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Best Running Shoes

For running shoes, There are products from sports brand producers. Such as on, Nike, ASICS, and New Balance. Expectations are rising in terms of purpose. Such as a platform that is easy to run. And the strongest cushion product that does not hurt your knees. This time, we will introduce. How to choose to run shoes for men. And women. And recommended products in a ranking format.

Why you need running shoes

You may be wondering. If you need running shoes in the first place. The bottom line is that running shoes are a must. To prevent foot impact and injury. It said that when you run. Your feet impacted three times as much as your weight.

Although there are single differences. Slow jogging at a distance of 10 km. Will have the same impact as walking about 10,000 steps. If you continue running for a long time. Fatigue will build up on your legs and knees. To keep running safe. You need to spend money on running shoes.

You can increase your desire. By wearing stylish and useful running shoes. It will be fun to go out and run. And you will be careful about fashion. Running shoes are a needed item. To protect your feet from shocks and damage. As well as to raise your feelings.

How to choose running shoes

There are two main aspects of running shoes. Made of a material that fits comfortable on your feet. So you can run smooth. And, it uses a material with excellent cocoon. And stable so as not to put a load on the legs and body.

There are many types of running shoes. That can use according to single running ability. And purpose, so if you can find shoes that fit your feet. You can practice effective exercise without stress your body. Check out the four important points in choosing running shoes.

① Check the size

Running shoes should fit the size of your foot. Let’s check the following two items.

(1) The heel is perfect and there is room for one thumb of the hand on the toe.
(2) The fit between the foot width and the foot girth If the

Shoes are too loose for the size of the foot. It is easy to make wear and it is tight. Blood circulation will worsen and you will feel tired easy.

The length of the foot should be enough to allow one thumb to fit when worn.

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The foot girth is the length of a tape measure. That placed around the most protruding part of the thumb. And the most protruding part of the little finger. Consider the thickness of the socks when measuring.

② Check the weight

Check the weight of your running shoes. According to your level of running.

250-280g per leg for beginners.
Lightweight size for advanced users.

There are many lightweight running shoes. But it does not mean that “light = fast running”. As it is lighter, there is no cocoon material. That soaks up the impact when running. Which puts a strain on the foot.

③ Check the foot type such as Egyptian type and Greek type

There are three types of feet in a person.

① Egypt Type: the thumb is longest
② Greece Type: index finger is longer
③ Square Type: toes are almost parallel

But you will be to match the size Once you know your type of foot. Please note that there is a difference in notation between overseas sizes.

Also, people with the same toe length. Or flat feet tend to have their little fingers pressed. So choose running shoes that are wider than they are tall.

④ Check the material of the sole and upper (instep)

The upper material is soft. And the knit material has a good fit. And is easy to fit on your feet. Leather and rubber items lack soft and can cause shoe rubbing.

In addition, lined products with thick soles. Have excellent shock-absorb properties. So they do not put a heavy load on the knees and ankles.

How to choose the best running shoes taught by professional runners?

Running shoes are sure for “running”. It is possible to choose shoes according to the running method. Such as Jogging. Long-running. Race. Speed running.

① For jogging

For jogging, it is the most used shoe for everyday running.

The best way to choose is one that doesn’t burden you at your usual jogging pace. Especially, if you concerned about foot fatigue. Choose shoes with excellent cushioning. And if you do it at a fast pace in a short period. Choose shoes that are quite lightweight.

② For long

For long distances, this is the shoe of choice for long runs.

Long-distance running puts a lot of strain on your feet. So it’s a good idea to choose a model. That has a good balance of cushion and resilience. However, if you choose shoes with thick and heavy soles. Because you do not want to put a strain on your feet. They will have cushion properties. But they will cause your feet to get tired.

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③ For race speed practice

Race speed practice shoes are for running at high speeds and for racing. It will be a model to wear. When running at intense and fast speeds such as interval training.

For those who wear it for competition. We recommend shoes that are as light as possible. Have flexible. And are easy to speed up.

Also, if your legs get tired from the second half of the race or training. Not only lightness but also a little weight is a concern. Choose a model with a cushion. It is important to make a selection. That suits your experience. And the aspects of your driving style.

Best running shoes used by professionals

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX

Running shoes “Brooks” from the United States. As expected, shoes that only protect the feet of people with large bodies. The cushion called the mid sole protects the knees. And feet by soak up the impact of asphalt. That beginners receive when running.
In particular, Ghost 13. Soak up more impact by putting material on the heel. In addition, the upper has a seamless design for a soft fit.

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It has supported runners’ feet. A wave is a plate on the heel. In addition to soak up the impact received from asphalt. This plate creates a repulsive force. It creates a reasonable force.

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ASICS has a mid sole made of a new lightweight. And high cushioned material called Flight Foam. And a high repulsive material called SpEVA.
In addition, a part called a shank. Inserted between the heel and toe of the out sole. To eliminate lateral twist. The structure is designed to prevent “over plus”. Which can cause injuries. As the knees enter the inside. When the foot falls inward when landing.

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Modern shoes featuring an upper. That mixes smooth with porous mesh. It provides high cushioning. And auto repels every time you walk. A pair full of modes.

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PUMA x FIRST MILE LQDCELL Optic Mono Men’s Running Shoes

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Best Running Shoes

UNDER ARMOR Men’s UA HOVR™ Infinite Running Shoes

The mesh material is the key. These shoes ranked at the top. Because it has excellent springiness. It has a good fit.

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Produce a feeling of the bouncing ride.

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Nike Zoom Fly 3

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 shoes give runners strength. And comfort on race day. The strength of the plate in the shoe. Let you run as far as your ability can. One of the experts’ favorite running shoes.

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The mesh upper is the lightest in Adidas shoes. The design of the shoe reduces stress and is well-tight. Carbon plate adds power for even more speed on race day.

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MIZUNO / Wave Rider 22

One of the best running shoes with a special feature. Provide a more power and comfort running experience. Achieves smooth and smooth weight transfer.
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Best Running Shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

The Coolest Shoes You Can Wear. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG. Delivers comfort, continuing. Strength. And softness all in one.

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UNDER ARMOR UA HOVR™ Velociti 3 Running Shoes

These shoes are lightweight. Strong. And flexible.

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The shoe is comfort. It makes you feel comfort running long. Smart and awesome design. Many beautiful colors.

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Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

Lightweight sole acclaimed by gold medalist. The upper, which is light like a feather, creates a sense of speed.

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Best Shoes

NIKE / Zoom Fly Flyknit

The Flyknit upper fits your foot like a glove. Providing stress-free. Comfort. And high breath ability.

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Adidas Adizero Takumi Ren

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Best Running Shoes
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