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Best Coffee Shops in Buenos Aires

The capital of Buenos Aires stands out for its nostalgia, novelty and vibrant activity, all of which takes place in the coffee shops in Buenos Aires. In this article we will list the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires so you do not miss out on experiencing it.

PROA Coffee

The cafeteria of the PROA Foundation is usually full of tourists and art enthusiasts

With one of the most picturesque views of La Boca, the PROA Foundation’s cafeteria is usually full of tourists and art enthusiasts who went for a coffee after visiting a sample or touring the neighborhood. The coffee is from Lavazza, the food is very good, especially the pizza, and it is advisable to book, particularly a weekend. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, CABA


Located in an area of the city with Parisian dyes, it is ideal to go with a book and forget about time in one of its comfortable armchairs. Food starts at $170 and drink at $240. It recommended to order the flat white and the almond croissant.

Rondo Café

A flat white, one of the stars of the house

It is a specialty coffee located in the neighborhood of Recoleta, in the City of Buenos Aires. They work with Café Puerto Blest, a Guatemalan bean roasted in Buenos Aires and brought to the cup by their baristas who every day work to give the best balanced coffee for the client. They have healthy, vegan and coeliac-friendly options.

Offer coffee in filtered method, the latest trend in specialty coffee that allows you to appreciate all flavors and aromas. Its star coffee is flat white, a balanced drink composed of two shots of ristretto and emulsified milk: followed by the Rondó latte with two shots of expresso in a 250cc cup.

Uruguay 1048, Recoleta.

Cigaló Specialty Coffee

Cigaló was born in November 2017 and opened its doors in the gastronomic corridor of the DOHO, and they bet on taking the specialty cafeteria outside the radius of influence of its origin that was Palermo.

Latte, flat white or cappuccino are among the three most requested within the menu of Cigaló. Some of their coffees made with filtering machines, while others use the “Kalita Wave”, similar to the drip filtering method.

Holmberg 2004, Villa Urquiza.

Cuervo Café

It was born from two friends who decided to turn to the world of coffee. In this specialty cafeteria, his intention is that in the accompanying letter, a third of the options do not contain ingredients of animal origin, another third is gluten-free and the rest is more traditional, so that everyone finds a viable option and we can all live together in harmony.

Among its best coffees are the “Magic” a double ristretto and milk in a small cup to feel the taste of coffee over milk; the “flat white”, cold with homemade almond milk and the “Lemon Cold Brew”.

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El Salvador 4580, Palermo.

Alain Delon

Both flat white and latte are the most requested to accompany churros

The neighborhood of Caballito is the meeting point to enjoy a variety of options when it comes to churros to accompany it with a delicious and excellent specialty coffee.

Within its top 3 are flat white with two shots of coffee and is completed with milk; the latte prepared with a shot of coffee and the rest completed with milk; And the third, the double espresso, contains a couple of shots of coffee, makes it ideal to enjoy with a churro and the contrast of bitterness and sweet delights the palate.

Where? Av. Pedro Goyena 289, Caballito.

Father Coffee

Unicorn coffee is Father’s most innovative coffee

From the origin, they select the grains, import them, roast them and offer in more than 30 possibilities of drinks added to vegetable milks, signature cocktails where the protagonist is always coffee.

Its three most outstanding options of its menu are: unicorn coffee; the espresso martini which is a double espresso with vodka and coffee liqueur and the “blonde coffee” which consists of mixing a blonde craft beer with a double espresso at the table generating a stout-style beer with notes of cocoa and caramel.

 Jorge Luis Borges 2008, Palermo.

Yunga Cafeteria

In Yunga cafeteria, the whole proposal is tacc free and vegan

Surrounded by plants and flowers, Yunga is a coffee oasis in the middle of a nursery. The whole proposal is without tacc and vegan and they have, in addition to pastry, a good menu of savory dishes. A good place that justifies the trip. Chubut 406, Villa Rosa, Pilar.

NEGRO – Coffee Cave

One of the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires. NEGRO is a wonderfully comfortable and cozy café that prepares great baked goods, breakfasts and lunches. Food may appeal to you at first, but it’s the coffee you’ll want to stick around.

This is a fairly small coffee shop in Buenos Aires, so you have to grab your coffee and leave. Centrally located, it’s a providential place to stop after lunch for a great espresso accompanied by a slice of homemade cake or a well-balanced cappuccino.

While everything they do is great, look for that espresso as something you just can’t miss.


  • Suipacha 637 (Microcentro)

All Saints Cafe

All Saints Café is one of the best places to drink coffee in Buenos Aires because it takes into account every detail when making a great cup: even water, a fundamental ingredient of a good drink. Café All Saints partnered with Gota, a local water company, to use their mineral water in their cafes. And that water makes all the difference.

