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Bergamo bus tickets

Its main types, which are used by guests of the city, are a bus and a funicular. The most popular route is No. 1, connecting the Lower and Upper Town. ATB Bus Number 1 connects at the station (Stazione) to the Largo Colle Aperto terminus in the Upper Town. The same No. 1 goes to the airport, only on the bus there is a pictogram with the plane and the inscription AIRPORT BUS.

Bus timetable

At each stop there is a bus schedule, which differs depending on the days of the week.

Usually the schedule is indicated:

– on weekdays from Monday to Friday;

– schedule on Saturdays, when children go to school and weekdays, when there are no classes at school;

– schedule on weekends (Sunday) and public holidays.

Bus tickets can be purchased at a newspaper or tobacco kiosk, at the ATB ticket office at the bus station, at the ATB ticket office at Porta Nuova, at the ticket office of the lower and upper funicular. In the buses of route No. 1 there are also automatic ticket offices in the cabin of the bus.

The cost of 1 trip to the city center (zone, A) is 1.30 €. The ticket is valid for 75 minutes on all types of public transport (bus, funicular, tram)

The cost of 1 trip to the airport is 2.40€- The ticket is valid for 90 minutes on all types of public transport within zone C.

The fact that the ticket is valid for 75 minutes means that during this period of time it is possible to change from one to another mode of transport using the same ticket, which is composted only on the first boarding.

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For example, you take bus Number 1 at the station, copost the ticket in the validator, the date and time of boarding the bus or other type of public transport is made on the ticket, get to the lower station of the lower funicular.

get off the bus and with the same ticket get on the funicular and take it to the upper town. Or by bus number 1 you reach the lower station of the upper funicular at the gate of St. George. Alexandra and go up with the same ticket on the funicular to the hill of St. Vigilia.

Ticket for 24 hours in zone A. Cost: 3,50€

Ticket for 24 hours in all zones- Price: 5,00€

Ticket for 72 hours in all zones. Price: €7,00

There is also an opportunity to save on tickets, if you travel in a small group and stay in the city for a couple of days, you can buy a ticket for 10 trips. Price: €11,50

Bergamo bus tickets
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