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Batumi Public Transport

Batumi Buses

  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00
  • Fare: 0.3 GEL (0.15 USD)

Since autumn 2018, Batumi has switched to paperless fares. Now you can pay for travel by using the Batumi Card. The card can obtain at 55, Gorgasali. Or in the terminals of the Bank of Georgia. (there you can replenish it later). It is easy to use the card. Just place it to the reader located behind the back of the bus driver. One card can use by several people. For this, it must apply to the reader the appropriate number of times.

There are 19 yellow and gray buses in the city. Unlike minibuses. Buses run on schedule and only stop at designated stops. Stops in the center of Batumi equipped with an electronic scoreboard. Indicating the route number. And time before its arrival. However, the catch is that all the text. Both on the scoreboard and on the bus itself. It written only in Georgian. So it is better to play it safe once and turn to the locals.

Bus routes that will be useful to tourists: No. 9 (connects the bus station and Batumi airport) and No. 10 (runs between the railway station and Batumi airport).
Bus and minibus stop in Batumi shown on the map below.

Batumi public transport map

Batumi Minibuses

  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00
  • Fare: 0.4-0.5 GEL (0.2-0.25 USD)

Unlike buses, minibuses paid in cash at the exit. Minibuses can stop by a simple show of the hand. And not necessary at a public transport stop. The sign on the windshield of the minibus indicates its number. And the stops that it will pass in Georgian. Minibuses run not only within the city of Batumi. But to neighboring towns. Like Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi. If you need to get to these points. Go to the central bus station in Batumi. And check the time of their departure.

Argo Cable Car

  • Working hours: from 11:00 to 00:00
  • Fare: 15 GEL (6 USD) for adults, 5 GEL (2 USD) for children
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The lower station of the cable car located on Gogebashvili street. Next to the tourist information center. The length of the road is 2.5 km, the height above the city is 260 meters. It is better to go up the cable car in the morning. To enjoy panoramic views of Batumi.

Taxi in Batumi

  • Working hours: around the clock
  • Fare: from 2 GEL (0.75 USD) within the city

Taxi is the most convenient way to get around Batumi. Locals recommend using Taximaxim or yandex taxi services. The average cost of travel from Batumi to different cities by taxi. Kobuleti, Ureki, Shekvetili – 20-35 GEL (7.5-13 USD). Kvariati 13 GEL (5 USD). Sarpi – 16 GEL (6 USD). In addition, practice of renting a taxi with a driver. For a day is widespread. In order to see interesting corners near Batumi.

I advise you to use taxi services in Georgia. This way you will not have to understand. The work of public transport for a long time. And adjust to its schedule.

Car rental in Batumi

For those tourists who fly to Batumi not only for a beach vacation. But also plan to explore the surroundings. We advise you to rent a car. So you can explore the best corners of the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Beaches hidden from the eyes of tourists. And explore remote mountain villages at your own pace. It is worth taking care of booking a car in advance. Because during the season. The car you need may not be available.

Batumi Public Transport
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