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In the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Romana, lies the tiny fishing village of Bayahibe. But tourists still found it, because the beauty of the surrounding nature, the calm sea full of mysterious inhabitants and the quiet existence of colorful houses entwined with cobblestone pavements, so beckon the city dweller, yearning for the fresh air filled with pacifying slowness.

By the way, despite its modest scale and simple architecture, Bayahibe cannot be called wilderness. Indeed, in this village, surprisingly, everything is already provided for the convenience and relaxation of a visiting person. Nature itself has created wonderful beaches, and local entrepreneurs surrounded them with hotels for every taste, restaurants and eateries.

The yacht port, conveniently located in the bay, opens up wide opportunities for sea voyages. Shops offer diving equipment, and travel agencies have put the excursion business on stream. For those who want to cheer up, there are opportunities for horse riding, water sports and even golf, and the most restless can go on an extreme jeep tour.

Do you want some nightlife after the beach laziness? Yes, as much as necessary! Nightclubs and disco bars are at your service. But the most important thing is that despite the stable popularity of the resort, you can always choose a secluded piece of paradise beach here and relax, without interfering with each other, in peace and quiet.

Bayahibe beaches

The main attraction and main destination of most travelers aspiring to Bayahibe are the local beaches, considered by many to be the best in the country. The central beach, which is called Bayahibe, is in great demand. The main share of the tourist infrastructure of this once fishing village is concentrated here: dozens of hotels, dive clubs, restaurants, souvenir shops.

It can be quite lively here, of course. In some distance, there are the quieter beaches of Dominicus and Laguna, where the likelihood of a more or less secluded holiday is high. However, regardless of the number of visitors, all the beaches in these places are exceptionally clean, comfortable, with fine sand and a clean bottom, allowing you to enter the water without any hassle. The water is always calm and clear, with a delicate turquoise hue.

Excursions, active holidays in Bayahibe

The presence of a yacht port in Bayahibe, as well as the proximity of the Catalina and Saona islands, predetermine the popularity of sea excursions to these paradises of living, unkempt nature with real jungles, where colorful parrots, mysterious turtles and rather cute-looking iguanas live, where the beaches are not burdened with hotels and are yourself in all your natural beauty. Also popular are sea diving, including to the ship that sank in these places. By the way, on Catalina Island you can look into the Maritime Museum, which stores what remains of Captain Kidd’s ship.

National Park of the East

Del Este National Park, located in the province of La Romana and a few minutes from the town of Bayahibe, is the most valuable natural attraction in the Dominican Republic. Accordingly, ecological excursions, popular in our time, are rushing to the park, which are of increasing interest among tourists from different countries. Indeed, the incredibly beautiful nature of the park is quite capable of surprising: here sheer cliffs alternate with a dense subtropical forest, which is home to many species of animals characteristic of the country, including rare representatives of the animal world. On three sides, the park is surrounded by luxurious beaches that have preserved their natural pristine nature. The coastal waters are home to bottlenose dolphins and Caribbean manatees – very rare species of marine fauna. With a lot of luck, you can see them. Local coral reefs attract divers – they are also densely populated with interesting representatives of the underwater world. But perhaps the most interesting are the caves located in Del Este. In addition to their natural beauty, they keep traces of the first civilization of these places – the rock paintings of the Taino Indians.

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The cost of the excursion, taking into account a traditional seafood lunch, as well as drinks and snacks en route, depends on the number of people in the group and starts at RD $ 3,600 ($ 80).

Daniel House

Casa Daniel is the most popular dive center in Bayahibe, organizing professional diving tours, as well as boat excursions to the islands of Saona and Catalina. With this command, you can feel completely calm when diving to the recommended depth. Tourists are provided with the most modern diving equipment and shown the most interesting places for this activity. Beginners can take an express training. During the mating season of humpback whales, the company arranges appropriate excursions. Fishing lovers will be offered to try their hand at deep-sea fishing. You can also go on an excursion to Santo Domingo, on a buggy safari or to learn how to ride. If you love speed and adrenaline-pumping adventures, you can book a speedboat tour here.

Address: Calle Juan Brito, 1, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18098330050.

Official website:

Bayahibe SUP

Bayahibe SUP organizes SUP tours for everyone. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a new sport and at the same time fun entertainment that brings a lot of positive emotions. Tourists who ventured into this fun entertainment (as a rule, families or groups of friends) take a short course in order to understand how it works, and after that they cannot stop – what is happening is so exciting.

Address: Bayahibe Bay, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18096094045.

Official website:

Nightlife in Bayahibe

The Pit Stop Bayahibe

The Pit Stop Bayahibe is a pub, disco, nightclub, in general, a place where young people rest. The program changes every night: discos, Latin American parties, trendy DJs, incendiary dances and even striptease accompanied by trendy drinks and color music – you never get bored here.

Address: Carretera Bayahibe-Dominicus, Bayahibe.

Phone: 1 809-989-5177.

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Kviar Bayahibe

Kviar Bayahibe is another popular place for dancing and nightlife to good music with quality sound.

Address: Boulevard Dominicus Americanus, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18098330658.