This coffee shop in Buenos Aires offers a variety of coffee preparations, from traditional to creative. They roast their own coffee and, as they say, “that’s at the heart of everything they do.” Their shop is always full and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They train baristas, sell coffee online, and generally live and die for all things coffee.

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  • Cdad. de La Paz 2300 (Belgrano)

Full City Coffee House

Located in Palermo Soho, Full City Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires because it offers an amazing combination of breakfast and coffee, with wonderful bacon, eggs and cheese served with fresh bread. The coffee is excellent. That, combined with the comfortable people-watching seats, makes this the kind of place you’ll stay for a second cup.

Hotel Area: Thames 1535 (Belgrano)

Alex Coffee Roasters

It is the first specialty cafeteria in the north. It is a combination of art, coffee and good vibes. They have a variety of grains, are roasters and, when making their coffees, are governed by the Italian menu.

Their top three coffees are flat white, cappuccino, and latte.

Where? Dr. René Favaloro 3331, Victoria


Excellent decoration, attention and menu. This place exceeds in expectations whatever you want to eat, whether salty or sweet (they have vegan and TACC-free options). Food starts at $260 and drink at $170. It recommended to order the latte and croissants.


A few meters from the San Telmo market, a café with a very varied menu (they have many vegan products and without TACC) and luxury attention. Food starts at $220 and drink at $200. It recommended to order the cold brew and the vegan roll with red fruits.


With three branches, a specialty coffee that you can go to again and again without getting tired. Ideal to become a habitué and learn a lot about a quality coffee. Food starts at $180 and drink at $200. It recommended to order the latte and avocado smash.


Located on a boulevard, you can take the step or sit. It is pet friendly and the attention is first, very attentive and give good recommendations. Food starts at $150 and drink at $170. Lemon pudding and latte recommended.


Coffee with 100% plant-based options and a variety of gluten-free products. Warm decoration, exquisite pastry and savory options, for those who prefer them. Food starts at $220 and drink at $140. It recommended to order the pain au chocolat and the cappuccino


It stands out for its beautiful terrace, ideal for snacking while appreciating the views of the Russel passage and the local Libros del Pasaje. Food starts at $100 and drink at $200. It recommended to order a frapuccino and croissant.


With 4 locations, the quality of its products is incredible, both pastry and bakery. Food starts at $270 and drink at $230. It recommended to order a latte and a raspberry cheesecake.

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Neighbor of Togni’s Pizza, offers French pastry and a super original space. It has a wide variety of vegan and TACC-free options. It is Pet Friendly and sells breads to go. Food and drink start at $200 and it recommended to order the latte and financier.


Ideal for breakfast, lunch or snack, at all times it is a 10. Their cake portions are exquisite and vary according to the day. It recommended to go with time because they do not take reservation. Food and drink start at $160 and it recommended to order the flat white and carrot cake.

Felix Felicis & Co.

It started as a project between a barista and an apprentice and coffee lover, in 2015. Its owners believe that “the correct preparation of coffee is magic and you can find three of us behind ‘Aurelia’ (her espresso machine).”

The recommended ones of its menu are: an espresso for lovers of pure and intense coffee; A cappuccino for those looking for something balanced and the most beloved of the menu, a flat white.

Where? Serrano 1415, Palermo.

Black Cafeteria + Block

The Negro cafeteria added the pastry shop of Cuadra

Av. Corrientes very punished with the pandemic and the appearance of Manduca, a gastronomic passage in the Paseo La Plaza injected life and movement. Among the places that opened is the Negro cafeteria that added the Cuadra pastry shop to offer a complete proposal: theater, coffee and something to enjoy. Av. Corrientes 1660, CABA.

CIMA Café Club

They have a Bike Fit center to leave the perfect bike for the ride

More and more people join the biker movement and choose cycling not only as a means of transport but as a sport and lifestyle. And in Cima they have an ideal meeting point because in addition to being able to have a coffee from Fuego roasters when they finish the ride, they can buy Magenta clothes and have a Bike Fit center to leave the perfect bike for the ride. Miller 4312, CABA.

Kissaten Cafeteria

Kissaten is a white, Japanese-style coffee shop

Almost a coffee speakeasy, hidden on the first floor of a wine bar in one of the most beautiful streets of Buenos Aires. You have to ring a bell, go through PRO. VIN. CIA (the wine bar) and climb a staircase. Just then, we enter Kissaten, a white, Japanese-style cafeteria, where they prepare excellent filtered coffees of different origins that can also bought to take away. Arroyo 826, CABA.

Best Coffee Shops in Buenos Aires
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