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Best Restaurant in Jubail

The best restaurants in Jubail. We advise you. The city of Jubail includes a luxurious group of high-end hotels, restaurants and cafes, which serve delicious Arabic and Western food in a professional manner. And because restaurants are the most important tourist destinations, certainly when making a tourism decision in Jubail, you will search for the best restaurants in Jubail to include it in your tourism program in the city.

Braza Brazilian Restaurant

A Brazilian restaurant par excellence, but it offers distinctive international dishes and offers an open buffet with more than 160 luxurious drinks and a wide variety of meats and grills in the Brazilian way, the restaurant’s decorations are elegant and it is very suitable for special occasions for its view of the sea, its cleanliness and quality of service, it is considered one of the finest restaurants in Jubail.

Prices are from medium to high, as the restaurant offers you two service systems, either ordering from the regular menu or the open buffet.

Opening hours:from 12:00 to 00:00.

Website: here

Al Sultan Restaurant

A restaurant specialized in Saudi food and kabsat, and it is also one of the best restaurants in Jubail that provides banquet service and the preparation of grilled carcasses, famous for its delicious and distinctive “Mandi” dishes, which the restaurant offers on its origins, the restaurant hall is spacious and its decorations are harmonious and very suitable for banquets and parties.

Prices are acceptable, service is good and the restaurant is tidy and clean.

  • Opening hours: from 06:00 to 01:00.

Al Tayah Restaurant

A very luxurious restaurant, and one of the best restaurants in Jubail with modern décor and comfortable sessions, which preserve the privacy of families, serving a variety of Pakistani cuisine, and it also provides open buffet service as desired.

The prices are good and reasonable, the service is excellent, the ambience is intimate and the place is comfortable and clean.

Working hours:

From 11:00 to 00:00.

Saturday from 13:00 to 00:00.

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Yacht Restaurant

Al Yacht Restaurant is one of the most famous high-end restaurants in the city of Jubail. It is characterized by its beautiful engineering designs, and its unique geographical location, as it directly overlooks the sea, giving you the most beautiful views while eating the most delicious meals it serves. The facades of the restaurant are mostly transparent glass, which allows you to have a pleasant view day and night.

The restaurant consists of two floors, and there is a special section for families and another for individuals. Yacht restaurant serves delicious Chinese cuisine, as well as various other delicious seafood dishes, which are served in beautiful and innovative ways. The restaurant also has a special drinks section. This is in addition to the relaxed atmosphere of the yacht restaurant, comfortable seating, suitable lights, excellent service, and fast fulfillment. It is the perfect place to eat delicious dishes with family and friends, in a wonderful natural setting and an irresistible sea view.

  • Location Al Yacht Restaurant is located in Al Wajh 4, Fanateer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Piato Italian Restaurant

A luxurious restaurant that offers a wonderful and varied combination of Italian food, characterized by a calm and comfortable atmosphere and sea views, the service is excellent and the food is of high quality.

Prices are quite high, but they probably don’t compare to the service they provide in the restaurant.

Working hours:

from 11:00 to 00:00

Website: here

Nesma Morocco Restaurant

The restaurant is located on Prince Mashhour Road, and is characterized by its Moroccan character, from the décor to the types of food prepared by Moroccan hands, the service is excellent, the food is of high quality and the prices range from acceptable to high.

  • Opening hours: from 10:30 to 02:00.

Bait Al Tanour Restaurant

Bait Al Tanour Restaurant is widely famous, as it is one of the best restaurants in Jubail for families in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant has closed rooms for families, to ensure privacy and complete isolation. It is characterized by luxurious engineering designs, and poetic sessions, it has a wonderful atmosphere and is spread around it green trees, herbaceous plants and bright flowers, which create joy and happiness in the hearts of customers.

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You can enjoy the most delicious Asian and Indian foods, which are prepared with the utmost professionalism, which makes you visit the restaurant again and again. This is in addition to comfortable and tidy sessions, cleanliness, quiet and fast fulfillment of orders, excellent service, and affordable average prices. We advise you to visit this restaurant, and do not hesitate especially if you are a fan of Indian and Asian food.

  • Location Bait Al Tanour Restaurant is located in Al Dana Road, Fanateer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Steakhouse Restaurant

An upscale English-style restaurant, specializing in steaks and grills, and also offers a special buffet of salads and appetizers, the restaurant offers a special service system for children that offers a play area, coloring notebooks and free meal offers.

Prices are high but the service is excellent and the food is great.

Working hours:

From 11:00 to 00:00.

Friday from 13:00 to 01:00.

Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja Indian Restaurant is one of the most important and best restaurants found in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. It is characterized by its luxurious decorations, and its wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel like you are inside India. Maharaja Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Jubail, it takes you to another world with its Indian atmosphere, and distinctive dishes. Featuring fine seating, beautiful Indian utensils, the restaurant is characterized by good service and high hygiene.

Maharaja Restaurant offers a special selection of delicious Indian dishes, with distinctive flavors and spices such as Chicken Gulfrisi, Chicken Masala and many more. It also serves appetizers, salads, soups, juices and soft drinks. You can have fun with family or friends, as it is suitable for families and children. Despite being completely clean, quality, perfect, and excellent service, its prices are relatively high.

  • Located Maharaja Restaurant is located in Fanateer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
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Curry Gardens Restaurant

Curry Gardens is one of the best restaurants in Jubail in Saudi Arabia, as it is characterized by its luxurious decorations that attract many visitors from all over it, as it is one of the famous Indian restaurants and a favorite of many residents of the city.

The restaurant has a special section for families, which enjoys complete privacy, and another section for individuals, which is suitable for children. At Curry Gardens Restaurant, you can enjoy the most delicious Indian dishes such as Jalfresi Chicken, Kaddai Chicken, Shrimp Dynamite, Indian Biryani, Tandoori Tikka Mushroom and many more. The restaurant is also characterized by calmness, cleanliness, sophistication in dealing, quality and excellent and fast service. In addition to all of the above, the restaurant offers you a menu of refreshing juices and delicious refreshments. Feel free to include it in your city itinerary.

Curry Gardens Restaurant is located in King Faisal, King Fahd Industrial Port, Jubail 35514, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Baradouni Restaurant

Al-Baradouni Restaurant is one of the best and oldest restaurants in Jubail Industrial City. It specializes in serving Lebanese and oriental food, and everything related to grilled meat.
The restaurant has a very large and varied menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, in addition to delicious appetizers and desserts, fresh juices, and hot drinks.
The restaurant directly overlooks the Corniche, and its design is luxurious and elegant. It has a section for families, and another for individuals, and the prices of the restaurant are average.
Restaurant working hours:
From 12 noon to 12 am
contact information:
Restaurant rating:
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Best Restaurant in Jubail
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