Aliya Resort and Spa Dambulla

Aliya Resort in the Sigiriya area in Damiya is located near the city and is an ideal choice for those who like to stay close to the markets. Alia Hotel is rated 5 stars and occupies an excellent location overlooking a green area and the mountains can be seen from the hotel garden. Alia Hotel has a lounge Reception overlooking the pool and the garden to give a fantastic view.
Elia Dambulla Hotel offers shisha services and halal food. The hotel is quiet and offers some cottage services inside the camp in the form of a room.

Amaya Lake Resort Kandalama Dambulla

Amaya Lake Kandalama Dambulla Hotel is one of Amaya hotels and is located in the middle of the forest with trees on the outskirts of Lake Kandalama, and is located on a large area and can be classified as 5 stars – excellent services and quiet, the Amaya Lake Hotel features a large swimming pool and a number of rooms The hotel has 100 rooms, mostly in the form of separate chalets from each other, the hotel contains 14 standard type chalets, 81 deluxe type chalets, 4 Club Lake chalets, and one sweet type chalet

Heritance Kandalama Dambulla

The Heritance Kandalama Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Dambulla. It is rated 5 stars. The hotel contains two buildings, one of which overlooks Kandalama Lake and the other overlooks Sigiriya rock. The area of ​​the hotel is approximately 1 km2.

Nice Place Hotel Dambulla

Nice Place Dambulla Hotel is a rural hotel located in a large area of ​​the forest, the hotel is ideal for low-income people and is rated 3 stars and is characterized by calmness, in the hotel 21 rooms including 12 superior, 4 deluxe and 5 standard rooms. The hotel has a small children’s pool and a swimming pool next to it for adults.

Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka

Thilanka Dambulla Hotel is a fair 3-star hotel, about 5 km away from Dambulla. The hotel has 24 rooms, a pool, and restaurants that serve halal food.
The hotel contains a tremendous plant wealth of mango, banana and human trees. There is also rice, ruminant and potato plants used in the cooking process in the hotel.

Kassapa Lion Rock Resort Dambulla

The Kassapa Lion Rock Resort occupies an ideal place in the Sigiriya area in Dambulla, it is very close to Sigiriya Rock, the historical landmark in the state of Sigiriya, the city of Dambulla. The hotel is classified as a 3-star 4-star service located on a large area of ​​green gardens and is very close to the markets in the city. Dambulla. The hotel is very nice, I would advise visitors to stay in.

Hotel Lake Lodge Dambulla

Lake Lodge Hotel Dambulla Sri Lanka is a good hotel located in the Kandalama district within the city of Dambulla, the hotel is 3 minutes walk from the wonderful Kandalama Lake, the hotel contains 12 rooms divided as follows 6 deluxe rooms 4 Super 2 Suite one of which is a family sweet and the other is a honeymoon, the family level It accommodates 4 people, while the other is for two, and both have a balcony overlooking the forest.