughout the trip. In the absence of a ticket or the expiration of the validity of the ticket, the controller issues a fine for the stowaway. The penalty for travel without a ticket € 100.00, if paid within 30 days, the amount reduced to € 50.00.

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Buses in Bari

Today in Bari there are 206 buses of different capacities – from small to standard city buses. The buses for the most part are not very modern, there are quite comfortable ones, and there are, well, completely subdued. Buses run on 35 routes, while buses can go on the same line to different terminal stops. It was not possible to find route maps anywhere, so you need to plot a route on the official website.

Today in Bari, there 1,110 stops, at which the schedule of routes passing through the stop set. It happens that some large stops equipped with a stop complex and a shop. There is nothing else useful at the stops.

Trains in Bari

The Bari metropolitan railway service consists of two systems operated by Ferrotramviaria (lines FM1 and FM2) and Trenitalia . Ferrotramviaria is the owner of the electric trains. In total, the route network of suburban trains in Bari includes 4 lines: FR1, FM1, FR2, FM2.

  • 1-Bari Metropolitan services (FR1) Bitonto – Palese – Bari
  • 2-Bari Metropolitan services (FR2) Barletta – Andria – Bitonto – Aeroporto – Bari
  • 3-Bari Metropolitan services (FM1) Ospedale – Bari
  • 4-Bari Metropolitan services (FM2) Bitonto – Aeroporto – Bari

The FM1 line called the metro in some publications and in everyday life, but in fact it still a surface train.

The FM2 line runs through Bari Airport. The routes operated by modern trains such as ELT 200 and Stadler FLIRT. Such Stadler trains operate all over the world – from the USA to Sweden.

Train stations in Bari

As you understand, you can get around Bari by electric trains, so it is not surprising that the city has more than 10 railway stations and stations. Moreover, trains moving in certain directions do not stop at all stations, and before planning a trip, you need to know exactly which station the train you need leaves from, so as not to waste money and time buying a new ticket.

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The main railway station in Bari (Stazione di Bari Centrale) is located in the city center on Piazza Aldo Moro. There are 20 platforms at the station. The station has everything you need for travel: ticket machines and ticket offices, train boards, waiting room, cafe and supermarket. Both regional trains and high-speed intercity trains, including night trains, for example trains from Milan, Turin and Rome, arrive at the station.

If your train leaves from the central station, then you should find out from which part of it, because it is possible for the train to leave the right wing or even from the underground part.

Bari airport

The Karol Wojtyła International Airport in Bari (Aeroporto di Bari-Karol Wojtyła) is located 11 km west of the center of Bari. The passenger turnover of the airport is 4.7 million people a year, and every year there are more tourists in the city. The airport connected to the city by train and bus services.

Taxi in Bari

In Bari, all taxis required to be licensed to carry passengers. And strictly adhere to the rates established by the region. Taxi cars are white with a Taxi badge on the roof. All taxis required to have a meter. In the city you can find taxi cars of various sizes and brands – from Italian Fiats to French Peugeots.

Taxi prices in Bari are as follows:

  • Daily rate: €3.00 – boarding; €0.80 – 1.10 – 1 km of the way; €0.33 – every minute of downtime, including traffic jams.
  • Night rate: €5.00 – boarding; €0.80 – 1.10 – 1 km of the way; €0.4 – every minute of downtime, including time in traffic jams.
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Car rental in Bari

Do you like to ski on your own in new regions and want to explore the most picturesque towns of Puglia without tourist groups? Then you should rent a car. Bari has offices of international car rental companies Avis, Budget, Sixt, Hertz, as well as local car rental companies.

You can compare prices and rental conditions for all companies on the Rentalcars website. Even during peak season, you can find a free car here.

Getting around Apulia by car not as difficult as in the northern regions of the country, because the region not very populated. It more difficult in cities to look for a free parking space, even in paid parking lots they are often not found. Traffic rules in Italy practically do not differ from ours, you just need to remember about the speed limit. As for expenses, in addition to the rental cost, it is worth considering the prices for gasoline (1 liter of gasoline costs € 1.7) and diesel fuel (1 liter of diesel costs € 1.51) and parking fees, which often do not exceed € 1 per hour.

Bicycles in Bari

Bicycles: The bike-sharing program in Bari, BariBike, charges €0.50 for the first 30 minutes of use, and then €0.10 for every minute thereafter. The bicycles can be rented using the BariBike app, which is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Bari Public Transport
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