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Best luxury hotels in Kandy

The Grand Kandyan Hotel kandy

The Grand Kandyan excellent 5-star hotel close to the city. Grand Kandyan Hotel contains 100 drowned areas distributed as deluxe. Honeymoon and sweet – sweet head.
There are small clothes and jewelry shops available at the hotel. Rooms only available in deluxe type and all rooms have a balcony. The hotel has an excellent meeting hall for up to 150 people.
Grand Hotel provides massage and fitness services on the fifth floor. The hotel has three restaurants.

Hotel Oak Ray Regency Kandy

Oak Ray Kandy located near the city and it rated 3 star. The hotel has rooms overlooking the lake. And other rooms overlooking the street.
Oakray Hotel has a meeting hall that can accommodate up to 400 people. And has a wonderful swimming pool on the fourth floor. The hotel has an excellent and large

Hotel Earl’s Regency Kandy

The Earl’s Regency Hotel is a five-star excellent hotel in Kandy. About a quarter of an hour from the city. The hotel overlooks the scenic city of Kandy. The Earl’s Hotel has 132 rooms, including 84 deluxe city-views with a balcony. And 14 Standard room, most of which overlooks the city with a balcony. 36 rooms of the luxury type, most of them overlook the city with a balcony.

Swiss Residence Kandy

Swiss Redness Hotel Kandy a 3-star hotel located on the Kandy Highland. And the road to it is fair narrow. The Swiss Kandy Hotel has 40 rooms including 27 superior. And a sweet room contains a Jacuzzi and 12 duplexes. All types of rooms have a view and balcony. There are three small shops in the hotel where some gifts sold.
The option of connecting to the rooms available of the deluxe rooms. With the option of adding an extra bed. As for the superior rooms, there is no room for connecting to the rooms. Or adding an extra bed,

Ozo Hotel KAndy

Ozo Hotel Kandy located near the city at a distance of 1 km. It is a modern 4-star hotel. The hotel contains 120 drowning divided into four types of rooms. Which Sleep – Dream for you – Dream – Suite. Hotel contains 5 sweet rooms in each room balconies and a Jacuzzi. An extra bed can added if requested by a certain amount.

Mahaweli Reach Hotel Kandy

Mahaweli Reach Kandy a 4-star hotel located near the city. The Mahaweli Hotel overlooks a lake. There are boats to take a trip at the hotel for a certain amount. Mahaweli contains 112 rooms distributed. Over three types of rooms, including 108 deluxe rooms. Most of which overlook the lake with contingency. There 3 rooms of the Executive Suite type. And one room of a presidential sweet type. A bed can added for 15 dollars.

Cinnamon Citadel Kandy

Cinnamon Citadel Kandy located on an average area of ​​forests. A quarter of an hour by car from the heart of the city. It rated 4 stars and is close to services and public parks. The hotel opened in 1983 and renovated in 2012. The hotel has 121 rooms, of which 97 are a superior room. Most of which overlook the garden and 24 deluxe rooms. Some of which overlook the lake and the river. And located on the second floor. All rooms on the second floor have a balcony. The rooms on the first floor do not have a balcony. All rooms have access to rooms to be sweet. An extra bed can be added to each room.

Earl’s Regent Hotel Kandy

Earl’s Regent Kandy is 25 minutes away from the city center by car. The hotel has an average area rich in forests with dense trees and great view. Earl’s Regent Hotel is rated 4 stars and close to markets and attractions. The hotel has 60 rooms including 12 superior deluxe garden view with balcony with jacuzzi, 43 deluxe mountain view with balcony without jacuzzi,

Hunas Falls by Amaya Kandy

A beautiful hotel located in a beautiful area. Surrounded by waterfalls, the hotel is an ideal place to spend honeymoon. The hotel is an hour and a quarter from Kandy. The hotel rated 4 stars and contains 31 rooms. Including a superior and deluxe and 2 types of suites. One on the Japanese way and the Scottish way with a Jacuzzi. And a lounge in every suite. Hunas Falls Hotel does not provide connect room. But an extra bed can added if requested with an amount.

Hotel Topaz Kandy

Hotel Topaz Kandy has the best location in Kandy on a great summit. The hotel is about half an hour by car from airport. It rated 4 stars. The hotel contains 72 rooms. Including 65 deluxe rooms. 7 rooms of the sweet type. It consists of a room, a hall, and a bathroom with a k. The rooms on the second floor overlook the mountain. While on the third floor overlook the city of Kandy. Connecting rooms only available in Deluxe and Suite type.

Hotel The Tourmaline Kandy

Hotel The Tourmaline Kandy a hotel belonging to the Topaz Hotel. Located below from Topaz Hotel on top of the city view. It is a nice hotel which restored in 2011. The hotel contains 25 rooms and a large conference hall. The hotel rooms come in 13 deluxe rooms. Two separate beds without balcony. 7 deluxe double rooms with balcony. 4 luxury suite rooms with lounge and garden view without balcony. Family sweet room located on the first floor. There are two rooms while a separation door.

Amaya Hills Resort Kandy

Hotel located at the top of the mountain with great views. The hotel about half an hour from the city center. Reached by car via a winding road. And on the way to the hotel you can see stunning views. The hotel opened in 1977 and updated in 2014. The hotel rated 4 stars. Hotel contains 105 rooms. Including Standard and Deluxe, overlooking the garden. And Suits rooms, which are two connected rooms with two bathrooms.  A hall with a balcony. There is another type of room which is Junior Suits. It is a room and lounge overlooking the forest with a balcony.

Best luxury hotels in Kandy
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