Official website:

You can also dance and have a couple of cocktails at the Pure Disco Club, Stars Club, Super Colmado and other clubs concentrated on Calle Principal street, which is a kind of center for Bayahibe’s nightlife.

How to get to Bayahibe?

Bayahibe is located 20 minutes’ drive from La Romana International Airport. From here, you can take the guaguas bus to the resort for RD $ 70 ($ 1.5) or take a taxi, but this will cost RD $ 1,550 ($ 35), provided that there are five people in the car.

Las Americas and Punta Cana International Airports are approximately 1.5 hours drive from Bayahibe. Accordingly, from the capital, as well as from Punta Cana, you can get to the resort by intercity buses or by taxi. The bus will take you to La Romana for RD $ 225 ($ 5), then for the same RD $ 70 ($ 1.5) you can come to Bayahibe in a small guaguas. The taxi driver will have to unbuckle more than RD $ 4,500 ($ 100) for the whole journey.

Bayahibe Restaurants

For a true gourmet in Bayahibe, there is more than one reason to enjoy delicious, heartily prepared familiar dishes, as well as to make many culinary discoveries. After all, here, on a small territory of the tourist zone, so many restaurants are concentrated that during the vacation it is hardly possible to bypass all of them. But the main thing is that despite the fact that, naturally, local cuisine and a menu of the freshest seafood prevails in local establishments, there is always an opportunity to taste international, Cuban, Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, Spanish, Mediterranean, European, southern and Central American cuisine.

Many restaurants offer mouth-watering grilled food. BBQ lovers won’t be disappointed either. Pizza for every taste, excellently cooked pasta, the most ordinary ear, but from exotic fish or banal chicken wings, but such that you just lick your fingers – all this and much more is eager to feed foreign tourists and, in anticipation, spreads aromas that are difficult to resist …

The palms

Las Palmas restaurant serves delicious grilled lobster, the best fish on the coast and other seafood dishes, as well as selected wines. Each visitor to the restaurant receives a cocktail as a gift and from that moment begins to feel like a long-awaited guest. A cozy homely atmosphere and a friendly attitude of the staff, coupled with an unforgettable cuisine, is a guarantee that you will certainly want to come here again and again.

Address: Playa Laguna, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18298502665.

The Cafecito Lonza

El Cafecito Lonza is a cute restaurant that can be found right on Bayahibe Beach. In addition to a hall with a beautiful interior, the restaurant has an outdoor area where you can have lunch or dinner under the palm trees, enjoying the amazing seascape. This restaurant’s menu includes French and Caribbean dishes. A good addition is the variety of alcoholic drinks, as well as unique desserts.

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Address: Playa Bayahibe, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18496211040.

Casa Liana restaurant

Casa Liana restaurant treats its guests to various types of pasta with aromatic sauces, mouth-watering meat dishes, delicious cheese and other delights of traditional Italian cuisine. It is worth entering the small cozy courtyard of this institution, and it is as if you find yourself in little Italy, the owners of which will do everything possible to make their guests comfortable, and this day will remain in memory as one of the most pleasant moments in life.

Address: Bayahibe Nueva, Bayahibe.

Phone: 1809933331.

Bayahibe Hotels

Bayahibe is a small resort, but there is enough hotel space for everyone. There are a lot of hotels, while you can choose between luxury and budget hotels, romantic villas in a quiet place by the sea or hotels located in the center of the village. Most of the options are generally suitable for both families and couples.

Dreams La Romana ****

Dreams La Romana is a large luxury four-star hotel located on the seaside. The hotel has its own section of a cozy beach with a comfortable entry into the water and fine soft sand. There is a small coral reef in the sea near the coast where you can go diving or snorkeling. The beach also has a beautiful pool, jacuzzi, spa, tennis court, fitness center. Several restaurants offer delicious lunch, and drinks are always available in the cocktail bar. Gambling supporters can try their hand at a casino. The hotel has non-smoking rooms as well as family rooms. For vacationers staying at the hotel with children, a babysitting service is provided. Young couples wishing to host an exotic wedding ceremony can contact the hotel’s wedding coordinator.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 8,300 ($ 185) to RD $ 23,700 ($ 527) per night.

Address: Playa Bayahibe, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18092218880.

Official website:

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach***

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach is an all-inclusive resort located on the romantic Dominicus Beach area. The hotel has a nice, well-groomed beach area, swimming pool, six different restaurants, tennis court, fitness center, cocktail bar. Breakfast is included in the room rate. There are rooms specially for non-smokers. Free parking is available.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 6,000 ($ 132) to RD $ 20,000 ($ 440) per night.

Address: Playa Dominicus, Bayahibe.

Phone: 18008482651.

Official website:

The Eden Hotel

El Eden Hotel is a small budget hotel with 13 rooms, where guests feel at home. Rooms are cozy, bright and simply furnished with air conditioning and ceiling fans, as well as cable TV and safes. The hotel is surrounded by a landscaped area with a convenient swimming pool. The hotel has a restaurant and a family-friendly area.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 3,000 ($ 65) to RD $ 3,150 ($ 70) per night.

Address: Avenida Laguna, 10, Bayahibe.

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