Jetwing Blue Negombo

Jetwing Blue Nqembo Hotel The hotel is 12 kilometers from the Colombo International Airport, approximately 20 minutes by car, and away from the capital, about 43 km. Sweet Suite rooms have a private jacuzzi in the balcony directly on the sea and automatic screen. Jetwing Hotel is very good, directly on the sea, it has a wonderful swimming pool and offers different meals from eating including breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast from under 12 years costs 15 dollars and extra bed 15 dollars.

Jetwing beach hotel

Jetwing beach hotel in Nqembo, occupies an excellent location near the airport and is rated 4 stars, the hotel contains 3 suites and 75 deluxe rooms, the hotel overlooks the sea and has a golden sandy beach and two large pools.

Club Hotel Dolphin Negombo

Club Dolphin Hotel in Nqambo Sri Lanka is a hotel and resort about 40 minutes away by the car by car from the airport and it occupies a very excellent location, it is considered one of the best hotels in Nqambo and consists of villas and residential rooms. Contains 50 villas direct and indirect on the sea and has several swimming pools and several restaurants, the hotel is rated 4 stars and provides excellent services to visitors.

Jetwing Sea Hotel Negombo

The Jetwing Sea Nqembo Hotel is a good hotel from the Jetwing Hotel chain and is 20 minutes away from the Colombo International Airport by car. Thehotel is located on the sea and has its own beach. All rooms of the Sea Hotel are on the ink .and they have a color. number of hotel rooms 83 rooms, including two rooms type Sweet and 53 Deluxe And 28 Supreme
offers. The hotel also has a large private pool.

Jetwing ayurveda Pavillions

Jetwing Pavilion Hotel in Nqembo Sri Lanka is a private physiotherapy hotel that does not directly overlook the sea but rather is a short distance from the sea about 3 minutes’ walk. The Pavilion Nqmbo Hotel has 12 villas, including 7 large and 5 small villas in the hotel a special center for physiotherapy and massage and can be booked Full package with treatment, Jetwing Pavilion Nqmbo Hotel is about 20 minutes from Colombo International Airport.

Carolina Beach Hotel Negombo

Carolina Nqembo Hotel is located in a remote area from the airport and the road to it is very bumpy and is a distance of an hour and a half to two hours, the hotel is quiet and isolated from the city and every room overlooks the garden and the pool, the hotel is rated 3 stars and most of its visitors from Europe and there are events from the month of November to January where It is frequented by foreign visitors and contains a family room and a suite.

Anantaya Resort & Spa Chilaw

Anantaya Nqmbo Hotel Sri Lanka is an hour and 10 minutes away from the airport and is one of the best hotels in Nqmbo and is rated four stars and despite the distance, it is very excellent and we recommend staying in it, the hotel contains 87 rooms distributed on 19 superrooms on the sea with a balcony and 48 deluxe rooms In the first and second floor only, while it contains 16 rooms of the Premier type, and the possibility of connecting rooms together. The hotel also contains 4 rooms of a sweet type, and they are the best rooms in the hotel. They have a jacuzzi, overlooking the sea, and the balcony contains beds. The room has two views of the sea and the lagoon. There are two TV screens in the room and air conditioning in addition to a large hall. In general, all rooms have a balcony

Heritance Negombo Hotel

The Hotel was previously called the Brown Hotel and was updated in 2015 and it is a very excellent and large hotel and is one of the largest hotels in Nqembo in terms of the number of rooms, and it is strategically located as it is 20 to 21 minutes away by car, the hotel is believed to open in January 2016 after its renewal. The hotel has different rooms, Superior, Deluxe, Deluxe, Premier and Suite, Sweet rooms are sweet and have special capabilities. Most of the superior rooms are located on the lower floors, while the superior rooms are Deluxe on the middle floors, followed by the Premier rooms on the upper floors. The hotel is excellent in cleanliness.

Camelot Beach Hotel

The Camelot Hotel Nqembo is a fairly good hotel and room on the first floors, all of which are one type – the Camelot Hotel does not have an electric elevator and there are rooms with sea view and unobstructed rooms – at night the hotel has a fitness center and has two large and direct pools on the sea. Camelot Hotel, about 20 minutes’ drive from Colombo International Airport. The hotel is suitable for low-income people.

Pledge 3 Hotel Negembo

Pledge Nqembo Hotel is about 12 kilometers from the airport and is located next to the Hertans Hotel on the opposite side. Pledge Nqembo Hotel does not have direct sea views, and it is 3 minutes walk from the sea. The hotel contains 12 deluxe rooms and 2 rooms of a sweet type, The hotel is excellent, clean and has a sweet smell. The sweet rooms have a private Jacuzzi and balcony and are considered the best rooms in the hotel. Pledge Hotel has a salt, not chlorinated pool and a small breakfast restaurant. Pledge Hotel is a convenient hotel to rest from the hassle of traveling